Holy Trinity Clifton

Admission Process

  1. Parents, schedule a visit! We would love to sit down with you and share the mission of Holy Trinity – Clifton and what we can offer your student.
  2. After your visit, complete the online application at the bottom of this page. *If the child is a current Holy Trinity student, you will not need to complete an online application.
  3. Submit School Records:
  • Report cards and progress reports for the past two years
  • Current School Accommodation Plan, IEP or 504 Plan
  • Birth Certificate, Sacramental information, immunization records, social security number, entry level physical
  • Current Standardized Test Scores
  • Full Psyco-educational Evaluation Report completed within the past two years (specifically W.I.S.C. III) *We can help you obtain this. Please contact the school for a list of referrals. The cost will be incurred by applicant.
  • Speech and Language Evaluation (if applicable)
  • Behavioral Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Physical Therapy evaluation(s) if applicable to your child
  • Release of Records signed by parent/guardian Click here for form
  • Legal and/or court documents if applicable
  • Parents/guardians may be asked to update or provide additional testing to begin the admission process if more information is necessary to determine placement.
  • Previous school(s) contact form (completed by HTCS)
4. Informal assessed by HTCS staff
5. Fill out information sheet

After a thorough review of the potential student’s complete application, Administration will notify the family: (1) Acceptance (2) Wait List (3) Non-Acceptance
Tuition assistance is available to qualified applicants through the Catholic Education Foundation. An application can be completed at http://www.ceflou.org/

Priorities for Admission:
  1. Holy Trinity Parishioners with children already enrolled at Holy Trinity
  2. Holy Trinity Parishioners with children not yet in school
  3. Parishioners in good standing at other Archdiocesan Parishes/Schools (letter of good standing required)
  4. Non-parishioners, including non-Catholics
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