School Advisory Council

The function of the Holy Trinity Parish School Advisory Council is to involve parents and parishioners in the education and formation of Holy Trinity's children. The SAC collaborates with the Holy Trinity Parish Community regarding the operation of Holy Trinity Parish School as directed by the school administrators and pastor. 

Membership includes 12 members-at-large selected annually for three-year terms, the Pastor, the School Principal, three members of the Holy Trinity Parish School administrative team, a booster representative, a finance committee representative, two teacher representatives, and the PTA president(s). Minutes of each meeting, along with its Constitution and Bylaws, are on file in the Parish Office.

School Advisory Council meetings are held the second Thursday of each month from September through May at 7:00pm in the Council Room. These meetings are open to the public. If you would like to speak at the meeting, you must have it approved 48 hours in advance with the SAC President and the School Principal.

SAC Committees



Richard Plouffe, Jr.



Bee Northup


Stacey Harralson (term ends May 2020)
Katie Rogers (term ends May 2020)
Craig York (term ends May 2020)
Daugherty Murphy (term ends May 2021)
Kelly West (term ends May 2021)
Chip Hayward (term ends May 2021)
Susan Spalding (term ends May 2021)
Trevor Atkins (term ends May 2021)
Tom Jolly (term ends May 2022)
Eric Gunderson (term ends May 2022)
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