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The kindergarten year at Holy Trinity Parish School is truly very special. It is at this time that children first experience formal education. As such, the kindergarten classrooms present an atmosphere which is safe and nurturing, one which encourages children to extend their learning, to explore new realms, and to grow toward independence. On a daily basis, children have the opportunity to experience developmentally appropriate activities, which represent a balance of direct instruction, open-ended ventures, and small group activities.

The full day academic program in Holy Trinity’s kindergarten centers on the key areas that prepare children for success in school. Reading and language arts work emphasizes phonics, sight word recognition, writing, and an appreciation of literature. Math concepts are developed through concrete experiences. To differentiate learning, our program offers five literacy centers that children participate in four days a week. (One day each week is resource day.) Through these centers, children are given individual attention with emphasis on the Common Core Standards. The teacher student ratio at these centers is 5:1. Having an assistant in each class allows for more individualized instruction. Additionally, kindergartners participate in six special area classes on their resource day. These are art, music, gym, Spanish, computer lab, and library. It is through these experiences that a strong academic foundation is established, as well as positive attitudes toward learning.

The importance of the kindergarten year cannot be overestimated. The individualized attention provided to our youngest students helps to ensure that they will understand the joy of learning and appreciate the power of knowledge. Kindergarten is indeed a time to be both enjoyed and celebrated.

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