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8th Grade WHTS Students Appreciating Studio Updates

Over the summer, the WHTS Studio was remodeled, using funds raised through our PTA's Annual Fund and VIP efforts! Not only do we have new carpet, furniture, and new equipment, but we also have a full wall of green screen!  Through the remodel, we created more space, allowing for the Studio to also serve as a breakout room. This can be utilized for small group testing or for a place students can go should they need a break. 
The WHTS News broadcast is a daily news segment we do at Holy Trinity. 8th graders volunteer to write scripts, produce, and direct each broadcast.  The entire school is involved as guest Pledge readers. Every classroom tunes in first thing in the morning to watch as the anchors deliver HTPS news, pray together, and give special announcements.

Within this space, you can also find the office of Mrs. Thompson, our new Technology Coach. She'll continue to serve as our 5th - 8th grades' Technology teacher, too. As our Tech Coach, Mrs. Thompson supports our teachers and students in their use of technology within the classroom, Google Classroom, iPad apps, and other useful resources. We're excited to have her in this role to support all students throughout the day, not just during tech time. Mrs. Thorton, previously our 4th grade teacher, is now serving as the PreK - 4th grades' technology teacher, after having served in this role at a previous school. 
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