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6th Graders Reflect on Camp Piomingo Experience

6th Grade Student Authors:Published by: Grayson W., Griffin B., Anna S., Eleanor O. and Ethan K.
Every October, Holy Trinity’s 6th grade class travels to Camp Piomingo for three days of outdoor team building!  Here are some reflections from some of our students after this year’s trip:

Grayson W: When I was at Camp Piomingo my biggest accomplishment was when I did the high ropes course. As you might guess,  heights are not my thing but I swallowed my fear and got hooked into all the gear. I walked across the bridge and I was shaking it side to side trying not to fall. I got to the other side and I got to the zip line. I zoomed across the field. When I got to the end, I climbed from the ladder and brought the equipment back. It was so much fun!  I wanted to do it again, so that was probably the most fun thing at Camp Piomingo.

Griffin B: I was strapped in backing up towards the cliff edge. When I stepped on to the ledge a few rocks fell. I didn’t hear them hit the ground until about 4 seconds later. Eventually, I went down, scared for my life. Once I got past that point, it was easy! The best part was at the end, I pushed off and landed on my feet. I wanted to go again, but time was up. Luckily, dinner was next because I was starving. That night we had fried chicken for dinner. I want to go back to Camp Piomingo this summer!

As a team, we put together some valuable advice for kids going to camp next year!

Advice for Girls going to Piomingo next year:
  • Don’t worry about the piomingo dance! (Warning: it is not a real dance it is a DANCE PARTY!)
  • Hang out with your friends when you can and try not to cause drama.
  • Don’t forget to have fun at the dance party. If you just stand around, it will be very boring.
  • BRING GLOVES AND HAND WARMERS (just in case)! Don't be afraid to try the high ropes and rock quarry adventures. You will end up having the time of your life.
  • Try everything you can (it will help).
Advice for boys going to Camp Piomingo
  • Go Do It! Don’t worry about your fears.
  • Bring pants.
  • Bring a coat.
  • Bring hand warmers.
  • Don’t try to show off, just have fun!
  • Bring extra sweatshirts.
  • Take a shower! (The water is warm)
  • Do your best to sleep in.
  • Don’t worry about the food. It ended up being great!
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