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Student Council Continues to Collect Bottle Caps

Thank you to all who have already collected and donated bottle caps to Student Council's efforts to build a prayer walk bench from recycled bottle caps. All donations can be dropped off at Mrs. Davenport's office on students' way into class. We're on our way to collecting 200+ pounds, but still need more!

Presentation Academy's National Honor Society is also now collecting for us - so a big shout out and thank you to Pres families for being supporters, too!

Some ideas to remember:
  • All bottle cap donations must be cleaned before donating!
  • Its only caps/lids - not bottles, not contact lenses cases, not prescription bottles - just caps and lids!
  • Its only solid plastic items - no cardboard or styrofoam inserts (check prescription lids for these), no stickers, no metal canning tops with plastic rims - all plastic and only plastic, please!
  • Not sure if a cap/lid will work? If it has a 2, 4, or 5 in the recycling triangle, we'll take it!
Thanks to all for your support of this ongoing recycling effort!
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