Counseling Corner

Sharing Hope

Dear Holy Trinity Community,
I recently heard Archbishop Martin (Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland) talk about the importance of sharing hope this Advent Season.  He went on to remind his audience that “The seasons of Advent and Christmas occur in the depth of winter reminding us that Christ was born to bring hope to a darkened world.”  I find this to be a great reminder of the importance of the statement I shared in my last Counseling Corner letter – GOD IS A COMFORTING CONSTANT IN A TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE WORLD.   Archbishop Martin went on to invite us (and challenge us perhaps) to take “just five minutes each day for reflection to find moments of peace so as to rediscover the true meaning of Advent…”   I feel we are called to shine light in the darkness of Advent (and especially in the midst of this pandemic).  We are called to FIND THE GRACE and one of the best ways is by sharing GRACE I believe.  I have been in communication with lots of folks and do empathize with the struggles.  I understand and have found that for me, when I am struggling, it can be helpful to reach out and do something for someone else, especially during this season of Advent.  Such an awesome time.  Maybe this week to help with the stress reduction take this challenge (there are two)  – perhaps you and your kiddo(s) can work together to spend at least 5 minutes daily just in quiet (in reflection and prayer) if you do not already do that in the fast paced days.  The other challenge is to work together to plan an act of love and kindness during each week of Advent (and maybe beyond).  This doesn’t have to be anything huge;  maybe just a hand written letter or drawing to share with a family member or neighbor?  Perhaps the act of kindness can be to drop off donations to Toys for Tots or the KY Humane Society, etc.  Maybe the kindness is that one sibling will clean the room for another sibling or helping them with their homework 😊.  There are lots of options and they can be big or small but the key is to do them.  Mother Teresa reminds us, “Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.”  My prayer for all of us is that we don’t miss chances this week to be kind and loving (even when we are tired).  That we are welcoming to others and really work on taking time to reflect and be quiet and offer our time for others (it truly is the most precious gift we have and not guaranteed).  Take this time to “Prepare the way of the Lord.”
Really I write these Counseling Corner letters to continue to let you know that you each remain in our thoughts and prayers and most importantly that should you need support or have any questions at all, please continue to reach out to the Holy Trinity Counseling Office via email  Have a great week.
Also, please be aware that there are optional short Social Emotional Lessons daily for Pre-K through 3rd grade and a weekly SEL Lesson for grades 4 – 8 if your child would like to participate in completing those. Please reach out should you want additional resources.
Laura Probus
Holy Trinity Parish School
423 Cherrywood Road Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 897-2785
Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until your Good is Better and your Better is Best!