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Congratulations Art Fair Winners

Congratulations to this year's Art Fair ribbon winners:

Pre-K Printed Alligators          Pre-K Texture Necklaces
1st:  Ellie E PKH                       1st:  Leighton H PKG
2nd: Hayden H PKP                2nd:  Wyatt PKG
3rd:  Benton R PKG                3rd:  Annie L PKG 

Pre-K Animal Shape Collage           Pre-K Torn Paper Owls
1st:  Hank B PKG                    1st:  Harper E PKH
2nd:  Greyson F PKH             2nd:  Charly W PKH
3rd:  Raylee M PKG                3rd:  Ellie B PKP

Pre-K Blue Dog
1st:  Henry S PKP
2nd:  Bea T PKH
3rd:  Mae A PKH

K Overlapping Pumpkins       K Blue Dog
1st:    Olivia A KG                    1st:  Lucy S KB
2nd:    Lucy M KG                   2nd:  Mallory S KD
3rd:    Dylan S KG                   3rd:  Harlowe C KB

K Pinch Pots                       K  Illuminated Names
1st:  Leyton R KB                1st:  Eliana M KG
2nd:    Sawyer A KG           2nd:  Crew C KB
3rd:    Dallas F KP               3rd:  Corbet S KP

K Torn Paper Snowmen    Clifton Kindergarten
1st:  Adi H KG                    1st:  Jackson L
2nd:  Adam J KG               2nd:  Cash R
3rd:  Rex J. KG                   3rd:  Violet L

1st Grade
Clay Dinosaur Fossils          Warm/Cool Paper Weaving
1st:  Maddie M 1P                1st:  Tate F 1S
2nd:  Elise F 1S                    2nd:  Perry R 1K
3rd:  Hudson E 1S               3rd:  Riley O 1S

Piet Mondrian Paintings     Clifton First Grade
1st:  Hazel M 1K                    1st:  Woods
2nd:  Carter K 1P                   2nd:  Mary Shepherd R
3rd:  Maggie M 1S                  3rd:  Joseph P

2nd Grade
Clay Owls                         Weavings
1st:  Lillian S 2B                    1st:  Channing R 2Z
2nd:  Eli Jane G 2T               2nd:  Alex C 2B 
3rd:  McKinlee M 2Z             3rd:  Harrison T 2T

Impressionist Collage            Value Pumpkins
1st:  Vivienne B 2B                1st:  Jake L 2T
2nd:  Eli M 2Z                        2nd:  Ruby Kate S 2B
3rd:  Carolina B 2T                3rd:  Jon Bradley M 2B

Clifton 2nd Grade
1st:  Mason L
2nd:  Jensen J
3rd:  Zoey F

3rd Grade
Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins       Kandinsky Circle Paintings
1st:  Sadie M 3M                    1st:  Harper S 3M
2nd:  Eleanor B 3V                 2nd:  Cody S 3M
3rd:  Camdyn B 3A                3rd:  Palmer M 3A

Matryoshka Dolls                Clifton 3rd Grade
1st:  Sawyer V 3A                    1st:  Katelyn R
2nd:  Miles H 3A                    2nd:  Grant S
3rd:  Dash W 3V                    3rd:  Harper H

4th Grade
Symmetrical Name Creature        Laurel Burch Paintings
1st:  Callen Z 4H                    1st: Andrew B 4H
2nd:  Caroline V 4D                2nd:  Brynn B 4S
3rd:  Sophia F 4H                    3rd:  Will S 4S

Jackson Pollock Paintings        Clifton 4th Grade
1st:  Eden S 4D                    1st:  Molly P
2nd:  Aubrey S 4H                    2nd:  Reaves S
3rd:  Baylor W 4H                    3rd:  Nathan L

5th Grade
Stained Glass Window            Clay Selfie Tiles
1st:  Chloe R 5T                    1st:  Francee R 5T
2nd:  Molly M 5T                    2nd:  Carter H 5T
3rd:  Jane C 5S                    3rd:  Sam S 5T

Henri Matisse Collage            Clifton 5th Grade
1st: Spohie K 5S                    1st:  Emma B
2nd:  Elise M 5T                    2nd:  Jane J
3rd:  Hudson P 5T                    3rd:  Chance B

Zentangle Animals
1st:  Cooper S 5T
2nd:  Harper W 5T
3rd:  Walter A 5S
6th Grade

Jen Stark Color Wheels            Repousse Initials
1st:  Abby S 6F                    1st:  Isabella W 6F
2nd:  Hannah M 6F                2nd:  Scarlett K 6L
3rd:  Sophia B 6C                    3rd:  Millsie W 6C

Wheel Thrown Pottery                       Pinch Pot Creatures
1st:  Hadley G 6L                    1st:  Shooter C 6C
2nd:  Emery W 6L                    2nd:  Kenlea K 6L
3rd:  Lucy P 6C                    3rd:  Drew D 6C

Clifton 6th Grade
1st:  Ashton T
2nd:  Carleen H
3rd:  Josie C

7th Grade
Radial Design Color Wheels        Wheel Thrown Pots
1st:  Trevor K 7C                    1st:  Ruby L 7T
2nd:  Emelia H 7T                    2nd:  Kat M 7C
3rd:  Anna C 7H                    3rd:  Hank V 7T

Clay Cell Phone Speakers
1st:  Emily P 7T
2nd:  Caroline J 7 C
3rd:  Tate R 7C

8th Grade
Hollow Clay Forms                Wheel Thrown Pots
1st:  Elizabeth W 8B                1st:  Ethan K 8R
2nd:  Gretta S 8E                    2nd:  Grayson W 8E
3rd:  Camden G 8B                

Paper Food
1st:  Charlie D 8R
2nd:  Scout V 8R
3rd:  Ella S 8E
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