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Your Map to High School & College: a KHEAA Presentation for 8th Graders

Ms. Candice Johnson of The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) joined our 8th graders today to offer the KHEAA - YOUR MAP TO HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE WORKSHOP. The workshop reminds and encourages middle school students that what they are doing TODAY does impact TOMORROW.  The workshop can also serve as a good reminder to the students to stay positive and continue to keep expectations and standards high. The workshops discuss the importance of continuing to study hard, getting good grades, and setting their sights on education after high school (and how what they continue to do right now as 8th Graders impacts the next step – a great reminder for them to stay focused on their studies).

Students will learn the benefits of getting a higher education, explore college choices and things to look for in choosing the right college.  Students will discuss various career choices and talk about the specifics of career exploration.  We also emphasize to the students how important service work is in helping to discern possible college majors, careers choices (as well as being an obvious commitment to our call to be compassionate Catholics).  The presentation is packed full of additional information on how to earn scholarship funds to pay for post-secondary education and how to start building your resume in high school to help secure scholarships funds for college.  They will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  As stated, Ms. Probus has solicited the expertise of Ms. Candice Johnson from KHEAA  to present this valuable workshop.
For more information about KHEAA and the services offered please visit: https://www.kheaa.com/website/kheaa/home
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