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February Reflection from PTA Faith Coordinator, Rachael Egger

My name is Rachael Egger.  I’m the Faith Coordinator for the PTA….It’s a made-up position with a made-up title, and I’m pretty sure I was asked to do it because I like to listen to WayFM (the Jesus music station).  It’s a new role in the PTA this year, and I’m still trying to figure out what it should look like.  Since I’m making this up as I go along,  I figured that  I’d do something I know how to do…being a Jesus Music DJ!  Now, I realize that not many Catholics are Contemporary Christian Music connoisseurs.  It’s just not what we grew up with. So I feel like I should preface with this song is pretty….Jesusy?  The first time I heard it, I immediately thought, “this is a song I could hear a group of teenagers singing at a retreat or teen mass.”  And then as I continued listening, I realized there was a second group of people who could also sing it together, Moms.  As a parent of Faith, my goal is to raise children who know that I love them, and more importantly, that God loves them…always…as they are…no matter what.  I NEED them to Know AND Believe that they are loved, especially when they are facing the challenges that come with being a teenager and young adult.  I feel that my job is to make sure that they believe that they are enough….always…as they are…imperfect as they are.  I find it challenging to live in a society that doesn’t want moms to model this.   We’re so hard on ourselves…and often have a difficult time simply acknowledging that everything is not always ok. We want our kids to know that they don’t have to be perfect, but for some reason, we forget to tell ourselves that.  So this song is a “Mom Anthem” for me.  Things are rarely perfect.  I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life, and I think the most challenging part of being grateful for blessings is acknowledging that it’s ok when I struggle to manage them.    

This song is a simple reminder that we’re all human, we all struggle, and we need God’s grace to ground us. We don’t even have to ask for anything, we just have to accept the grace he freely gives.  This song is catchy and I’ve heard all 3 of my kids singing it or humming it on their own.   I pray it’s a song that pops into their heads when I’m not there to tell them that they are perfectly imperfect…they are enough…they are Loved….ALWAYS. The song is "Truth be Told" by Matthew West
Here’s my disclaimer for those of you who don’t know me.  I have no formal theology training.  I’m just a normal mom who chose to send my kids to a Catholic School because I value the blessings of growing up in a faith community.  I work in a nursing home for medically complex children.  By extension of my work life, I’m not an eternal optimist.  I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a “Glass is half full person”, I’m more of an “I’m so grateful someone gave me this glass” kind of gal.  And I know that some days that glass will be overflowing, other days it will be empty, and somedays I’ll be asking my kids why they keep hiding it from me. 
Many blessings as we stay the course and get through this roller coaster of a school year.


** Rachael grew up in Nashville, TN, where she attended Catholic school K-12.  She and her husband, Mike have 3 children, Cate (3rd grade), Laura (2nd grade), and Matthew (who is 4 and attends St. Joe's Daycare).  Rachael works as a physical therapist with medically complex children who live in the pediatric nursing home at Home of the Innocents.

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