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The Computer program at Holy Trinity Parish School focuses on instructing the students in utilizing the technology tools available in the Holy Trinity computer lab. Our 32 networked computers and internet access give students the opportunity to see the richness of the world and its advancing technology. We strongly believe that the goal of technology is to allow each student the opportunity to ably express themselves in their work.

An intensive keyboarding program begins in the second grade and continues throughout all the grades at Holy Trinity Parish School. Keyboarding has been instrumental in allowing students to capably express themselves in poems, essays, and language arts assignments that are done in integration with subject teachers in all grade levels.

With internet use growing for all manner of assignments, students are instructed in the safe, efficient, and ethical use of internet websites. Students are taught and expected to be proficient in multitasking in the use of various Windows applications simultaneously on their desktops. Equally important to their progress in technology education is the proper saving and retrieval of files that makes computer use so crucial in today’s world. With the advent of 1 to 1 technology, web access, cloud saving, collaboration and digital dropboxes are becoming crucial to completing school assignments.

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    University of Kentucky - Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media & Design
    University of Kentucky - Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications
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