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4th Graders Design House Blueprints and Build Electric Models in Math & Science Classes

Focusing on the math standard "Draw and identify points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines," along with science standards on electricity, "observe and evaluate results of electricity and light under a variety of conditions" and science in real life, "understand scientific ways of thinking and working, and then use those methods to solve real-life problems," our 4th grade students have been working to design blueprints, and then build a lit house. Within their collaboration groups, they worked to design the house first. Then, they built the house based on their specific blueprint measurements. Students had to work together, create, and problem solve. To incorporate what they've learned in science, the students also had to make a closed circuit to light their house! There were lightbulbs poking through the sides of the walls and all of our students were able to get their house lit! Great work Mrs. Bertsch & 4th grade students!
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