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Teaching Mindfulness - Thank You!

From the Counseling Office of Ms. Probus: We are pleased to announce and welcome Mrs. Beth Hicks, retired counselor from Assumption High School with her M.A. in Educational Psychology and Counseling and a Mindful Mentor, who has so graciously volunteered once again to teach Mindfulness to some of our students. We are excited that she is sharing her time and talent with us to teach Mindfulness to our first and fourth grades. 

For the 4th grade group, she is excited to partner with Nellie Springston, the founder of Calma (www.calmakids.org), with an M.Ed. School Counseling & Psychology, who has spent years working in Psychology research learning about trauma, stress, and the brain before making her way back to a school setting as a behavior interventionist where she used mindfulness techniques with her students, and saw incredible results.

We also have Mattie DeAngelis, the Holy Trinity Counseling Office Intern (University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work) who is a registered Yoga teacher and she will share her gifts as part of the Mindfulness classes.  Thanks to Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Springston, Ms. DeAngelis for teaching the Mindfulness Classes for four weeks, beginning March 4. 
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