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Faculty & Staff Directory


Mr. Jack Richards Principal jrichards@ht-school.org
Ms. Dee Bacigalupi Assistant Principal dbacigalupi@ht-school.org
Mrs. Jenny Riggle Director of Student Achievement jriggle@ht-school.org
Ms. Laura Probus Counselor lprobus@ht-school.org
Mrs. Ashley Davenport Director of Student Activities adavenport@ht-school.org
Ms. Molly Willer Director of Advancement mwiller@ht-school.org
Mrs. Paula Watkins Head of School - Clifton Campus pwatkins@ht-school.org


Mrs. Claudia Alfaro 7th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher calfaro@ht-school.org
Mrs. Katie Baker Kindergarten Teacher kbaker@ht-school.org
Mrs. Becca Weible READ Teacher bweible@ht-school.org
Mrs. Courtney Billig 2nd Grade Teacher cbillig@ht-school.org
Mr. Todd Collard 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher tcollard@ht-school.org
Ms. Amanda Fox 7th Grade LA/Literature Teacher afox@ht-school.org
Mrs. Tiffany Daugherty 4th Grade Math/Science Teacher tdaugherty@ht-school.org
Mrs. Lori Driskell 4th Grade LA/Literature Teacher ldriskell@ht-school.org
Ms. Morgan English 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher menglish@ht-school.org
Mrs. Mary French 6th Grade SS/Religion Teacher mfrench@ht-school.org
Ms. Carey Given Pre-K thru 8th Grade Art Teacher cgiven@ht-school.org
Mrs. Martha Gray Pre-K Teacher mgray@ht-school.org
Mrs. Peggy Gray Kindergarten Teacher pgray@ht-school.org
Ms. Cristeen Grasch 5th Grade Math/Science Teacher cgrasch@ht-school.org
Mrs. Michelle Harrington Pre-K thru 8th Grade Music Teacher mharrington@ht-school.org
Mrs. Michelle Hartlage Math Resource Teacher mhartlage@ht-school.org
Mrs. Anne Helm Pre-K Teacher ahelm@ht-school.org
Mrs. D.Dee Hill Pre-K thru 8th Grade Librarian dhill@ht-school.org
Mrs. Alice Kervin 1st Grade Teacher akervin@ht-school.org
Mrs. Lisa Moretti 6th Grade LA/Literature Teacher lmoretti@ht-school.org
Mrs. Angela Pape 3rd Grade Teacher apape@ht-school.org
Mrs. Elenin Navarrete Pre-K thru 6th Grade Spanish Teacher, 7th/8th Public Speaking enavarrete@ht-school.org
Mr. Jerry Ernstberger 7th/8th Grade Religion Teacher jernstberger@ht-school.org
Mrs. Kelley Powers Kindergarten Teacher kpowers@ht-school.org
Mrs. Rebecca Prechtel 1st Grade Teacher rprechtel@ht-school.org
Ms. Hannah Duque Kindergarten Teacher hduque@ht-school.org
Ms. Andrea Hollars Pre-K thru 8th PE Teacher mpullem@ht-school.org
Mrs. Sidney Blanford 8th Grade LA/Literature Teacher sblanford@ht-school.org
Mrs. Jaime Reynolds 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher jreynolds@ht-school.org
Ms. Vanessa Hardin 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher vhardin@ht-school.org
Mrs. Libba Schuhmann 4th Grade Religion/SS Teacher lschuhmann@ht-school.org
Mrs. Amy Sharp 1st Grade Teacher asharp@ht-school.org
Mrs. Wendy Stewart 5th Grade Religion/SS Teacher wstewart@ht-school.org
Mrs. Jeanne Theiss 5th Grade LA/Literature Teacher jtheiss@ht-school.org
Mrs. Emily Thompson 5th thru 8th Grade Technology Teacher ethompson@ht-school.org
Mrs. Lauren Timperio 2nd Grade Teacher ltimperio@ht-school.org
Ms. Beth Mitchell 3rd Grade Teacher bmitchell@ht-school.org
Mrs. Morgan Vihlidal 3rd Grade Teacher mvihlidal@ht-school.org
Mrs. Mary Charles Zoppoth 2nd Grade Teacher mzoppoth@ht-school.org

Mrs. Kris Schmitt Teacher  - Clifton Campus kschmitt@ht-school.org
Mrs. Jennifer Richards Teacher  - Clifton Campus jenniferrichards@ht-school.org
Mrs. Riley Hachten Teacher  - Clifton Campus rhachten@ht-school.org
Mrs. Cristin Linebach Speech Therapist - Clifton Campus clinebach@ht-school.org
Mrs. Jenny Delling Occupational Therapist - Clifton Campus jdelling@ht-school.org


Ms. Jeanne Abell School Bookkeeper jabell@ht-school.org
Ms. Ann Varga School Receptionist avarga@ht-school.org
Mrs. Amy Hubbs School Nurse ahubbs@ht-school.org
Mrs. Ann Drury Office Manager - Clifton Campus adrury@ht-school.org
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