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5th - 8th Grade Manners Leadership Team Opportunity

5th - 8th grade students from both our St. Matthews and Clifton campuses are invited to join our new Manners Leadership Team! They will collaborate to create monthly bulletin boards and WHTS videos that teach about and remind students to use the specific manners of the month. 
The team will meet every other Wednesday (or less often based on needs) immediately after Mass to make a plan for the matching bulletin boards, as well as the video of the month. Throughout the year, Clifton students will help to build the St. Matthew's bulletin board while on St. Matthew's campus. St. Matthew's students will also have the option to travel to Clifton to assist with their bulletin board, too. 
This team will be a collaborative effort. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Cundiff (Counselor) and/or Mrs. Davenport (Director of Student Activities).

Applications are available on myHTPS Parent pages, as well as homeroom pages. Students and parents can access the link within the links section of their parent or homeroom myHTPS page. Applications are due Friday, August 26, with our first meeting being Wednesday, August 31. 
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