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  • October

    5th grade Poetry Readings

    The fifth grade students recently celebrated the end of their poetry unit in Literature by inviting their parents and fellow students to a poetry reading.  For the past five weeks, they have been immersed in poetry by reading it, listening to it, writing it and finally performing it.  Students chose to present poems by various poets, but especially enjoyed the poetry of Jack Prelutsky and Paul Fleischman.  They truly enjoyed creatively interpreting the poems for all who attended!
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  • 6th Grades at Camp Piomingo

    Our 6th grade classes left for a trip to Camp Piomingo yesterday.  From their earliest years here at Holy Trinity Parish School, students cannot wait for sixth grade. It is in sixth grade that students spend several days and nights at Camp Piomingo at Otter Creek State Park. While there, students participate in rock climbing, cave exploration, and a ropes course, all with the ultimate goal of team building that will carry over into the academic environment.
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  • Kindergarten Field Trip

    Kindergarten students have been studying the life cycle of apples and learning about Johnny Appleseed.  This week, they took a field trip to Mulberry Orchard.  Students were given a lesson from the farm staff about how the apples get from the trees to the store.  They were able to see the harvest process and learn about where the bad apples go.  Afterwards, they enjoyed a tractor ride to pick a pumpkin in the fields.  Students finished the field trip with lunch and some time on the playground.
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  • September

    1st Grade Welcomes Community Helpers

    As part of their social studies unit this month, first grade students have been studying and learning about community helpers. Today, St. Matthews Fire Department, as well as the Louisville Metro Police Department joined our students on campus.

    Firefighters shared with students the importance of fire safety and fire evacuation plans. They talked to students about their jobs and how we, as citizens, can help them be the best firefighters in an emergency situation. Students were able to see tools, ladders, uniforms, and climb into the trucks! 

    Police officers shared with students the importance of knowing who a police officer is, what they wear, and why they're helpful in our community. They reviewed gun safety, as well as what to do in emergency situations. Students were able to climb into a retired police helicopter. 

    Thank you, St. Matthews FD and LMPD for these great experiences this morning!
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  • 4th-6th Grade Duke TIP Nominees Announced

    We're proud to announce that many of our students qualified for Duke University's Talent Identification Program (TIP):
    • 56% of current 7th graders qualified
    • 64% of current 6th graders qualified
    • 75% of current 5th graders qualified
    • 64% of current 4th graders qualified
    Last week, Mrs. Davenport emailed parents of our 4th - 6th graders, as well as our 7th graders, who qualified and are therefore nominated for their programming. Students who earned a 95 National Percentile score/ranking on any Terra Nova area, other than Spelling, qualify. More information can be found in the personalized emails, as well as Duke University's website: Should you have questions on the nomination process and/or the program, please contact Mrs. Davenport at or Duke TIP directly. 7th grade registration is now open, while 4th-6th grade registration will open Oct. 1. Congratulations to all who qualified!

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  • 5th Grade Completes Dissection Lab

    Our 5th grade science classroom is full of STEAM activities. Many labs take place here with Mrs. Cohan throughout the year and this week is no exception! Today, 5th grade investigated adaptations of plants by dissecting lima beans.  One bean was dry, while the other had been soaking in water. Students worked to make connections between this investigation and their experiment of growing a seed in the refrigerator vs. growing a seed in the cabinet at room temperature. Our scientists came to their own conclusions about how seeds survive the winter and how they get nutrients until they are big enough to do photosynthesis. Great work, 5th grade lab scientists!
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  • Jr. High Religion Students Use Creativity to Share Their Faith

    Ms. Wolz, our Jr. High religion teacher, believes it is important to help students explore and express their faith in a variety of ways. She often incorporates hands-on learning, art, drama, and other elements into her daily religion lessons.

    For their first Totus Tuus Tuesday, students in Ms. Wolz’s Jr. High religion classes talked about how asking Mary for her intercession is like giving her a flower that she turns into a bouquet to give Christ. As a class, they wrote prayers on origami paper and made flowers to create a bouquet of prayers!  This bouquet of flowers remains in her classroom in the Totus Tuus prayer area. Asking yourself, what is Totus Tuus even mean? Check out this explanation from Word on Fire.

    This week in 8th grade religion classes, students are talking about the Marks of the Church. One of the marks is Holy. For Holy, students about a beautiful example of faith - St Therese of Lisieux. She taught The Little Way how much doing small things with great love can make a difference. Part of the Little Way is expressing a childlike faith - trusting in God above all else as Father and having a simple life style. With this, 8th graders enjoyed the childlike way to finger paint a picture while representing one of the teachings of Therese of Lisieux through paint.
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  • 1K Uses Seesaw App to Share Learning with Parents

    1K loves using the Seesaw App! Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. This week they’ve used seesaw to record skip counting, sort vowels, and a quick number bond assessment. Parents and teachers can log in to see their students’ work and comment, too!
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  • Jr. High Students Participate in Eagle Blast Events

    From the Perspective of Addi V, 8th Grade Student Council Media Co-Chair: Eagle Blast is an experience that involves our 7th and 8th grade students coming together to meet one another, getting to know classmates in a new way, and starting the year off together with our teachers in a fun way! From my experience, I believe that this year was much different then it has been in the past. This year, seventh and eighth grade students went to Jefferson Memorial Forest over the course of 3 days to participate in team building activities together. One 7th grade homeroom attended each day with one 8th grade homeroom. Previously, our events have been on Holy Trinity's campus and all on the same day with all 6 Jr. High homeroom classes being mixed into each group. This year, students were split into random groups by our counselor and teachers to help us meet new people. After each team building activity, we would talk about what we did and why. Some of the activities included problem-solving games and puzzles, blindfolded activities to develop trust, and low-ropes courses where we had to depend on one another. We also enjoyed free time and conversations together during lunch. Eagle Blast really helped everyone get closer as one junior high! 
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  • Kindergarten Loves Their Center Time

    Kindergarten uses daily centers to reinforce literacy and math skills in a small group setting. Students rotate through three centers: teacher-led, independent, and iPads. Center time allows educators to differentiate learning for each student and help support and enrich them throughout the year. It is also a great time for the student to practice listening and independence.
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  • Welcome Amy Cundiff, Counseling Intern

    Hello! My name is Amy Cundiff and I am the Student Counselor Intern at Holy Trinity for the 2018-19 school year! I am a Louisville native and a current student at the University of Louisville, where I am working towards my master's degree in social work. You can find me in the counselor's office with Laura Probus, and I can be reached at As a reminder, each child can meet with Ms. Probus or myself 1 time before a parental consent form must be completed. After we have a consent form on file we can provide additional counseling sessions. Please contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you just want to check-in. :) I am so thankful that my path has brought me to Holy Trinity, and I look forward to getting to know many of you throughout my journey here!
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  • August

    5th Graders Participate in Cross-Curricular Literature Circles

    In Literature Circles the first two weeks of school, fifth graders have been reading non-fiction books on a variety of science and social studies topics - putting into practice the reading strategies they have learned these first weeks of school.  Looking at text features, recognizing text organization, and distinguishing between fact and opinion will assist them in reading in their content area classes all year long! Great work, 5th grade teachers and students on these ongoing cross-curricular connections.
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  • Pre-K Begins Fine Motor Skills Boot Camp

    Pre-K teachers attended a Fine Motor Skills Workshop this summer. With what they learned, Pre-K students have started a Fine Motor Boot Camp in class. Today, Pre-K students used tweezers to pick up erasers and place them in cups. The students sorted the erasers to be in groups of the same kind. Pre- K students also counted how many erasers went into each cup. Great work, Pre-K! 
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  • Jr. High Students Create Playground Proposals & Campaigns in STEAM Project

    This week, our middle school students are working on a STEAM project together, researching playgrounds that would serve all students. They‘re researching options, needs, and legal requirements to write their proposals this week, while also organizing fundraising ideas, events, and campaigns to present to peers later this week. Next week, they’ll adjust their budgets and advertisements to reflect what they “raised” with their fundraising campaigns.

    While students are using their math class as the basis for this project, they’re using and developing more than just their math skills. They’re exploring laws, communities, and budgets through online research, before developing plans, proposals, slogans, and campaign ads. This week, Mr. Greenamyer, a parent who heard about the project shared that he also has experience with playground design through his career and joined our students to share his expertise this week! Great work, Jr. High and teachers - we‘re excited to see your proposals! 
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  • 8th Graders Use Integer Golf to Review Math Skills

    We're back in session and the fun learning reviews continue as we prepare to move into new content! This week, 8th graders played integer golf in their math classes to review integer rules, as well as translate algebraic expressions from words into numerical sentences to solve! Using 2 dice, one representing a negative integer and the other representing a positive integer, students worked to write numerical sentences or equations to solve given a specific objective at each "hole". Once solved, students had their stroke count for that hole. Great work 8th grade! Thank you, Mrs. Hartlage and Ms. Samuel for such a fun lesson. 
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  • 5th Graders Complete Escape Challenge!

    The fifth grade started math this year with an activity to help build team work, as well as learn the importance of reading directions with an ‘Escape’ challenge. They had to decipher codes with 4 different tasks that they put into google form to compete and finally Escape! The students will use what they’ve learned for lessons and labs throughout the year In Mrs. Cohan’s classroom. Great work, 5th grade!
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  • May

    End of Year Donations of School Supplies

    Annually, focusing on sustainability efforts, our Student Council partners with a variety of organizations to make sure our used school supplies don't go to a landfill. Check out the optional opportunities and if you have questions, contact Mrs. Davenport.
    • Used, yet working and usable school supplies can be donated to Catholic Charities. 5th-8th graders will have the opportunity to donate in their classrooms on locker clean-out days. Other families interested in participating should drop off any donations to Mrs. Davenport before May 29 at 9 a.m.
    • Broken crayons will be donated to The Crayon Initiatve, who will melt them down and make new crayons for children in U.S. hopsitals. Donate crayons to the Art Room before May 29 at 9 a.m.
    • Non-working markers (washable, permanent, expo, etc.) can be recycled, through our work in the Crayola ColorCycle Initiative. Drop them off at the Art Room before May 29 at 9 a.m. 
    • Mrs. Hill hosts a book exchange program during library classes. Any remaining books are shared with Catholic Charities for their reading and tutoring initiatives. Have additional book donations? Drop your donations off to Mrs. Davenport before May 29 at 9 a.m.
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  • Final School Mass: Recognizing Teachers

    Tomorrow, on Wednesday, May 23, we will celebrate our final school Liturgy at 8:15. At the end of Mass, we will recognize our faculty and staff members who have reached 10, 15, and 20 year milestones at Holy Trinity, as well as thank those faculty members who will not be returning to HTPS next year. We invite all to join us in thanking these great educators who have continued to serve our children here at Holy Trinity!
    • 10 Years at Holy Trinity: Dana Barnes, Ashley Davenport, & Angela Muller
    • 15 Years at Holy Trinity: Stacey Campisano
    • 20 Years at Holy Trinity: Dee Bacigalupi & Kevin Johnson

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  • Terra Nova Scores

    Terra Nova Test Results - 2018
    Holy Trinity Scores Compared to Archdiocesan AveragesHoly Trinity Scores
     Grade 3Grade 3Grade 5Grade 5Grade 7Grade 7 Grade 2Grade 4Grade 6
    Reading Composite746879677366 738076
    Math Composite706875648070 717473
    Language Composite716577637970 67       (Language Mechanics)8276
    Total Score716775638071 727976
    -These scores are Mean National Curve Equivalent Scores. The Archdiocese of Louisville requires all schools to give the Terra Nova in grades 3, 5, and 7. In order to better track students and our curriculum, Holy Trinity administers the Terra Nova in grades 2, 4, and 6 as well.
    -We are once again proud to announce that our students’ scores on the Terra Nova test would qualify Holy Trinity Parish School to apply for the National Blue Ribbon Award. This means our students scored in the top 15% of all students in the areas of Math and Reading.  Winning schools must wait 5 years before applying to receive the award again. Holy Trinity won the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2007 and 2017.
    -Congratulations to all of our students and teachers on this wonderful accomplishment! Individual score reports will be mailed with final report cards at the end of the school year.
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  • Used Uniform Sale Update - Canceling August Sale

    Thank you to all of our parents and grandparents who visited our Student Council Used Uniform Sale this past Monday! Student Council was able to raise over $600 to begin working on next year's events planning. 

    We will host our next and final sale on July 28-29. We will be canceling our August sale previously planned for Meet Your Teacher. 
    • Donations & Item Drop Off on Saturday, July 28 from 8-9am in the Cafeteria
    • Saturday sale will be 9am-4pm (Reconciliation & Mass are 4-6pm) & 6-6:30pm in the Cafeteria
    • Sunday Sale will be 9:30-11am and 12-12:30pm (after the 8:30 and 11am Masses) in the Cafeteria
    • Questions? Contact Mrs. Davenport at 
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  • 4th Graders Enjoy States of Matter Lab

    Fourth grade did a fun lab this week, where they classified the different states of matter by observing root beer floats! Specifically they explored the learning standard: classify states of matter and predict and observe changes in matter.
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  • 2nd Grade Celebrates Wax Museum Fundraising Efforts for their Mission

    Thank you to all who joined our 2nd graders at their Biography Wax Museum today. They raised $1,289.25 for their mission, Green Hill Therapy. Great work, 2nd grade!
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  • Marker Recycling Program Donates over 30 lbs. of Markers to Be Recycled

    This week, our school shipped out 16.8 lbs. of markers to Crayola's ColorCycle program for recycling. In November, we sent 14.8 lbs. or 740 markers to be recycled. If you have any markers that are dried out, please send them to Ms. Given in the art room by Tuesday, May 29. 
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  • Congratulations 8th Grade - Acuity Engrade Math Testing Results

    Our 8th grade math teachers and school administration are excited to share our 8th Grade Acuity Proficiency Exam results. This year, 96.25% of our Holy Trinity students scored in the moderate to high mastery range! We are all unbelievably proud of this 8th grade group! They have worked so hard this year and we know they are prepared for the math classes that await them in high school. 
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  • High School Placement Test Results for 8th Graders - Awards Day Celebration

    Our school administration and teachers would like to congratulate this year's graduating 8th grade class on their continued academic achievements! The Catholic high school placement scores have been shared with us and we are proud of our graduating class's scores.

    We invite all to join us as we celebrate this year's graduating class at their 8th Grade Awards Day on Wednesday, May 16, beginning after our weekly all-school 8:15 Liturgy (Awards usually begin around 9 a.m.) in the church. Local high school representatives, as well as community representatives, will be here to present scholarships to our students. We'll also celebrate their extra-curricular commitments and awards earned this year. 

    Cognitive SkillsBasic SkillsComposite96-10076-9524-751-23
    HT 201756659457556055955955756414 (20%)26 (34%)32 (42%)3 (4%)
    Arch 2017521519519519497507506510143 (8%)414 (25%)738 (43%)402 (24%)
    Difference to Arch457556416252515412%9%-1%-20%
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  • Congratulations Art Fair Winners

    Congratulations to all of our 2017-18 School Art Fair Winners!
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  • Congratulations Book Bee Team Members

    Congratulations to all of our Book Bee teams that competed in this weekend's Archdiocese competition! 3 of our 4 teams advanced to the final round. Both our 5th grade and Jr. High teams earned medals!
    • 4th Grade: Cameron H., Ben J., Edie M., Eleanor O, & Elizabeth W.
    • 5th Grade - earned 2nd place overall: Nally B., Lilly B., Cassidy D., James D., Abby G., Will H., Isabella H., Caitlin M., Davis R., Ben S., Caroline S., & Kyndall W.
    • 6th Grade - advanced to final round: Phoebe F., Lauren K., Sarah K., Peyton T., & Audrey W.
    • Jr. High - earned 1st place overall: Bennett C., Shelby D., Abby F., Sydney G., Emily H., & Maggie V.
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  • End of Year Collection Efforts

    Annually, Student Council partners with a variety of organizations to make sure our used school supplies don't go to a landfill. Check out the optional opportunities and if you have questions, contact Mrs. Davenport.
    • Used, yet working and usable school supplies can be donated to Catholic Charities. 5th-8th graders will have the opportunity to donate in their classrooms on locker clean-out days. Other families interested in participating should drop off any donations to Mrs. Davenport before May 29 at 8:30 a.m.
    • Broken crayons will be donated to The Crayon Initiatve, who will melt them down and make new crayons for children in U.S. hopsitals. Donate crayons at Mrs. Davenport's office or the main office before May 29 at 8:30 a.m.
    • Non-working markers (washable, permanent, expo, etc.) can be recycled, through our work in the Crayola ColorCycle Initiative. Drop them off at Ms. Given's classroom before May 29 at 8:30 a.m. 
    • Mrs. Hill hosts a book exchange program during library classes. Any remaining books are shared with Catholic Charities for their reading and tutoring initiatives. 
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  • April

    4th Graders Create Stop Motion Movies for Novel Study

    Our 4th grade students just completed their culminating activity for their most recent novel study in literature classes. The students practiced their summarizing skills by creating creating stop motion movies for each chapter of their novel, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library. Check out their great movie here: Great work 4th graders & Mrs. Thompson!
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  • 7th Graders Write Virtuous Songs

    In 7th grade religion classes, students are talking about virtue. Their assignment was to create a song based on an assigned virtue to the melody of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, because if you are lving a virtuous lifestyle and a life centered on God, you will go far and do so many great things. Keiko, Emily, and Shelby wrote this in class and beautifully portrayed the importance of faith (their assigned virtue). Great job to this group and all of our students who worked so hard on this fun project!
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  • 8th Graders Participate in Project R.E.A.L. & Upcoming Parent Presentation

    Today, our 8th grade students participated in a special program called Project R.E.A.L. The program was led by Mark A. Parrish M.Ed., LMFT from The InnerView Counseling and Consultation, and focuses on being aware of choices we make today (and changes we can make) and how they impact our tomorrow. Project R.E.A.L. is a combination program that puts character education with prevention science and is designed to help students identify and implement safer, healthier choices and focus’ on personal decision making. The Project R.E.A.L. Program reinforces our Catholic Christian values and is designed to help students identify and implement their values more consistently, especially at a time when they are so often pressured by peer acceptance. 

    The curriculum focuses on:
    • Respectfulness of self, surroundings, authority, and others
    • Effort in all you do
    • Accountability or choices, actions, decisions, and behavior
    • Listening authentically to others to receive important information and attach meaning to what you heard
    Also focusing on:
    • Self-awareness, personal responsibility, self-motivation, character building, and values restoration
    In addition to the presentation/program for our 8th graders, we are very excited to announce that there is a Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation/Program with Mark Parrish, Ed.D., LMFT from The InnerView Counseling and Consultation on Monday, April 23 6:30 p.m. until 8 in the Multipurpose Building.  The Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation/Program is offered free of charge thanks to the support of the Holy Trinity Parish partnership.  A special thanks to the Holy Trinity Parish for their continued partnership and support! 

    The Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation/Program is encouraged for all 5th through 8th grade parents (and any parent is invited who has an interest in attending). All are strongly encouraged to attend as we truly believe it takes a village and these parenting presentations can be such a benefit.

    As an extra perk, any parent who is able to attend will earn a Holy Trinity Spirit Dress Down Day pass for their student(s) to be used on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

    Please contact Ms. Probus with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on Monday, April 23 in the MPB at 6:30 p.m.  
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  • 3rd Grade to Perform at Clifton Campus - May 14th

    3rd Grade will be performing the musical, Character Matters, on Monday, May 14th at 7:00pm at our Clifton Campus. This play is part of a final project tied to their international fairy tale unit in reading. With the play, they are reviewing character traits and working on building team working skills and respect. All are welcome and invited to attend!
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  • 4th Graders Design House Blueprints and Build Electric Models in Math & Science Classes

    Focusing on the math standard "Draw and identify points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines," along with science standards on electricity, "observe and evaluate results of electricity and light under a variety of conditions" and science in real life, "understand scientific ways of thinking and working, and then use those methods to solve real-life problems," our 4th grade students have been working to design blueprints, and then build a lit house. Within their collaboration groups, they worked to design the house first. Then, they built the house based on their specific blueprint measurements. Students had to work together, create, and problem solve. To incorporate what they've learned in science, the students also had to make a closed circuit to light their house! There were lightbulbs poking through the sides of the walls and all of our students were able to get their house lit! Great work Mrs. Bertsch & 4th grade students!
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  • Congratulations to 8th Grader, Adam Kamer

    Congratulations to 8th grader Adam Kamer! On March 24, Adam competed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee; this was the final competition for the state with winners of this bee going on to compete at the national level. Adam showed his skills and expertise, battling among the states’ top spellers, correctly spelling words such as “loiter,” “Capricorn,” “maraca,” “fresco,” and “croquette,” just to name a few.  He tied for fourth place and did a fantastic job representing Holy Trinity, we’re so proud of him!
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  • Students Participate in Chalice Program to Pray for Vocations

    At our weekly school liturgies, a class is chosen to participate in our Chalice program. That class receives a chalice, as well as an accompanying vocational prayer book. Throughout the week, the class prays for an increase to religious vocational life, as well as prays about their own vocations. In March and April, our PreK and Kindergarten classes have participated in the Chalice program.
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  • March

    5th-8th Graders Compete in Spher-Olympics

    This week, our 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students have been competing in the Spher-Olympics in Technology classes. Using our Sphero robots, our students are using coding programs to operate and move the balls through a variety of challenges. For this great event, technology classes moved to the multipurpose building, where students were able to challenge themselves in the Olympics. Challenges included moving the Sphero ball through a marathon-like event, running the bases and landing successfully on the marked bases, and moving them to different levels of a target, much like an Olympic curling or discus throw event. Great work, students!
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  • 7th Graders Lead Good Friday Stations of the Cross

    As part of our annual Good Friday traditions, our 7th grade students led our school community in the Stations of the Cross. Students acted out each station, while also reflecting on how this station may be evident in our daily lives today. What choices do we make in regards to ourselves, our parents, and those around us? Do we help others with their crosses? How do we remember Jesus's sacrifice for us? 

    Our students also observed Sacred Silence - a practice in the Catholic faith on Good Friday. Today, our students, faculty, and staff remained silent in the halls, cafeteria, and common areas out of respect for what Jesus gave us, his life. 
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  • STEAM Math Learning Fun

    Textbooks, working out problems, and learning videos are all helpful, but our students especially love hands-on opportunities that make learning fun! On Thursday, 5th grade played Battleship using a 4 quadrant coordinate grid to practice their ordered pairs on x and y axes. 4th grade used an Easter egg hunt to find decimal values. Then, as part of their exploration and learning of decimals and fractions in math, they ordered their decimal values from greatest to least and least to greatest!
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  • 2nd Graders Turn Fidget Spinners into Learning Fun!

    2nd graders used fidget spinners today to have some extra fun learning. In math class, they used the spinners as a tool for a graphing activity.  They used their ipad timers to track how long the spinners spun and then graphed their results from a variety of spins. They also used the spinner as a timer during their reading classes to see how many words they could produce for long vowel combinations. What fun!
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  • 5th Graders Prepare for Biztown with Interviews and Mayor Candidate Speeches

    5th grade students are preparing for their upcoming visit to Junior Achievement's Biztown! Earlier this month, a Lifetime Eagle parent (parent of an alum) who works in human resources visited to speak to them about resume writing and interiview skills. In writing classes, they've worked to develop their own resumes to prepare for their interviews this week. Today, parents joined us to conduct interviews. Students presented ideas related to their preferred job and answered questions asked by their interviewer. Students also heard campaign speeches from their three mayor candidates and voted for who they believe will be their best leader during their upcoming field trip to Biztown. Great work and good luck, students! We know that you'll all be great!
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  • Mission Service Work Celebrated During Holy Thursday Service

    Annually, at our Holy Thursday service, our 6th graders lead our school community in recalling the events of the Last Supper, when Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples. Students read and repeat the story's events, while also acting out the story. Representatives from each grade, Pre-K through 8th grade, share examples of the service work they've completed this year as part of our mission efforts, as well as those completed as part of class work, mission days/trips, or Confirmation preparation. Finally, our 6th graders wash the feet of our grade level representatives from PreK through 8th grade to represent the work Jesus did to wash the feet of his own disciples.

    The service work narratives written and shared by our student reps at the Holy Thursday service included:

    Pre-K - Sister
    Visitor Center at Catholic Charities
    Pre-K’s mission is Sister Visitor.  The Sister Visitor Center is an emergency assistance program, located on West Market Street, that provides assistance with the most basic of human needs: food, clothes, assistance with rent, utilities, and medicines.

    Pre-K has had two collections so far this year to help Sister Shellie stock up on items that are in low supply.

    Kindergarten & 1st Grade - Schuhmann Center
    The Kindergarten and 1st grades’ mission is the Schumann Center. They help the homeless people by giving them food and clothes.
    This year the Kindergarten and 1st grade helped by making Christmas stockings filled with toiletries and collecting canned foods.

    2nd Grade - Green Hill Therapy
    Green Hill Therapy is a nonprofit organization which integrates physical and occupational therapy. Therapy with hippotherapy and aquatherapy are two dynamic treatment programs that address sensory-motor learning in special needs children. Our goal is simple: We want to help kids reach their full potential through proven, playful intervention.

    Throughout the year, our classes collect supplies and money to support the organization.

    3rd Grade - St. Joseph's Children's Home
    Third grade’s mission is St. Joseph’s Children’s Home. St. Joseph’s Children’s Home provides a loving home to orphans or children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, or violence. They currently house 48 children ranging from 6 years to 14 years.
    We have had collections each month this year in order to donate basic needs for the children at St. Joseph, and we will continue to take up collections each month for the remainder of the year. We will also be donating all the profits from our end-of-the-year Lemonade stand to our mission.
    4th Grade - Golden Arrow Pregnancy & Family Resource Center
    Fourth grade’s mission is the Golden Arrow. Our mission helps expectant mothers and families with small children.
    The fourth grade has worked to donate gifts at Christmas. We have decorated and filled Easter bags with goodies, as well as donated money, which we personally earned, to our great mission.
    5th Grade - Nazareth Home Retirement Community
    The 5th grade’s mission is the Nazareth Home Clifton, which is a residential community serving older adults.  

    Twice a year, the 5th grade goes there as part of their religion class. We visit with the residents, walk around singing songs, join them at the end of mass, and send decorations for their rooms. We know that we are there to spread joy just as Jesus would have done. Going to Nazareth Home Clifton is a very moving experience. All the residents are very sweet and make our classes feel very welcomed. We know they enjoy when we come and we enjoy it too!

    6th Grade - Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Services
    The sixth grade’s mission is the Migration and Refugee Services through Catholic Charities. This service provides refugees with the support and assistance they need in order to become self-sufficient in their new country. This year we collected such household items as paper towels, kleenex, shampoo, etc. to help them with some basic needs.

    Holy Trinity’s sixth through eighth grade student council also does many mission projects. One mission project student council does is help with the CRS Rice Bowl. Representatives go to learn about CRS Rice Bowl and how we can run Holy Trinity’s Rice Bowl drive. We plan with Saint Margaret Mary on a combined school goal and we challenge each school to raise that much money. Another mission project for Catholic Relief Services that we do is We Day. We take many representatives to visit We day and learn about how we can change the world. Although we do have specific missions we work on, we also have meetings where we suggest different charities we can possibly help so, hopefully, everybody who needs help receives it. The student council helps out with many mission projects throughout Louisville.
    Seventh Grade - Dare to Care & Kids' Cafe
    Dare to Care helps people in the Kentuckiana area who are food deprived.  Their mission is to lead our community to feed the hungry and end the cycle of need.  Food is distributed through a network of over 300 independent food pantries, emergency kitchens, and shelters.  Their programs target the most vulnerable in our Community: Backpack Buddy, Kids’ Café, Mobile Pantry, and Patrol Against Hunger.

    The seventh grade students volunteer to go to Kids’ Café.   Four students and one adult go on Tuesdays to Kids’ Café during the school year.   At Kids’ Café, the students help prepare, serve, and clean up the meal. Along with our work with Dare to Care throughout the year, we as 7th grade spent a mission day at similar organizations. We went to Dare to Care, St. Vincent DePaul, and Catholic Charities. At these organizations we worked in soup kitchens, food pantries, and gardens. We were also given the opportunity to eat alongside those we served.  

    Throughout the year, the seventh grade has performed many different types of service as we have begun preparation for Confirmation .  We have fed the hungry through Kids’ Café and the many soup kitchens in the city as well as donating to the Backpack Buddy Food Program.  We have assisted in Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the weekend Masses at Holy Trinity. Some have cared for the youngest in our Parish by helping in the Nursery during Mass.  Many students have participated in Run/Walks to raise awareness for different causes. These are just some of the many ways we have served in our community.
    Harbor House---Eighth Grade
    Harbor House is a program that provides a safe haven for individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.  The mission of Harbor House is to enhance the lives of these individuals through employment, self-determination, education, and community building.  The individuals come to Harbor House Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Harbor House participants also enjoy social and recreational activities, creative workshops, and life skills training.
    Eighth grade students meet with the Harbor House participants here on our campus.  Students plan activities, games, and snacks centered on conversation and enjoyment.  

    As a group of Catholic students, we aim to live out our faith through service. As we prepared for Confirmation  We have done everything from volunteering at the Kentucky Humane Society to making home improvements in Appalachia.  We have also volunteered at Gilda’s Club by helping people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Many students of the eighth grade have gone to Kids’ Café where we served food to those who are not able to have a home cooked meal on a regular basis.  Students have also served at the Barbecue for the Homeless at the Cathedral of the Assumption. We also participated in a variety of Walks/Runs to raise awareness and money for Down Syndrome, Eating Disorders, Alzheimer’s and various cancer walks. A service opportunity that we experienced as members of our Parish was Vacation Bible School.   During the week of Vacation Bible School, we helped children learn more about God/Scripture and deepen their understanding of Jesus in a fun way using games, crafts, and snacks. These acts of service did not just help others but helped all of us grow in the Spirit.
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  • Pre-K Students Make Prayer of Examen for Lenten Prayer Reflection

    Our Pre-K students made a Prayer of Examen with beads to focus on prayer during lent. Sister Jean (Chaplain of the Loyola Ramblers) prays the Examen of St. Ignatius of Loyola daily.  Our Prayer of Examen has a prompt card attached which says the following:

    1. Be silent. Take a deep breath and breathe in God's love.
    2. Ask yourself these questions and think about the answers.
    • 1st bead - What did you feel good about today?  What made you happiest?
    • 2nd bead - What made you mad or sad?
    • 3rd bead - Is there anything you are sorry about?
    3. Listen to and tell God anything you want.
    4. Say Goodnight.

    The students loved making them! Learn more about this prayerful practice at
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  • Student Council Leaders Invited to Participate in Rally to End Child Abuse & Neglect

    This month, our Student Council leaders were invited to participate in Kentucky's Rally to End Child Abuse and Neglect, a kickoff event for April as Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Awareness Month. On Wednesday, student leaders participated in the rally at Waterfront Park, hearing addresses from local government leaders and those working with children in our state at Family and Children's Place, St. Joseph's Children's Home, and Kosair Charities. At the event, student leaders met with Mrs. Bevin, Governor Bevin's wife, Senator Julie Raque Adams, and leaders from Kentucky Youth Advocates to learn more about this issue in our state and what work is being done to help children. 

    Check out their work, featured in local news reports by WLKY:
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  • 5th Grade Studies Heat Transfer

    5th grade has enjoyed their investigation of heat transfer by researching how convection works in a liquid.  This week in their labs, they placed blue food coloring in cold water before placing the cup that was filled with hot water on top.  They watched as the water inside the cup began to rise as it heated up inside the cup! Great work, scientists! We're excited to hear about your other labs that accompany this unit.
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  • Congratulations to 7th Graders Nominated for Presentation's Leadership Academy

    Congratulations to 7th graders, Gracie Koch and Maddox Miller, who were selected by their teachers and administrators to serve as our school's leadership reps at Presentation Academy's 7th Grade Leadership Forum this month. Good Luck & Great Work, ladies!
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  • Students Complete Easter Service Projects for their Missions

    Many of our grades are working to complete their Easter season service projects for their missions. Some of these service projects may also count towards the Mayor's Give a Day Week of Service in April. Students are making items for others in our community, spending time with those served by their missions, and/or collecting necessary items requested by their mission organizations.

    The 4th grade just completed their Easter Collection for the Golden Arrow Center. Children brought in diapers, wet wipes, baby lotion, baby shampoo, and many consumable goods. They also made cards for those who receive services from Golden Arrow Pregnancy Resource Center. Great work, 4th grade!
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  • 4th Graders Learn about Circuits in STEAM Lesson

    4th graders built series and parallel circuits this week in their science lab. They looked at what happened if one of the light bulbs went out and worked through various scenarios and setups.

    Up next? Fourth grade is getting ready for a project where students will design, make a cardboard model, and light up a house.
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  • Jr. High Celebrates Pi Day in Math Classes

    This week, our Jr. High students celebrated a "belated Pi Day” on Friday. The students brought in their favorite circle-shaped treats to use for numerous hands-on activities. The first was a measurement activity scavenger hunt. They searched for objects in the room that they would later find the diameter and circumference of. Thus, reviewing skills from last chapter. This activity allowed for an opportunity to move while also learning and coming up with their own objects to measure. It allowed students' creativity to shine.

    Additionally, they reviewed simplifying expressions with a Pi themed coloring activity. Students reported this was exciting and also relaxing after Terra Nova testing. As they completed their activities, they enjoyed their circle shaped pizza, donuts, cookie cakes, Oreos, drinks in circle cups, and other fun treats. HAPPY PI DAY!
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  • Congratulations 5th Grade White Quick Recall Team

    Congratulations to our 5th grade White Quick Recall team, who advanced to the Elite 8 of the Archdiocese Quick Recall tournament this year. Thank you to their coaches Mrs. Gahlinger, Mrs. Tapp, and Mrs. Frey, as well as Mrs. Norris, their moderator, who helped lead the team this year!
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  • Congratulations to Carter Schmitt

    Congratulations to 8th grader, Carter Schmitt, who after winning our school Geography Bee qualified this week to advance to the State Geography Bee.
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  • Wizard of Oz Tickets Still Available for Saturday

    Come join Holy Trinity’s Eyrie Theatre Company for a trip “Over the Rainbow”! Tickets for Eyrie Theatre Company’s production of The Wizard of Oz are on sale at the Holy Trinity Parish School office (423 Cherrywood Road, Louisville, KY 40207). The dates of the performances, to be performed at our Clifton Campus (2117 Payne Street, Louisville, KY 40206) are: 
    • Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7pm - SOLD OUT
    • Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 2pm
    • Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 7pm
    • Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 2pm - SOLD OUT
    Tickets are available for purchase through the school office by completing the ticket order form and sending it with payment to the attention of Jeanne Abell. Guests of the community may also visit our school office, M-F from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to purchase tickets with cash or check. If available, tickets will also be for sale at the door on the day of the performance (cash and check only). Come and support our amazing cast and crew of Eyrie Theatre Company!  

    This year’s cast and crew have been rehearsing twice a week since October and are ready to share their great talent with the community. The show is a student-driven production with costumes, props, sets, and make-up/hair done by both students and alumni of the program, with guidance from teachers and parents.
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  • February

    Everybody Counts Week Speakers Visit Holy Trinity

    We are celebrating Everybody Counts Week this week, February 26-March 2. Everybody Counts Week is an interactive and educational disability awareness program that helps our students get to know the people behind disabilities. The program is designed to allow our students to experience both the feelings and challenges of coping with a wide range of disabilities in order to foster within them a respect for diversity.
    The focus of Everybody Counts Week this year is “Learning Differences.” With organized performances, prayers, and videos, PTA organizers are working to help students understand such learning differences as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism in order to illustrate how everyone learns in different ways, and teach how each student's strengths are important to our community and our world as a whole.
    Thank you to our speakers this year:
    • Dr. Jodi Hugues, Psy. D, LCSW, Licensed Psychologist to present on ADHD
    • Jill E. MacNiven, M.Ed., Kentucky Certified Special Education Teacher & Orton Gillingham Reading Tutor and Teacher to present on Dyslexia 
    In addition to presentations, a daily prayer and short video on related topics will be shared on WHTS.  Thank you to our wonderful PTA volunteer organizers who have made this week successful!
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  • Holy Trinity Hosts STEAM Saturday on March 17

    Holy Trinity Families-
    As part of our strategic plan with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math), we are hosting STEAM Saturday on March 17th from 9am - 12pm. With this day, we have invited Holy Trinity teachers, as well as all local high school teachers, mentors, and club leaders to design classes that will be enriching for Archdiocesan Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The classes will provide students a fun opportunity to explore content that may not be taught in Archdiocese curriculum or with more depth to the content already taught. Classes are $25 per student. More specific class details are available on myHTPS parent pages, as well as in the handout that is coming home in Tuesday folders today. Know that all classes are open to girls and boys, no matter what high school group may be offering the class.
    Note that today, registration opens to Holy Trinity families. Tomorrow, archdiocese principals are invited to share the registration information with all of their families. With this, we expect classes to fill quickly! Once youre registered  encourage your friends and relatives at other Archdiocese schools to join you!
    • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Opportunity 
      • Finding Shapes in Stained Glass
    • 3rd – 5th Grade Opportunities 
      • Architecture
      • Movie Making
      • Exploring the Ecosystems Around Us with Art
    • 6th – 8th Grade Opportunities
      • Forensics
      • Designing & Building Crash Test Cars
      • Coding and Robotics
    Registration is online at You can also visit, and search for “Find a Sign-up" using email addresses. Enter as the email managing the sign-up.  Once parents sign their children up online, they should submit both the STEAM permission slip (available on myHTPS in parent page downloads or under PEP, as well as in the packet sent home), and the $25 payment. Please submit the form and payment no later than Friday, March 9 to the school office. (Online sign-ups will fill quickly, so do that ASAP!)
    All classes require a 10 student minimum. If your child is registered for a class that has less than 10 students on Friday, March 9, they may transfer to another class that is not yet full (20 students).
    To learn more, email Mrs. Davenport at adavenport@ht-school.orgWe look forward to hosting this initiative again here at Holy Trinity. Thank you for your support!
    Ashley Davenport
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  • 4th Graders Visit Pyeong Chang Olympics using Virtual Reality in LA Classes

    4th grade is in PyeongChang! They are using Google Cardboard and NBC’s Olympic Virtual Reality App to become Olympic Athletes and compete in Alpine Skiing. Then, they are practicing descriptive writing to share about the experience! We love this use of technology in their writing classes! 
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  • Clifton Campus Update

    Dear Parents,
    As you may be aware, Holy Trinity Parish School began operating the Clifton Campus after many discussions with the Archdiocese and parish leadership.  When this facility became available to us we recognized the possibility of fulfilling a decade long goal of educating all children, including those with language based learning differences, as well as our goal to enhance and upgrade our theater and arts program.  As January 1st marked the official beginning of Holy Trinity managing the Clifton Campus, we are excited to share with you a current update on how the space is being utilized and where we are heading with the project.
    We are happy to report that four tenants renewed their lease with us – utilizing the lower level and the third floor.  Those tenants include:  Shine, Louisville Visual Arts, Martin Rollins Studio and University of Louisville.  We are also sharing space on the lower level with St. Frances of Rome parish.  This  has allowed us to use the second floor and begin the process necessary to open a Catholic school for children with language based learning differences.  Our plan is to open this school in August 2019 serving students in grades two, three and four.  We will then expand each year thereafter.  This school is an outreach to all families within the Archdiocese who face the difficult decision to move their child from the Catholic elementary setting to a specialized program.  It is our mission, both as an Archdiocese and as Holy Trinity Parish, to serve all children in a faith based environment.
    We are currently using the Clifton Campus for our upcoming performance by the Eyrie Theater for the Wizard of Oz.  The theater offers our children a unique experience of being able to perform on stage.  We look forward to utilizing the theater to enhance our current educational program.
    Lastly, the facility does offer a full reception hall that can accommodate up to 240 people at round tables and a full catering kitchen.  Please keep us in mind if you are in need of space for a party or a work event.  The theater will also continue to be rented to community organizations as it has for many years.  If you are interested  in rental space, please contact Ann Drury,
    As we continue preparing for the school, we will be engaged in a campaign readiness study led by Gonser Gerber, the same consulting firm that led us in our strategic plan.   This study will allow us to determine the extent of refurbishments to the theater as well as the school.  We will keep you posted as we move through this study.  If you have any questions about the Clifton Campus, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Paula Watkins or Beth Klem.  
    Jack Richards
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  • 5th Graders Analyze Character Traits in Romeo and Juliet

    After learning about character traits, our fifth graders worked in small groups to analyze different characters from Romeo and Juliet.  They also worked to support their choices of traits with text evidence. This activity will help the students write their own character analysis essays in the next few weeks. What's your favorite character and why?
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  • 5th Graders Present at Explorer Fair

    Today, our 5th graders are showcasing their learning in an Explorer Fair in the multipurpose building. Parents, gradnparents, and guests are able to join student presenters to learn more about the explorers of the Western Hemisphere! After learning about five Western Hemisphere explorers (Columbus, Cabot, Cartier, Cabral, and Balboa) in class, students were each given a new and different explorer to research. They looked up information regarding their explorer during class, including what country they represented, where they explored, what they discovered, and any other interesting facts. They then put all this information in a google slideshow complete with pictures, maps, and references, in which they will use when they become the teacher in class. Great work, 5th grade!
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  • Congratulations Adam Kamer!

    This weekend, some of our students competed in the Governor’s Cup Regional competition. 8th grader, Adam Kamer earned 3rd place overall in Language Arts and will advance to state for the 2nd year in LA - Good Luck Adam! 
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  • 5th Graders Build Roller Coasters during STEAM Labs

    This week, our 5th graders worked to build marble roller coasters during their STEAM lab with Mrs. Cohan. Using pipe insulation tubes that they cut in half, sand paper, tape, books, and other resources available in their classroom, science students worked to build roller coasters to their required specs - include a turn, loop, etc. With this lab work, they investigated the scientific fields of gravity, speed, acceleration, friction, and inertia! Following a day of research and experiments, they'll write their conclusions and communicate their results, all part of the scientific method, with their peers later this week.
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  • Kindergarten Students Celebrate 100th Day of School

    This week, our Kindergarten students celebrated our 100th day of school! They enjoyed a field trip to go bowling. As part of their 100th day celebration, students learned about healthy eating and exercise. They did 100 exercises and counted to 100 with snacks, where they individually worked to score 100 points! 
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  • Students Enjoy Be A PAL Event During Catholic Schools Week

    Holy Trinity Parish School students enjoyed BE A P.A.L. DAY (PEACEBUILDER AT LUNCH DAY) this week. This special day takes place during Catholic Schools Week, and as a PeaceBuilder & Compassionate School, it is an awesome opportunity for our students to live out our values. Formally celebrated as part of a National Mix it Up at Lunch Day, it was a day where we joined with thousands of schools around the globe to offer a similar experience and message. The message of our Be A P.A.L. Day is simple – encourage all to practice compassion daily in all of our interactions, be kind to everyone, give each other a chance, it matters how we treat each other, and we are all more alike than different (all of these are contained within the PeaceBuilder Pledge in some capacity, which we commit to live daily at Holy Trinity).

    Specifically on Be A P.A.L. Day, we have students take a new seat in the cafeteria and sit with different classmates than they normally sit with and meet a “new” friend and/or get to know a classmate better (get outside their comfort zone and outside their normal friendship circle). Student Council representatives share question prompts with students to help them learn new ideas about one another: if you could have a superpower, what would it be? What is your favorite book/tv show/activity?  It is a simple concept that can have profound positive implications.

    Thank you to Tim Licktieg, our musician who joins us every year to provide tunes and dancing music for faculty and students, Jason's Deli for assisting in providing food with our faculty and staff who join students for lunch in the cafeteria on this day, and our counselor, Ms. Probus, who organizes the day's events. 

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  • January

    Tickets for Wizard of Oz on Sale Wednesday, Jan. 31

    Come join Holy Trinity’s Eyrie Theatre Company for a trip “Over the Rainbow”! Tickets for Eyrie Theatre Company’s production of The Wizard of Oz will go on sale starting Wednesday, January 31. An emerald ticket order form will be included in the Tuesday folder to make purchasing tickets easy! The dates of the performances are: 
    • Friday, March 2, 2018 at 7pm
    • Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 2pm
    • Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 7pm
    • Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 2pm
    Tickets are available for purchase through the school office by completing the form and sending it with payment to the attention of Jeanne Abell. Tickets will also be available for sale at Parent-Teacher-Student conferences and at the door on the day of the performance. Come and support our amazing cast and crew of Eyrie Theatre Company!  
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  • Author, Michael O'Coners, Visits with 3rd Grade Writers

    Our 3rd grade classes are working on an authors as a mentors unit currently. They are exploring different stories and noticing different techniques authors use within their writing. With this unit, 3M had an author visit from parent and author, Michael O'Coners, that allowed the author to be able to work with the students and their individual writing. The students are learning how to revise and add more detail into their work.  Mr. O'Coners explained to students how an author goes through the writing process and reiterated how much real authors revise. He also did a creativity exercise to teach them about the brainstorming phase.  The kids loved it! Thanks for visiting, Mr. O'Coners!
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  • Congratulations 5th Grade Poetry Winners

    Recently, our 5th graders competed in a Creative Communication Poetry contest. Congratulations to our 2 students, Kyndall and Ava, who won and will have their work published!
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  • Spelling Bee Winners

    Congratulations to our students who advanced from our classroom spelling bees to our School Spelling Bee held on Tuesday. The school winner, Adam K, an 8th grader, will advance to the Archdiocese Spelling Bee, to compete for the opportunity to then advance to the Kentucky Derby Spelling Bee. New this year, we're also nominating our school winner for the state's Scripps Spelling Bee competition. Congratulations to all of our participants and good luck, Adam!
    • Jacqueline T - 3rd Place (7th Grade)
    • Gabbie G - 2nd Place (8th Grade)
    • Adam K - 1st Place (8th Grade)
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  • Geography Bee Winners

    Students in grades 6-8 participated in the National Geographic Bee sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to motivate students to learn about the world and how it works. Congratulations to the following students who won the preliminary round in their social studies groups and advanced to the school competition: Isabel W, Simon M, Jack W, Jacqueline T, David H, John C, Carson M, Carter S, and Gabbie G. Congratulations to our school winners:
    • 3rd place: Simon M
    • 2nd place: Jack W
    • School winner: Carter S. Carter will next compete in the State Bee Qualifying Test. Good Luck!
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  • 4th Grade Students Featured on International News App for Global Learning

    Our 4th grade participated in a gift exchange with their daily news app, News-O-Matic. They participated in a program designed to connect learners around the world through technology, so that they could share their culture. All of this fits beautifully into our ongoing aspiration and learning goals for using technology and global learning.

    Our 4th grade students sent a horseshoe to Jesiah, a student who lives in Vanuatu - a group of Pacific islands, and he sent them a gift, too. Jesiah sent a tam-tam, which is a wooden statue. Our students decided to send him a horseshoe to represent good luck and the Kentucky Derby! Our 4th grade class was featured on the app in an article about the global collaboration project! Thank you for your leadership with this project and great work, Mrs. Thompson!
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