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Jr. High Students Complete Science Labs

Our Jr. High students have been busying completing labs over the last month in their science classes!

8th grade students have been studying Newton's Laws of motion, including a focus on inertia, speed, velocity, and the linear motions of physics. Using toy cars and ramps they constructed, students looked at inertia, or an object’s resistance to change in its state of motion. They discussed the importance of seatbelt usage & why one's body continues moving forward after hitting the brakes. They also measured the distance pennies traveled from toy cars when the cars were traveling at different speeds. The goal of this toy car lab was for students to build a better personal understanding of Newton’s 1st Law, which states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. 
In a similar lab, 8th grade students used dominos to explore the physics concepts of linear motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Students gathered data and tested spacing to find how to make dominos fall as quickly as possible, as well as making dominos fall as slowly as possible.
Meanwhile, 7th grade students are using microscopes to complete labs. Students learned to make wet mount slides and use compound light microscopes. They later had their choice of slides to explore as a group, while practicing recording data and using the microscopes correctly. After learning to use microscopes appropriately, students discussed the idea that unicellular organisms are all around us. Within their science classes, they are learning about microorganisms and bacterial reproduction. As a class, they brainstormed samples to test for bacteria, such as iPads, hands, doorknobs, and other surfaces around the school. After collecting samples, they allowed them to incubate on agar plates for 10 days before re-examining them under the microscopes. 
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