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  • May

    Congratulations Art Fair Winners

    Congratulations to all of our students who earned ribbons at our Art Fair last week! Names are listed for 1st, 2nd, then 3rd place ribbons. 
    • PreK Blue Dog: Lennon S, Ellie B, Ellie E
    • PreK Spring Sheep Landscapes: Caroline L, Logan A, Emory D
    • PreK Texture Necklaces: Blake B, Reiss P, Izzy R
    • PreK Printed Alligators: Mary Lane J, Lucy H, Maggie G
    • PreK Torn Paper Owls: Hudson C, Cameron B
    • PreK Wayne Thiebaud Lollipops: Olivia W, Graham G, Webb R
    • K Overlapping Pumpkins: Mae A, Samantha B, Gavin C
    • K Pinch Pots: Annie L, Beau B, Lane D
    • K Torn Paper Snowmen: Jude C, Marjorie D, Ayers W
    • K Illuminated Names: Ellie B, Parker H, Reagan E
    • K Clifton Creations: Brayden W
    • 1st Grade Clay Dinosaur Fossils: Dylan S, Dallas F, Collins E
    • 1st Grade Piet Mondrain Paintings: Remy M, Quinn H, John R
    • 1st Grade Warm/Cool Paper Weaving: Lyla Q, Lucy S, J.D. B
    • 1st Grade Lego Printed Castles: Landon D, Ryder B, Wells H
    • 1st Grade Trees: Quinn S, Adam J, Bennett M
    • 1st Grade Clifton Creations: Charlotte T, Presley T, Reed B
    • 2nd Grade Clay Owls: Remy J, Ellis W, Walker B
    • 2nd Grade Weavings: Maren R, Maggie M, Beaumont C
    • 2nd Grade Impressionist Collage: Evelyn O, Maxwell R, Harper W
    • 2nd Grade Value Pumpkins: Hazel M, Paxen P, Marin M
    • 2nd Grade Clifton Creations: Carmen C, Sheppie R, Ben R
    • 3rd Grade Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins: Ellie M, Emery R, Harrison T
    • 3rd Grade Kandinsky Circle Paintings: Chappell M, Nolan B, Graham H
    • 3rd Grade Matryoshka Dolls: Alex B, Henry W, Dillion B
    • 3rd Grade River Birch Landscapes: McKinlee M, Rees W, Koepler B
    • 3rd Grade Clifton Creations: Callahan K, Annie P, Autumn J
    • 4th Grade Symmetrical Name Creature: James H, Helen G, Joel M
    • 4th Grade Jackson Pollock Paintings: Jack W, Anderson J, Jackson G
    • 4th Grade Coil Pots: Trent M, Donovan M, Madison B
    • 4th Grade Marbled Handmade Books: Charles M, Sadie M, Wiliam B
    • 4th Grade Clifton Creations: Amelia L, Kately R, Ella L
    • 5th Grade Stained Glass Windows: Molly H, Sophia F, Libby M
    • 5th Grade Henri Matisse Collage: Katie S, Jillian D, Eden S
    • 5th Grade Clay Selfie Titles: Nell C, Brady K, Emma F
    • 5th Grade Textured Dragon Eyes: Ian S, Grant W, Andrew B
    • 5th Grade Clifton Creations: William B, Julia C, Grant S
    • 6th Grade Jen Stark Color Wheels: Abby P, Jazmi R.A., Charlotte M
    • 6th Grade Ancient Egyptian Shabti: Harper W.W., Elise M, Stephen M
    • 6th Grade Wheel Thrown Pottery: Quinton K, Liam B, Walter A
    • 6th Grade Pinch Pot Creatures: Hadley S, Annie K, Harper J
    • 6th Grade Clifton Creations: Emma B, Aaron S, Keet S
    • 7th Grade Linoleum Block Prints: Maggie H, Molly M, Wade M
    • 7th Grade Clay Bobble Heads: Emery W, Will T, Natalie S
    • 7th Grade Wheel Thrown Pots: Lucy P
    • 7th Grade IPad Photography: Bryn H, Frances D, Finnegan J
    • 7th Grade Clifton Creatures: Hans H, Peyton S, Josie C
    • 8th Grade Hollow Clay Forms: Keller M, Abigail M, Olivia G
    • 8th Grade Wire Sculptures: Emelia H, Trevor K, Luke P
    • 8th Grade Wheel Thrown Pots: Sophia R, Whitney C, Tate R
    • 8th Grade iPad Photography: Sophia R, Emelia H, Elliott G
    • 8th Grade Paper Food: Will S & Matt N, Taylor F & Olivia G, Zoe M
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  • Congratulations Book Bee Teams!

    Congratulations to our 4th and 5th grade Book Bee teams who competed this past Saturday. While they were small, they were mighty. As teams of just 4 students each, they competed against teams made up of 10 - 12 students each. Both teams were ranked in the top 3 after the 1st round. At the end of the 2nd round, the 4th grade team was awarded 2nd Place Overall. Congratulations to these great readers!
    • 4th Grade: Elise E, Maggie, H, Cecelia M, & Anna R, coached by Natalie Miller, parent, and Mrs. Davenport
    • 5th Grade: Natalie C, Eli C, Jillian D, & Katherine K, coached by Emelia H, 8th grader, and Mrs. Davenport
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  • Grades 5 - 7 Awards Day

    On the last day of school, Friday, May 26, beginning at 9:30 am in the Church, we'll celebrate the achievements and activities of our 5th - 7th grade students during our annual Awards Ceremony. Guests are welcome and invited to join us!

    Grade-level teachers will email parents if they are surprising their student with a subject-specific achievement award. Art Fair and Spelling Bee winners will be recognized, as well.

    We also recognize many of our students who shared their time and talent with our community, including those participating in the following activities: Altar Servers, Choir, our middle school musical - Beauty and the Beast, Safety Patrol, Student Council, Quick Recall, 6th Grade Showcase, Governor's Cup, Student Y Club/KYA/KUNA, Manners Leadership Team, Yearbook Committee, Book Bee, World Language Showcase, etc.
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  • April

    Love the Hungry Update

    A note from Love the Hungry, the organization with which our parish partnered in December to pack bagged meals: The remainder of the food Holy Trinity's group packaged at Love the Hungry left the warehouse on Friday and is on its way to Ukraine! The other part of the packaged food was sent to Eastern, KY at Christmas to help those affected by floods. Thank you again for helping those who hunger, and for being His hands and feet.
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  • March

    Congratulations KYWLA World Language Showcase Winners

    This past weekend, nine of our middle school Spanish class students participated in the KYWLA World Language Showcase with six of them earning top recognition from the University of Kentucky World Language professors and evaluators. Congratulations to the following students:
    • 1st Place in Infographic Novice for Spanish (tie): Max Rivas & Davis Cunningham
    • 2nd Place in Infographic Novice for Spanish: Katherine Rueff
    • 3rd Place in Infographic Novice for Spanish: Dagny Morgan
    • 1st Place in Infographic Intermediate for Heritage Spanish: Pedro Mattei
    • 2nd Place in Infographic Intermediate for Heritage Spanish: Gabby Taylor
    Thank you to Sra. Claudia Alfaro, our Jr. High Spanish Teacher, for hosting this opportunity for our students and preparing them before the event. Great Work, Eagles!
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  • Congratulations 4/5 Quick Recall Team

    Congratulations and Good Luck to our 4th and 5th Grade Quick Recall Team, coached by Mrs. Bergeron and Mr. Dryden and moderated by Mrs. Renda and Mrs. Albers. They're competing in the CSAL Archdiocese Final 4 tonight at 6:30 pm at St. Mary's Academy. The Championship match immediately follows tonight's Final 4 Match. Student team members include 4th graders Alex R., Sylvia D., Madison B., Liam S., and James H. 5th graders include William B. and Thomas S. Our team manager/spotter is 5th grader Libby M. and our equipment operator is 4th grader Cheney P. Good Luck, Eagles!
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  • Congratulations 8th Grade Scholars

    With their High School Placement Test scores, some of our 8th graders will earn scholarships and recognition from their Catholic high school choices. Congratulations to those already recognized by their high school choices, who we'll also celebrate at our May Awards Day:
    • Sacred Heart St. Angela Merici Merit Scholars: Hadley Bazant and Dagny Morgan
    • Trinity High School Steinhauser Scholars: Logan Gentner and Henry Pritchard
    8th grade parents, please know that high schools will not notify grade schools of these accomplishments until May when we begin Graduation and Awards Day planning. Thus, when you get your child's scholarship offer letter, please contact Mrs. Moretti and/or Mrs. Davenport so we can be sure to celebrate this accomplishment in our school community, too!
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  • Congratulations KUNA Delegation

    Congratulations to all of our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders involved in our Y Club KUNA Delegation. They did an excellent job representing Holy Trinity and their adopted countries of New Zealand and Colombia at this week's conference!

    Student Ambassadors Representing HT: Sophia Redella, Katherine Rueff, Whitney Cooper, Bryn Haley, Zoe Mayers, Abby Martin, Hadley Bazant, Annabelle Benson, Dagny Morgan, Jacqueline Kocian, Anna Colvin, Emelia Huff, Gabby Taylor, Ruby Lilla, Calvin Vantrease, Daniel Waterfield, Elliott Redella, and Hank Vickers
    From Today's Awards Program:
    • Dagny Morgan - 8th Grade Committee Chair Day 1, Nominated Committee Vice-President and Chair for Day 2
    • Sophia Redella - 8th Grade Committee Chair Day 1, Nominated Committee Clerk for Day 2
    • Outstanding Ambassador Award - Katherine Rueff
    • Outstanding Speaker Awards - Bryn Haley, Emelia Huff, and Hadley Bazant
    • Jacqueline Kocian - Security Council Representative for Malta
    • Ruby Lilla - Candidate for United Nations Security General Presiding Officer
    • Holy Trinity Y Club - Recognized as Delegation with Most Logged Service Hours of all Participating Y Clubs at Conference
    • New Zealand Resolution to Save the Bees by Increasing Pollinating Zones and Using Pesticides Responsibly, Sponsored and Presented by Calvin Vantrease, Elliott Redella, and Daniel Waterfield - - Recognized as the Secretary General's Top Resolution & Requested for General Assembly Presentation, Passed by UN, Endorsed by Secretary General
    • Colombia Resolution Combating Violence Against Women, Sponsored and Presented by Gabby Taylor, Emelia Huff, and Bryn Haley - - Recognized as the Highest Ranked Resolution, Passed by the UN, Endorsed by Secretary General
    • Holy Trinity KUNA Delegation - Recognized as Premiere Delegation
    • Holy Trinity KUNA Delegation - Conference Life Award - - Awarded to one delegation recognized by its peers as creating a positive conference environment through the embodiment of the Y’s core culture values: nurturing, welcoming, genuine, hopeful, and determined.
    Congratulations and Great Work, Eagles!
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  • February

    Congrats Class of 2017 Alum, John Vanetti

    Congrats to John Vanetti, Class of 2017, who has accepted an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to work on the world’s largest laser! Recently, Lawrence Livermore marked a potential world changing breakthrough for fusion energy in a key initial step in a decades- long quest for limitless, clean energy. John is a sophomore at Purdue University studying aerospace technology, and is a Navy ROTC Midshipman. John is a proud #LifetimeEagle that credits the incredible academic competition he enjoyed at Holy Trinity with his early achievements. Keep up the great work, John! 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Regional Medal Winners

    Congratulations to Emelia Huff, 8th grader, for earning 6th place in Composition and Jack Renda, 7th grader, for earning 3rd place in Language Arts at Regional Governor's Cup competitions. Both advance to State Competition in mid-March. Good luck!
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  • January

    Beauty and the Beast Playbill Ads

    Help support our Eyrie Theatre Program by buying an ad in the playbill for our upcoming Grades 6 - 8 Musical, Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Ads will be in the playbill for all 4 of our shows: April 14 at 7 pm, April 15 at 2 and 7 pm, and April 16 at 2 pm, and are available to over 1,500 attendees, including parents, relatives, and friends of over 60 student actors and performers. 
    • Half-page - $350 (4.75 x 3.75)
    • Full-page - $550 (4.75 x 7.75, with bleed - 5.75 x 8.75)
    • Inside covers - $650
    • Back cover - $800
    ** Ad payments are due at the time of the ad delivery. Ads are due March 20th. To place an ad or request more information, please contact Doug Dreisbach at 502-212-2066 or
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  • Congrats to Alum, Liesl Long Chaintreuil

    Congrats to Lifetime Eagle alum, Liesl Long Chaintreuil, the artist of this year’s Kentucky Derby Festival poster!
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  • Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners

    Congrats to 8th grader, Dagny, on winning our School Spelling Bee, as well as all of our class winners who advanced to compete in the School Bee. Great work, Eagles! 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup District Medal Winners

    Congratulations to all of our Jr. High students that competed last week in the Governor's Cup Academic Competitions. After Saturday's competitions, the following awards were presented, advancing each of these students to Regional competition the week of Catholic Schools Week:
    • Quick Recall was undefeated Saturday earning 1st place overall! Team members are Dagny Morgan, Andrew Crane, Jack Renda, William Blackburn, Hank Vickers, Emelia Huff, Jacob Breit, and Grayson Sayat. 
    • In Science, Jack Renda earned 2nd Place. 
    • In Social Studies, Jacob Breit earned 4th Place. 
    • In Language Arts, Dagny Morgan earned 1st Place, and Jack Renda earned 4th Place. 
    • In Arts & Humanities, Anna Colvin earned 3rd Place, and Grayson Sayat earned 5th Place. 
    • In Composition, Ruby Lilla earned 1st place, Emelia Huff earned 2nd Place, and Whitney Cooper earned 4th Place. All 3 HT representatives earned medals in this area after writing argumentative on-demand essays on Tuesday - great work!
    Congrats to these students, and thank you to all of our amazing educators who continue to support their learning in and out of the classroom that helps them achieve at this level! On to Regional... Good luck, Eagles!
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  • Congratulations 5th Grade Poets

    Congratulations to our 5th grade poets who had their submitted poems chosen for publication in the Creative Communications Anthology for Student Poetry: Jillian Dunteman, Katherine Klein, Kevin Klein, and Kate Stivers. We're grateful to 5th grade Language Arts and Literature teacher, Mrs. Jeanne Theiss, for continually supporting our students in these competitions and endeavors. Great work, Eagles!
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