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Guest Speakers Meet with Jr. High Students

Given this year's precautions in place for COVID, our Jr. High students have mass on 2 separate days each month (as only one grade is able to attend liturgy at a time). As our seventh and eighth graders share teachers and a class schedule rotation, this creates an extra block of time for one grade or the other on a regular basis. Putting this time to use for new opportunities, Mrs. Alfaro, our Spanish teacher for Jr. High, reached out to individuals across the nation who have used their bilingual abilities to excel professionally. These talented Hispanic individuals share with our students their experiences being Hispano or Hispana and how no matter the barriers, one can always be successful in their life!

The various guest speakers visit the classroom virtually to share their personal and professional experiences, given they're able to speak both Spanish and English proficiently, as well as how it helps them excel. Students then have the opportunity to ask questions regarding their careers, their hometown or current city, their travels, and/or any other questions they may have regarding our guest speakers' stories.

Guest speakers have included:
  • Minerva Virola, the Assistant Director of the Backside Learning Center in Louisville, KY
  • Fernando De la Peña, who works with NASA as the CEO and Founder of AEXA Aerospace, LLC in Houston, TX
  • Karina Barillas, the Director of the La Casita Center in Louisville, KY
  • Erica De la O, Principal Dancer and Ballerina of Louisville Ballet
Upcoming speakers will include:
  • Paola Moretta, the Owner and Founder of 100% Spanish Language Center in Louisville, KY
  • Moisés Carreón, a Chemical and Biological Engineer at Colorado School of Mines in Boulder, CO, earned the Presidential Early Career Award.
We're grateful to Mrs. Alfaro for organizing and coordinating these experiences for our students, as well as to all of the guest speakers that have joined us in the classrooms virtually and shared their experiences and expertise with our students.
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