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Holy Trinity Parish School is a Catholic School for children in grades Pre-K through 8th and is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The school is central to the educational mission of the parish of which it is a vital part. The staff of 73 joins with parents and parish resources to provide both academic and religious instruction for its over 750 students with the goal of empowering these students to become contributing members of their local, national, and global communities, both now and in the future.

Founded in 1883, the school has been enlarged many times, adding additional classrooms, a new gym, combined parish and school offices, new technology, science labs, library/media center, reading resource center, and closed circuit TV studio. Holy Trinity Parish School was awarded The 2004 Catholic Schools for Tomorrow Innovations in Education Award in the area of “Technology Integration” for its success in weaving technology throughout the curriculum and its use in internal and external communications. In 2007, Holy Trinity Parish School was awarded the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. As a community, Holy Trinity Parish School strives to continually improve itself by evaluating student standardized testing results each year and by being proactive in preparing students to take their places in the world marketplace as adults.

The students benefit from full-time programs in Art, Library/Media, Technology, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education. 63% of our teachers have obtained Masters Degrees. Eleven members of the faculty have fifteen or more years in education plus a Masters level. The school has a Director of Student Achievement, Director of Student Activities, Assistant Principal, Reading Resource Teacher for students in grades K-3, School Nurse, and a fulltime Counselor. The school has a Service Learning Program that involves every child in the school in a community agency. The “No Bullying” program provides a safe environment for students and calls for zero tolerance for bullying behaviors. The philosophy of the school encourages differentiation of curriculum for all students. In addition, the Enrichment Program involves students in inter-school opportunities such as GATES, the Duke University Talent Search Program, and the Governor’s Cup Competition events. Holy Trinity has a tradition of moving its students out into the community to take advantage of learning opportunities.

At Holy Trinity Parish School we believe in educating the ‘whole’ child - academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Children are treasured and treated as such. The school and parents have joined hands through the PTA. The mission and vision statements reflect the belief in the potential of students to be lifelong learners. The responsibility of educators to prepare these students for the global community in which they will live is a sacred trust. To this end, Holy Trinity Parish School fosters respect for God, self, others, education, diversity, service, integrity, responsibility, and Christian values.

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  • Q: What is the philosophy of Holy Trinity Parish School?

    Philosophy of Holy Trinity Parish School

    The Holy Trinity Parish School faculty and staff believe that parents are the primary teachers of their children. We share with parents this important responsibility. Responding to the Church's call to "teach as Jesus did," we are committed to pursuing these goals:
    1. Provide instruction in Catholic doctrine and Christian values;
    2. Deepen students' faith through meaningful participation in liturgical celebrations and prayer services;
    3. Allow opportunities to serve others in the school, the parish, and the community;
    4. Create a faith community and climate of acceptance of and sensitivity to individual differences;
    5. Teach a curriculum integrating basic skills with enrichment and cultural opportunities that meet the diverse needs of students;
    6. Foster in children a secure self-concept;
    7. Encourage children to act in a manner that demonstrates self-respect and respect for others;
    8. Develop in children a sense of personal integrity and responsibility;
    9. Instill in children an awareness of the obligation to live as Christian citizens of our community, our country, and our world. 
  • Q: What is the mission of Holy Trinity Parish School?

    Holy Trinity Parish School - Mission Statement

    Holy Trinity Parish School, in partnership with the parish community and parents, seeks to build a strong spiritual and excellent academic foundation for all students.  With the guidance of the Holy Trinity, we are dedicated to helping students fulfill their potential as lifelong learners and participants in our Catholic tradition who recognize their responsibilities within our global society.
  • Q: What is the vision of Holy Trinity Parish School?

    Holy Trinity Parish School - Vision Statement

    To be a school of excellence that encompasses the whole child by modeling Jesus through our Catholic teachings, commitment to academics, service to the community, and devotion as life-long servers to God.

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