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Here at Holy Trinity Parish School, the Music Department strives to cultivate an appreciation and love of music, as well as to develop and refine the wonderful talents God has given us. Students will participate in many musical activities: singing, dancing, listening, and playing a variety of instruments. All students, from Pre-K through 8th grade, will learn basic piano skills on keyboards in our music lab, to help in learning to read music. Grades 3-5 will work with recorders as a pre-band instrument. Grades 6-8 will learn guitar skills such as strumming, chord formation, and playing songs. In grades 7-8, students begin to compose their own music on the piano and to create written notation of their compositions on the musical staff.

Some of the special activities throughout the year include a Christmas concert, a Spring musical, a school-wide talent show, as well as opportunities to lead songs of worship during the school's weekly liturgies. Each Spring, at our Festival of the Arts, some of our 8th grade students will present original piano compositions that they have written.

Music is a gift from God, and here at Holy Trinity Parish School we want to enjoy it to the fullest!
    • 3rd Grade Music

    • 3rd Grade Music

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