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Marley Returns to HT as Ms. Probus Visits Classrooms

Ms. Probus is our school counselor, who along with our canine counselor and therapy dog, Marley, visits with our students in their classrooms regularly and supports our commUNITY daily! 

She recently shared with our faculty and staff, "The school counselor’s primary tasks are to be a helper, advocate, and connector. In my role, I serve as a source of support for students, which is focused on students’ social, emotional, and academic success."  Although the role of a school counselor is not to diagnose or provide therapy per Archdiocese policy, she provides temporary, short-term guidance to help students overcome acute issues which impact their ability to prosper at school.  Ms. Probus, as well as her intern, Stephanie Smith (yes, she has the same name as our new Director of Student Achievement, but is a different person), accomplish this by meeting with students individually and/or in small groups based on specific needs. Ms. Probus works with all of our students, as well as faculty and staff, from grades Pre-K through 8th grade. She also supports Amy Cundiff, our part-time counselor at Clifton, by visiting and working with students at Clifton one day a week, too.   

Marley, our school therapy dog and canine counselor, joined our school community three years ago. He is a rescue dog that is hypo-allergenic, trained professionally, and is certified as a therapy dog for schools. He lives with Mrs. Billig, one of our 2nd grade teachers, and her family. Together, Ms. Probus and Mrs. Billig continue Marley's training to ensure he's ready to work whenever he's at HT. 

To start the year, Ms. Probus and Marley have been busy greeting students and visiting every homeroom. During their visits, they've reviewed how to meet with Ms. Probus, as well as how to interact with Marley. We're so excited to have Marley back in our hallways and classrooms a few days a week, as well as the daily support of Ms. Probus! 
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