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7th & 8th Grade Students Participate in Service Days and Mission Trips

Annually, our 7th graders participate in a Louisville Community Service Day the week of Halloween. As part of their work with Dare to Care all year, the students visited and toured the main facility to see their donations and work in action. In addition, they spent the rest of their day at three local community partners completing a variety of service projects. 7C volunteered at Catholic Charities - cleaning facilities, organizing donations, preparing for Christmas gift drives, working in the daycare, providing ESL tutoring, and sorting food donations in the Sister Visitor Center. 7E volunteered at Love City where they volunteered in the daycare, Pork City BBQ kitchen and restaurant - an entrepreneurial training entity of Love City, and prepared Halloween treat bags for children in the Portland neighborhood. 7O volunteered at St. Vincent DePaul where they assisted families shopping in the food pantry, organized food donations, and assisted in the preparation of meals in the Open Hand Soup Kitchen. 

The week before and the week after 7th grade's Service Day, our 8th graders participated in annual Mission Trips to Appalachia, as well. This year, our student, teacher, administrator, parent, and grandparent volunteers partnered with Big Creek Missions in Leslie County, Kentucky. 81 of our students, 5 teachers, 4 administrators, and 29 parents/grandparents took part in these mission trips! They worked in the county's food pantry, repaired homes in the local communities, built wheelchair ramps, completed home visits, served in nursing homes, assisted with school tutoring programs, and volunteered at school family resource centers. Using the money they collected with spirit days at school, the students also shopped for and delivered donations to the local food pantries, animal shelters, and school family resource centers.  We're grateful that these opportunities continue to be available to our students and that so many participate annually! 
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