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Pre-K Completes Pumpkin Exploration Science Lab

Recently our Pre-K students completed a science lab investigation of pumpkins! While pumpkins are popular this time of year and students often have fun decorating them at home for Halloween, the teachers used them in the classrooms for a variety of learning objectives and targets.  

The main goal was the development of 
foundational scientific concepts in your youngest students, specifically that of observation and investigation. Measurement skills and number concepts were also practiced as they explored the pumpkins, measured their size, and counted their seeds. In completing the lab, they also worked on their listening skills, background knowledge, and vocabulary skills - all grade-level concepts part of their curriculum!

The students loved this lab and the opportunity to explore the pumpkins in a new way - will it sink or float? What's the outside of the pumpkin like compared to the inside of the pumpkin? Do they feel different and therefore have different jobs/purposes? How many seeds are actually inside of a pumpkin, compared to other fruits/vegetables?
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