Grade Overview

7th and 8th Grades

Junior high's strength as a level comes from the incorporation of higher order thinking skills, differentiated instruction, collaboration, professional development, and technology into the daily classroom experience. Four days a week, students participate in seven core subject periods. All junior high science classes enjoy a weekly lab. Seventh grade focuses on life sciences and human systems, while the eighth grade focuses on physics and chemistry. All seventh and eighth grade students participate in a science fair project. The history class in seventh grade centers upon the study of ancient and medieval civilizations, and eighth graders study America through the Civil War. Language arts classes build better writing skills, emphasizing grammar and the utilization of the writing process. World experiences and ethics are explored through a variety of genres in literature classes, working to improve and build vocabulary skills necessary for life. Seventh grade math studies pre-algebra.  Eighth grade math studies algebra, which includes the opportunity for students who qualify to take the Archdiocesan high school level Algebra I Class. The math department places special emphasis on applying math concepts and developing problem solving skills. Junior High religion prepares students for the celebration of Confirmation and assists in the continuing growth of a personal relationship with God through instruction, prayer, journaling, and service. Spanish class is offered 5 days a week. The fifth day of each week is reserved for art, technology, library, music, public speaking/drama, and physical education.

List of 8 members.

  • Mrs. Claudia Alfaro 

    Teacher - Spanish/Pub. Spk.
  • Mrs.  Sarah Garrett 

    Teacher - Jr. High
  • Michelle Hartlage 

    Teacher - Math Resource
    Spalding University - Bachelor of Science in Education
    University Of Louisville - Master of Education
  • Ms. Morgan Linden 

    Teacher - Jr. High
    Hillsdale College - Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology
  • Mr. Jerry Loewen 

    Teacher - Jr. High Social Studies
  • Ashley Samuel 

    Teacher - Jr. High
    College of Charleston - Bachelor's in Science
  • Mrs. Sara Silva 

    Teacher - Jr. High Spanish
    Celaya Institute of Technology - BS in Business Administration
    University of Phoenix - MBA
  • Ms. Clare Wolz 

    Teacher - Jr. High
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