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Resource Day Classes are Back In Person This Year

During the 2020-2021 school year, our Resource Day classes were online on Wednesdays to allow for at-home learning and teacher planning time, as well as disinfection of the school. With that, PE, Library, Art, Music, and Spanish for grades K-6 and Public Speaking for grades 7-8 were all online! It's safe to say, we all missed Resource Day classes being in person last year. This year, we're so glad to have all of them back in our weekly schedule with a traditional resource day that varies for each grade level and be in person again!

Grades 1 and 2 have these classes on Mondays, Grades 5-6 on Tuesdays, Grades 7-8 on Wednesdays, Grades PreK and K on Thursdays, and Grades 3-4 on Friday. 

Last year, Ms. Andrea Hollars joined our faculty as our PE teacher, replacing Ms. Pullem who retired after more than 30 years teaching PE at Holy Trinity! This year, Ms. Hollars has already gotten to know our students so much more while working with them in person.

Sometimes you may see Ms. Hollars outside with her students at the start of her classes, as students walk the parish walking path to begin class for a warm-up activity. What a great use of this campus resource!

Within PE, students began the year focusing on basic manipulative skills in all grade levels with varying activities. The older students have used hula hoops, as well as jump ropes with varying challenge activities and levels to practice body awareness, footwork, balance, and many other important skills. Our younger students have used beanbags for this work, as well. They've walked, jumped, and crawled with beanbags on their heads, and backs to practice balance, footwork, and steadiness among other skills. We're excited to see what they learn and practice this year in PE classes.
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