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  • March

    1st Grade Students Complete and Present Animal Reports

    First grade students chose an animal of personal interest to them that they would research, before sharing information with their classmates! Using animal books in their classroom libraries, as well as their classroom ipads, students researched their animal. All students wrote an informative report. They also created a poster full of details to share during their presentations. We're proud of these students' hardwork and achievement. Check out their posters in the 1st grade hallway this week!
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  • February

    Your Map to High School & College: a KHEAA Presentation for 8th Graders

    Ms. Candice Johnson of The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) joined our 8th graders today to offer the KHEAA - YOUR MAP TO HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE WORKSHOP. The workshop reminds and encourages middle school students that what they are doing TODAY does impact TOMORROW.  The workshop can also serve as a good reminder to the students to stay positive and continue to keep expectations and standards high. The workshops discuss the importance of continuing to study hard, getting good grades, and setting their sights on education after high school (and how what they continue to do right now as 8th Graders impacts the next step – a great reminder for them to stay focused on their studies).

    Students will learn the benefits of getting a higher education, explore college choices and things to look for in choosing the right college.  Students will discuss various career choices and talk about the specifics of career exploration.  We also emphasize to the students how important service work is in helping to discern possible college majors, careers choices (as well as being an obvious commitment to our call to be compassionate Catholics).  The presentation is packed full of additional information on how to earn scholarship funds to pay for post-secondary education and how to start building your resume in high school to help secure scholarships funds for college.  They will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  As stated, Ms. Probus has solicited the expertise of Ms. Candice Johnson from KHEAA  to present this valuable workshop.
    For more information about KHEAA and the services offered please visit:
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  • Welcome to Mrs. Blincoe & Midas, our Therapy Dog

    The Holy Trinity School Counseling Office is very excited to announce a new pet therapy/literacy dog in partnership with our reading specialist, Dr. Meka Barry. Mrs. Brenda Blincoe, a certified pet therapy handler, and her dog, Midas, are working with some first, second, and third graders in the READ program once a week. Mrs. Blincoe is a former elementary teacher from Holy Spirit. Midas, is a 6-year-old purebred Golden Retriever. He loves children, and is very mellow, gentle, and smart. Midas is certified and insured with Therapy Dogs International. He is clean and well-groomed, and always on a lead and under the control of his handler. He is also up to date on all vaccines. Midas has also passed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test-- a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs.  We are very blessed and grateful for their service to Holy Trinity!
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  • Dine to Donate: Tomorrow/Wednesday at Salsarita's

    Dine at Salsrita's Fresh Mexican Grill on Wednesday, February 13 from 11am - 9pm and support the 8th Grade Appalachia Mission Trip. Join us at the 285 N. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, KY 40207 location. Dine-in and carryout both count - simply mention you are with Holy Trinity and you want your meal to support our Appalachia trip (Show our post about it on social media). A percentage of these sales support our 8th graders' efforts to fill a food pantry while on their March mission trip. 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Regional Winners

    This weekend, many of our Jr. High students participated in Governor's Cup Regional events at Crosby Middle School. Congratulations to 8th grader, Emily H who advanced to State Competition in Composition writing with her 5th place regional finish. Congratulations, as well, to our Quick Recall team  who earned the Hume Sportsmanship Award at this weekend's competition.
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  • January

    Why I Love HT!

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  • Wednesday is Be A P.A.L. Day!

    We are excited for BE A P.A.L. DAY (PEACEBUILDER AT LUNCH DAY) on Wednesday. This special day takes place during Catholic Schools Week and as a PeaceBuilder School, this is an awesome opportunity for our students. The message is simple – to encourage all to practice compassion daily in all of our interactions, to be kind to everyone, to give each other a chance, that it matters how we treat each other and we are all more alike than different (all of these are contained within the PeaceBuilder Pledge in some capacity, which we commit to live daily at Holy Trinity). During lunch, students will sit by a new person, learn about others through interactive questions, and listen to live music. Be sure to check in with your student and talk to them about this great opportunity!
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Medal Winners!

    This weekend, we hosted KAAC's Governor's Cup competition for District 27. Congratulations to our middle school Governor's Cup award winners who now advance to compete at Regional Competition in 2 Weeks:
    • Quick Recall team earned 2nd overall – Elise Elder, Nicholas Frey, George Simpson, Simon Mayers, Sophia Rogers, & Jacqueline Teague
    • Math 3rd Place – Nicholas Frey
    • Math 4th Place – Elise Elder
    • Science 2nd Place – Lucia Rodriquez-Agusti
    • Science 4th Place – Emily Holland
    • Science 5th Place – Grayson Salter
    • Social Studies 2nd Place – George Simpson
    • Social Studies 3rd Place – Shelby Davis
    • Language Arts – 5th Place – Jacqueline Teague
    • Arts & Humanities – 3rd Place – Shelby Davis
    • Composition Essay Writing – 1st Place – Sophia Rogers 
    • Composition Essay Writing – 3rd Place – Emily Holland 
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  • High School Placement Test Results

    Cognitive Skills
    Basic Skills
    HT 2018
    7 (13%)
    25 (46%)
    22 (41%)
    0 (0%)
    All 2018
    332 (21%)
    904 (56%)
    255 (16%)

    Our Faculty and Staff are extremely proud of our 8th grade students and their performance on the high school placement test.  Close to 60% of our students scored in the high category(76-99) with the other 40% scoring in the average category(24-75).  We had seven of our students score in the highest category(96-99).  Our students scored significantly higher than their peers entering these local Catholic High Schools.  Using the Scale Score Model, our students scored between 63-85 points higher in every category (Reading, Math, Language, Verbal, Quantitative, etc.) than other students taking the entrance exam.  Our local high schools will provide individual results to students and families at the time of their registration.  Congratulations to our students and 8th grade parents!  We know what a bright future awaits you in high school and beyond.  
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  • Welcome Midas, our Literacy Therapy Dog

    The Holy Trinity School Counseling Office is very excited to announce a new pet therapy/literacy dog in partnership with our reading specialist, Dr. Meka Barry. Beginning February 6, Mrs. Brenda Blincoe, a certified pet therapy handler, and her dog, Midas, will work with some first, second, and third graders in the READ program once a week. We are so grateful that Mrs. Blincoe has offered to volunteer her time and talent (and her sweet doggie Midas) to serve here at Holy Trinity!
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  • Project REAL Parent Presentations

    We are very excited to announce the Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation with Mark Parrish, M. Ed., LMFT from The InnerView Counseling and Consultation. It is available to any parent in our Holy Trinity Parish and School Community and is offered free of charge thanks to the support of the Holy Trinity Parish partnership. Project R.E.A.L. is designed to help parents and caregivers support and implement strategies to help their children/students identify and implement safer, healthier choices.  It also has great insight and tips for promoting a culture of accountability and responsibility for children to foster a healthy self-reliance.  The Project R.E.A.L. program also reinforces our Catholic values, and aims to help students identify and implement these values more consistently.  Questions regarding the program should contact our school counselor, Ms. Probus.
    Project R.E.A.L. focuses on:
    • Respectfulness of self, surroundings, authority, and others
    • Effort in all you do
    • Accountability for choices, actions, decisions, and behavior
    • Listening authentically to others to receive important information and attach meaning to what you heard 
    The Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation will be offered on two nights in January, with each night focusing on the parents of different age groups (if you cannot make one night, please join us on the other night as the information will be applicable to all children).
    • **PK-4th Grade parent presentation is on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the cafeteria.
    • **5th-8th Grade parent presentation is on Monday, January 28, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the cafeteria. 
    • Any parent who attends one of the presentations will earn a spirit dress down day pass for their student(s) as a special incentive (for Friday Feb. 8). 
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  • 5th Graders Create Board Games to Demonstrate Understanding of Realistic Fiction

    As the culminating activity for their unit on Realistic Fiction, our fifth grade students created board games incorporating the characters, settings, and plots of novels they read in Literature Circles. The students worked hard and used creativity to design boards, playing pieces, and instructions with this culminating project.  After presenting to the class, the games were then exchanged with other groups for some fun and excitement! Great work, 5th grade!
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  • Congratulations Geography Bee Winners!

    Congratulations to our classroom Geography Bee winners who competed in the school Geography Bee today! Jake B, an 8th grader, won the school competition and will now tryout to compete in the National Geographic Geography Bee for Kentucky. The classroom winners who competed in the school bee today included:
    • 6th Grade: Charlie C, Reid C, & Abby W
      7th Grade: Charlie S, George S, & Cate C
      8th Grade: Jake B, Evan B, & Keiko O
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