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8th Grade Literature & Language Arts Builds on Summer Reading

To start the year, our 8th graders collaborated to write and create their class norms for their literature and language arts learning environments with Ms. Blandford this year. Individually, they also designed their own literacy identity boards - proudly displayed on each color group's bulletin board within Ms. Blandford's classroom. Then, they turned their focus to their summer reading efforts. 

This summer, all students read Scythe. In addition to that story, they were also individually challenged to track their reading as part of an 8th grade reading challenge. Each student has a data page, on which they're tracking their reading all school year - with the goal of 25 books before graduation starting with their first summer reading assignment, including all other personal choice summer reading books, classroom assigned reading and read-alouds, and free time reading. 

To review what they read in Scythe this summer, all students shared their presentations with their table. Within their tables, they chose one speaker to present their project to the class during the first few weeks of school. With these presentations, students are already working and improving their abilities to share textual evidence and storylines, as well as improve personal presentation skills: spacing, speaking, eye contact, and listening skills: posture, positive body language. Another goal they're working on is always maintaining the same focus, respect, and attention for the last presenter as they have for the first presenter. 

We're excited to hear what stories they read this year, what they learn, what stories they write and tell, and then to hear them speak again - at graduation and end-of-year celebration activities. Don't blink, this year goes by quickly, 8th grade!
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