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Pet Blessing

Our all-school Pet Blessing, held in honor of the St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day, is scheduled for Sept. 30 at 8 am at the Portico. All classes will gather outside after the morning bell, facing the Portico, behind posted grade level signs.

Adults joining us with family pets should line up in front of the parking spot lines (closest to the portico), separate from and in front of the classes so that their students can join them when they come outside. Families unable to attend in person with their pets are invited to have their students bring photos of their pets to be blessed. 

At the time of the blessing with holy water, our ministers blessing pets will move throughout the audience gathered to ensure all are blessed. Please do not move towards the priests/deacons. 

** All animals must be on a short leash only – not an extendable leash – or in a crate/cage. Families are expected to have bags to clean up after their pets if needed. 
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