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Service Learning Mission Work Celebrated at Holy Thursday Service

Annually on Holy Thursday, our 6th graders lead us in a prayer service. During which, 6th graders lead all students and those gathered in the recalling of the Last Supper. They also recognize each grade level's service learning and mission work efforts during this school year, before washing the feet of each class's representatives. Below are the highlights from each grade level's service learning completed this school year!
  • Pre-K: Pre-K’s mission is Sister Visitor.  The Sister Visitor Center is an emergency assistance program, located on West Market Street, that provides assistance with the most basic of human needs: food, clothes, assistance with rent, utilities, and medicines. Pre-K has had two collections so far this year to help Sister Shellie stock up on items that are in low supply.
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade: The Kindergarten and 1st grades’ mission is the Schumann Center. They help the homeless people by giving them food and clothes. This year the Kindergarten and 1st grade helped by making Christmas bags filled with toiletries and collecting canned foods.
  • 2nd Grade: Green Hill Therapy is a nonprofit organization which integrates physical and occupational therapy. Therapy with hippotherapy and aquatherapy are two dynamic treatment programs that address sensory-motor learning in special needs children. Our goal is simple: We want to help kids reach their full potential through proven, playful intervention. Throughout the year, our classes collect supplies and money to support the organization.
  • 3rd Grade: Third grade’s mission is St. Joseph’s Children’s Home. St. Joseph’s Children’s Home provides a loving home to orphans or children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, or violence. They currently house 48 children ranging from 6 years to 14 years. We have had collections each month this year in order to donate basic needs for the children at St. Joseph, and we will continue to take up collections each month for the remainder of the year. We will also be donating all the profits from our end-of-the-year Lemonade stand to our mission.
  • 4th Grade: Fourth grade’s mission is the Golden Arrow. It is an outreach ministry of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. It works along with The Schuhmann Center. Our mission helps expectant mothers and families with small children, who are in need. The fourth graders have 2 collections each year of clothing, games, food, and supplies for babies and young children.  Every year Ms. Givens crochets many blankets and gives them to The Golden Arrow. The Golden Arrow wants to follow Mother Teresa’s saying that “One person counts-one need calls out, because each one is Christ."
  • 5th Grade: The 5th grade’s mission is the Nazareth Home Clifton, which is a residential community serving older adults. Twice a year, the 5th grade goes there as part of their religion class. We visit with the residents, walk around singing songs, join them at the end of mass, and send decorations for their rooms. We know that we are there to spread joy just as Jesus would have done.  Going to Nazareth Home Clifton is a very moving experience. All the residents are very sweet and make our classes feel very welcomed. We know they enjoy when we come and we enjoy it too!
  • 6th grade: The sixth grade’s mission is the Migration and Refugee Services through Catholic Charities. This service provides refugees with the support and assistance they need in order to become self-sufficient in their new country. This year we collected such household items as paper towels, kleenex, shampoo, etc. to help them with some basic needs.
  • Student Council: Holy Trinity’s sixth through eighth grade student council also does many mission projects. One mission project student council does is help with the CRS Rice Bowl. Representatives go to learn about CRS Rice Bowl and how we can run Holy Trinity’s Rice Bowl drive. Another mission project for Catholic Relief Services that we do is We Day. We take many representatives to visit We day and learn about how we can change the world. We also work with Water Step. We collect shoes, that don’t have holes and are not very torn up, and give them to people around the world who are not able to afford shoes. Although we do have specific missions we work on, we also have meetings where we suggest different charities we can possibly help so, hopefully, everybody who needs help receives it. The student council helps out with many mission projects throughout Louisville.
  • Seventh Grade: Dare to Care helps people in the Kentuckiana area who are food deprived.  Their mission is to lead our community to feed the hungry and end the cycle of need.  Food is distributed through a network of over 300 independent food pantries, emergency kitchens, and shelters.  Their programs target the most vulnerable in our Community: Backpack Buddy, Kids’ Café, Mobile Pantry, and Patrol Against Hunger. The seventh grade students volunteer to go to Kids’ Café.   Four students and one adult go on Tuesdays to Kids’ Café during the school year. At Kids’ Café, the students help prepare, serve, and clean up the meal. Along with our work with Dare to Care throughout the year, we as 7th grade spent a mission day at similar organizations. We went to Hand in Hand Ministries in Portland, St. Vincent DePaul, and Catholic Charities. At these organizations we worked in soup kitchens, food pantries, and gardens. We were also given the opportunity to eat alongside those we served. Throughout the year, the seventh grade has performed many different types of service as we have begun preparation for Confirmation .  We have fed the hungry through Kids’ Café and the many soup kitchens in the city as well as donating to the Backpack Buddy Food Program.  We have assisted in Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the weekend Masses at Holy Trinity. Some have cared for the youngest in our Parish by helping in the Nursery during Mass.  Many students have participated in Run/Walks to raise awareness for different causes. These are just some of the many ways we have served in our community.
  • Eighth Grade: Harbor House is a program that provides a safe haven for individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.  The mission of Harbor House is to enhance the lives of these individuals through employment, self-determination, education, and community building.  The individuals come to Harbor House Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Harbor House participants also enjoy social and recreational activities, creative workshops, and life skills training. Eighth grade students meet with the Harbor House participants here on our campus.  Students plan activities, games, and snacks centered on conversation and enjoyment. As a group of Catholic students, we aim to live out our faith through service. As we prepared for Confirmation  We have done everything from volunteering at the Kentucky Humane Society to making home improvements in Appalachia.  We have also volunteered at Gilda’s Club by helping people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Many students of the eighth grade have gone to Kids’ Café where we served food to those who are not able to have a home cooked meal on a regular basis.  We also participated in a variety of Walks/Runs to raise awareness and money for Down Syndrome, Eating Disorders, Alzheimer’s and various cancer walks. These acts of service did not just help others but helped all of us grow in the Spirit.
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