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At Holy Trinity Parish School, our goal is to promote and cultivate the love of learning a second language. Our Spanish program is designated to help students reach full potential. From Pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, students have Spanish class once a week. Starting in 7th grade, Spanish becomes a core class and students are able to learn Spanish four times a week. In all our grades, children participate in fun activities like games, hands-on activities, and interactions that promote listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Starting in second grade, students are also able to learn and compare their class experience with the use of the program Rosetta Stone. We believe that introducing the study of a foreign language to students at a young age greatly increases the rate and accuracy of the natural acquisition of the language.

Foreign language learning presents opportunities for students to develop higher levels of thought through unique creative experiences. These experiences help build self-esteem and foster the recognition and appreciation of differences among individuals and cultures. By learning the Spanish language and its culture, we, as Catholic Christians, honor the diversity that God has created. In addition, by teaching a new language, we are giving our children a future that will allow them to become more connected to the global society.

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