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Congratulations KYA Team Premiere Delegation

Congratulations to our KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) team that earned the designation of being a Premiere Delegation during their conference in December. This takes the whole team meeting all of the expectations and deadlines while preparing for and attending the conference!

The Bluegrass team, made up of 6th and 7th grade students experiencing KYA for the first time, presented a bill on legalizing sports gambling in Kentucky. The Commonwealth team, made up of experienced 7th graders and all 8th graders, presented a bill on increasing the amount of funding for childhood cancer research. 

As part of their preparation, they invited parents, guests, teachers, and elected leaders to join them for their mock presentations and debates. They were honored to welcome both former KY/US Rep. Anne Northup and KY Rep. Bob Heleringer. A HTPS grad herself, Mrs. Northup spent extra time with the students talking to them about her work in Frankfort, as well as Washington, D.C. She talked to them about their work to support their neighbors and continuing to use their God-given voices for positive change in the local, national, and international communities. 

During the conference, the team had the honor of being invited into Speaker of the House David Osbourne's office at the Capitol. He spoke specifically with them about their bill ideas and where the House of Representatives currently was regarding their bills. The bill on sports gambling was actually in committee conversation that day, as the Representatives had brought in a national lawyer to consult them on the Kentucky Constitution in regards to gambling! He also spoke to them about continuing to be involved - whether that's as a volunteer, good neighbor, elected leader, or professionally in another career (referencing educators and community mentors). 

A special congratulations to our Commonwealth bill sponsors Abby, Ava, Amelie, and Ben, who had their bill signed into KYA law by their peers. 6th grader, Griffin B, was named an Outstanding Delegate!

We appreciate Coaches Beck, A. Davenport, R. Davenport, Emberson, Hammer, and Scobee for making these teams possible. A special thank you to HTPS graduate, Jack Siebnaler, who returned as a senior at Ballard High to mentor our teams, too!

Students interested in a similar experience, but in regards to the work of resolution writing for the United Nations should sign up for our KUNA team. Once the team is formed, students will adopt a country to represent and write a resolution for the UN as elected leaders of that country. For example, if you were the United Nations representative for Rome, what proposal would benefit your country, as well as other countries to increase it being adopted by the UN as policy? Applications are due to Mrs. Davenport Thursday, January 9.
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