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Counselor Update: COVID-19 Resources, Links, Videos, and Tips

Dear Holy Trinity Students and Families,

I hope your distance learning is going well to this point.  First and foremost I want you each to know that you and your families remain in my thoughts and prayers.  Also, please know that you can contact me via email with any questions and/or for additional resources and support (  
Below are some videos, resources, and tips that may be useful to you for self-care and social-emotional needs. Please know this is by no means an exhaustive list – Thankfully there are so many great online resources during this time to offer additional insight, information and support.  Specifically, the Calmakids website and some of the Youtube videos are great mindfulness videos for calming, relieving stress/anxiety, and it can help give our mind a break from academic tasks.  I have also included other resources, as well.  These are simply resources to serve as a support. As I said, feel free to reach out should you need anything or if I can be of assistance.
Helpful Resources for Students and Parents: 
Helpful Resources More Geared towards 6th-8th Grade Students and Parents:
Additional Resources:
A Few Tips:
  • Pray, remember the power of prayer! They can even write prayers in their journal (I often tell kids that prayer is a conversation with God).  We can turn it over to God and allow that to hopefully allow us some peace
  • Get outside: ride your bike, play a sport, go for a walk/run- keep your blood flowing (a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise per day is great for the mind)
  • Work off energy: do mindfulness exercises (slow deep breaths in/out for one-two minutes) or get outside for some fresh air
  • Stay on top of schoolwork: pace yourself, make a checklist, stay focus, and work hard
  • Take time for yourself: do something YOU enjoy!
  • Find three things each day that you enjoyed- have a conversation with your family about three things they enjoyed as well
  • Keep a journal and write in it each day for two-three minutes on the events of the day
  • Share the love with others- spend two minutes sending an email, text, or note to someone to help brighten their day (maybe with parent help and permission stay connected with friends through facetime, etc.)
If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you. Keep up the good work.

Laura Probus, MSSW, C-SSW
School Counselor
Holy Trinity Parish School
423 Cherrywood Road Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 897-2785
Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until your Good is Better and your Better is Best!