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Congratulations to Staff Member of the Year, Ashley Davenport

Congratulations to Ashley Davenport, our Staff Member of the Year honoree! Mrs. Davenport is in her 13th year at Holy Trinity -  currently serving as Director of Student Activities after previously teaching both 2nd and 3rd grades. Mrs. Davenport and her husband, Russ, have one daughter, Wren.

If you have a student at Holy Trinity, they have, no doubt, been involved in one or more activities that Mrs. Davenport so tirelessly organizes. Mrs. Davenport is the energy behind many of the extra-curricular programs in our school and has a driving passion for providing experiences of all kinds to our students.  She believes in our students living their Catholic faith and places that at the top of her list in modeling how we are called to serve others. Mrs. Davenport researches, contacts, and collaborates with many programs/organizations within our community to provide in-person service learning with our older students, collections of needed supplies for those in need, and creative activities for our younger students to show their service commitment.  Mrs. Davenport teaches our students how to allow their voices to be heard and how, through the right processes, they can be a part of a change that provides equality and justice for all through our KYA and KUNA programs.  She coordinates and coaches academic team programs: Quick Recall, Book Bee, and Governor’s Cup. She coordinates all Student Council events -  meeting weekly, often daily, with our Student Council leaders to plan and implement programs.  She's always looking for new ways to provide social activities and connections to all students in PreK through 8th grades.  Mrs. Davenport is the voice behind our social media, continually communicating and posting pictures of the amazing work being done here. All of this work is compiled and summarized when she works with our students to create our school yearbook.  
When asked what she loves most about HT, she shared, “It’s both the community and the opportunities students have in and out of the classroom to succeed. Many families have returned to HT for multiple generations because it’s home to them. ‘You taught my (sibling/cousin/family member)’ is a special connection.” Being involved in so many different activities with multiple grade levels over the years, some would think it may be hard for her to cite just one favorite memory. She’d agree. “What I value most each day is getting to know and respect the uniqueness of each student, their interests and passions, both in and out of the classroom. Seeing them share their ideas, intellect, and even funny stories with their peers, as they smile and join together for a cause, project, or shared team goal – that’s the best part of what I do each day.”
In acknowledging the award, Mrs. Davenport was quick to add, “I’m grateful that Mr. Richards, along with school and parish administration at Holy Trinity created this DSA position almost 8 years ago. It’s been an absolute joy and privilege to partner with students, educators, parents, and families both in our school and across the Archdiocese, as we all work together to ensure our children have what they need to be successful in their growth as well-rounded individuals.”  
We are blessed to have Mrs. Davenport as a leader at Holy Trinity Parish and School. We thank her for her love and passion, for her calling of working with children, and being at Holy Trinity. 
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