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  • September

    5th Grade Girl Scouts Achievement in STEM Challenge

    A few of our 5th grade Girl Scouts worked hard this summer to design an app for a local STEM challenge. Their hard work and achievement have paid off, as they continue to be honored and celebrated in our community! Check out the feature written about their work in a recent TCS communication:

    "Teammates Ruby Lilla, Hadley Bazant, and Reese Thomas may be the youngest Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Virtual Innovation Lab participants - but as the old adage goes, age is just a number. 
    As incoming fifth graders at Holy Trinity Parish School in Louisville, this all-girl team of 3, won 1st place at their local goIT App Design and Development competition and placed 4th at their regional competition where they went up against 8th grade students years older than they were. With a record like theirs, this girl power team has a lot to be proud of coming into the inaugural TCS Virtual Innovation Lab. During the 12 hour goIT App Design and Development program hosted at Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, and facilitated by Best College Match Foundation, Ruby, Hadley, and Reese harnessed technology to prototype a mobile app for social good. Their app, EduAnimals, helps stop animal abuse and educate users on proper pet care. On speaking with the girls following goIT, “WE WANT A REAL APP!” they said.  “One that helps animals and people learn more about their pets and how to be good animal owners and advocates. We all love animals and want to make sure they are cared for.”
    Now, with the Virtual Innovation Lab, Ruby, Hadley, and Reese will be one step closer to making their app dream a reality. Working alongside TCS employee and EduAnimals team lead, Samish Jokhla, and other content experts, the team will choose 12 hours of content to further explore. These range from deeper dive into coding, business planning, and take your app to market, but all are designed to further hone students' business, technical and marketing skills in an interactive and agile approach."
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  • Time Capsule Celebration & Recognition

    Last year, students in Ms. Muller's homeroom (3M) created entries for Independence Bank's St. Matthews Time Capsule. Some of their pieces were chosen as the best representation of life in St. Matthews in 2019 to be featured and locked in the Time Capsule. The official celebration is tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 11 from 10-11 am at Independence Bank (3901 Shelbyville Road). Congratulations to our 4th graders who participated and Ms. Muller on this great achievement and honor!
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  • Welcoming our Counseling Interns - Ms. Jordan & Ms. Mattie

    Hello! I'm Ms. Jordan and I'll be in the counseling office this year. I am a graduate student at the University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work. My background is in Psychology and Gender Studies, and my interests include Enneagram personality typing, mindfulness practice, and creative problem-solving.  I love music and have volunteered with educational non-profit Girls Rock Louisville for four years. I was an avid reader as a kid—my favorite books were the Harry Potter series (House Ravenclaw) and the Little House series. I have a cat named Nora who loves to chat, and in my free time I enjoy home design projects, word games, and listening to podcasts like “Stuff You Missed in History Class”. 

    Hi! My name is Mattie and I am a counseling intern at Holy Trinity this year. I am a graduate student at U of L in the Kent School of Social Work. I have a background in Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies. My past work experience was in supportive family case management. When I'm not working, I love baking and teaching yoga. I also spend time volunteering at The West End School cooking meals for students and staff. Growing up, my family went camping and hiking frequently and I still get outside whenever I can - I love to walk my dog in Cherokee Park. I'm excited to get to know all of the students and families at Holy Trinity!
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  • Building Faith & Family Using Peacebuilders and Second Steps Programs - Message from Ms. Probus, School Counselor

    The theme for the 2019-20 school year is BUILDING FAITH AND FAMILY.  Through this theme, we have committed to more fully reach out and work with others to be there for and with them on our journey to live our FAITH daily as we continually grow each day working to build community.  
    We are delighted to share with you two programs that we will continue to use this school year that support our theme wonderfully as well as our Holy Trinity Parish School Mission Statement. The first program, The PeaceBuilders Program, is utilized in many Archdiocesan schools (and a number of schools across the U.S and World). The PeaceBuilders Program is described as a comprehensive program launched in schools that shifts the entire climate to a more peaceful, productive and safe place for children, parents, staff, and faculty.  The program is designed to alter the climate by positively changing our language and allowing us to be more consistent across all grade levels in teaching peaceful and nonviolent attitudes, values, beliefs and promoting that ALL people display the behaviors in the school and/or community setting.  The program essentially teaches six basic principles through school-wide reminders, events, teachers and staff incorporating the principles and language in the curriculum and always being on the lookout for “teachable moments” and coaching opportunities as well as offering instructional support:  Praise People, Give Up Put-Downs, Seek Wise People, Notice Hurts, Right Wrongs, Help Others.  These daily practices and reminders become routine, and when taught and used faithfully, move youth in the direction of “caring, altruism, self-regulation and positive relationships with key social agents in their lives (peers and adults)”.  
    In order to help us be better PeaceBuilders, we will continue the Second Step Program (from the Committee for Children).  I often explain that this program reminds us (and helps us learn and develop) the skills that we need to live daily to be better PeaceBuilders.  This program is used in the classrooms and tied into the curriculum in support of Peace Builders.  Second Steps is a classroom-based social-skills program for children 4 to 14 years of age that teaches social-emotional skills aimed at reducing impulsive and aggressive behavior while increasing social competence and helping students relate to each other better. Each grade level features developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, and problem-solving.  The program builds on cognitive-behavioral intervention models integrated with social learning theory, empathy research, and social information-processing theories. The Second Step lessons teach children to identify and understand their own and others' emotions (which ultimately increase empathy and COMPASSION), reduce impulsiveness, helps them choose positive goals, helps them to manage their emotional reactions and to use the decision-making process when emotionally aroused. Lessons are sequential, developmentally appropriate and provide opportunities for modeling, practice, and skills reinforcement. The program is teacher-led with counselor support and generally takes place every other week to once a month during various classes for a portion of the school year. Most levels tie it into their PeaceBuilders lessons.  
    We are very excited once again to incorporate these two programs into our daily routines.  We feel both will help us more fully become PeaceBuilders in our school and community. We hope they will allow us to truly live our theme and have a great school year as we BUILD FAITH AND FAMILY.  We all know that Christ is the reason for our school and our goal is to walk in that awareness daily.
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  • August

    8th Grade WHTS Students Appreciating Studio Updates

    Over the summer, the WHTS Studio was remodeled, using funds raised through our PTA's Annual Fund and VIP efforts! Not only do we have new carpet, furniture, and new equipment, but we also have a full wall of green screen!  Through the remodel, we created more space, allowing for the Studio to also serve as a breakout room. This can be utilized for small group testing or for a place students can go should they need a break. 
    The WHTS News broadcast is a daily news segment we do at Holy Trinity. 8th graders volunteer to write scripts, produce, and direct each broadcast.  The entire school is involved as guest Pledge readers. Every classroom tunes in first thing in the morning to watch as the anchors deliver HTPS news, pray together, and give special announcements.

    Within this space, you can also find the office of Mrs. Thompson, our new Technology Coach. She'll continue to serve as our 5th - 8th grades' Technology teacher, too. As our Tech Coach, Mrs. Thompson supports our teachers and students in their use of technology within the classroom, Google Classroom, iPad apps, and other useful resources. We're excited to have her in this role to support all students throughout the day, not just during tech time. Mrs. Thorton, previously our 4th grade teacher, is now serving as the PreK - 4th grades' technology teacher, after having served in this role at a previous school. 
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  • Clifton Campus Opens

    On Sunday, August 11, we officially opened our new school in Clifton (2117 Payne Street, 40206), to specifically serve students with language-based learning differences, the first of its kind in the Archdiocese of Louisville. The school held its first day of school instruction on Wednesday, August 14.  We are proud to be the first Catholic elementary school for children with language-based learning differences.  This founding of this school is part of Holy Trinity Parish’s initiative, For Every Child, to broaden our reach and serve more children. To learn more about the school or set up a tour, contact Head of School, Paula Watkins at

    The Record of Louisville featured the school in a recent article. WLKY also featured the school on a recent broadcast. 
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  • New Playgrounds Open on St. Matthews Campus

    We've waited all summer and the wait is over! School students, parish families, and neighbors are all excited to finally enjoy all of the activities available on our two new playgrounds. The playgrounds are named The Perch and The Eagles’ Nest.  Both playgrounds have state of the art features that allow access to all children. The playgrounds are built on a poured-in-place surface which provides easier access for all. Activities include a rocking boat, swings, a climbing crab trap, climbing walls, musical instruments, slides, tetherball, and other fun activities.

    These playgrounds are part of Holy Trinity Parish’s For Every Child initiative to broaden our reach and serve more childrenThe Eagles’ Nest was made possible due to a gift from Peg and Steve Diebold, while The Perch was made possible due to a gift from Maria and Andrew BeckThank you to Bill and Tracie Stoll of Stoll Construction, who donated the extension of the walking path to the playground. The Gaga Pit was made possible through a donation from the Chris and Dawn Mooser family, as well. Thank you to all involved!

    Check out WLKY's coverage of the Ribbon Cutting and Playground Blessing event.
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  • Jr. High Students Create Playground Proposals & Campaigns in STEAM Project

    This week, our middle school students are working on a STEAM project together, researching playgrounds that would serve all students. They‘re researching options, needs, and legal requirements to write their proposals this week, while also organizing fundraising ideas, events, and campaigns to present to peers later this week. Next week, they’ll adjust their budgets and advertisements to reflect what they “raised” with their fundraising campaigns.

    While students are using their math class as the basis for this project, they’re using and developing more than just their math skills. They’re exploring laws, communities, and budgets through online research, before developing plans, proposals, slogans, and campaign ads. This week, Mr. Greenamyer, a parent who heard about the project shared that he also has experience with playground design through his career and joined our students to share his expertise this week! Great work, Jr. High and teachers - we‘re excited to see your proposals! 
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  • July

    Blessing & Ribbon Cutting Events Scheduled for New Clifton Campus and Playgrounds at St. Matthews Campus

    Holy Trinity Parish School will be holding two separate Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies at two separate locations on August 11 and 12. All media outlets are invited to join us and encouraged to feature both new resources for our community!
    On Sunday, August 11 at 2 pm, we’ll open our new school in Clifton (2117 Payne Street, 40206), to specifically serve students with language-based learning differences, the first of its kind in the Archdiocese of Louisville. The Blessing and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will begin at 2 pm. The school will have its first day of school instruction on Wednesday, August 14.  We are proud to be the first Catholic elementary school for children with language-based learning differences.  This founding of this school is part of Holy Trinity Parish’s initiative, For Every Child, to broaden our reach and serve more children. Bishop Mark Spalding (Bishop of Nashville, formerly the pastor at Holy Trinity Parish in Louisville) and Father Bill Bowling, current pastor of Holy Trinity, will conduct the ceremony. The combined ribbon cutting and blessing event is open to the public and the school will be open for tours during this occasion.
    For more specific information on the school or to schedule interviews with school leaders, contact Paula Watkins, Head of School, at
    On Monday, August 12 at 5:30 pm, Holy Trinity (423 Cherrywood Road, 40207) will hold a Ribbon Cutting and Blessing for two new accessible playgrounds on their main campus.  The playgrounds are named The Perch and The Eagles’ Nest.  Both playgrounds have state of the art features that allow accessibility to all children.  The playground is built on a poured-in-place surface which provides easier access for all.  These playgrounds are part of Holy Trinity Parish’s For Every Child initiative to broaden our reach and serve more children.  The Eagles’ Nest was made possible due to a gift from Peg and Steve Diebold, and The Perch was made possible due to a gift from Maria and Andrew Beck. Father Bill Bowling, pastor of Holy Trinity and Jack Richards, principal of Holy Trinity Parish School will conduct the ceremony. Mayor Tonini of St. Matthews and St Matthews Council representatives have been invited.  The combined ribbon cutting and blessing event is open to the public. 
    For more specific information on the playgrounds or to schedule interviews with those involved in bringing these great resources to Holy Trinity, contact Beth Klem, Director of Advancement, at
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  • June

    Student Council Used Uniform Sale - Dates Changed to July 20 - 21 (Set-Up July 19)

    To allow families more time to shop our Student Council Used Uniform Sale, and then shop other stores if needed before the start of school, we are changing the dates of the summer sale to July 20 - 21. Join us and check out uniforms Holy Trinity families & Student Council have available to sell before you buy new items for next school year.

    Cash or check will be accepted. (Checks will need to be written to each family you purchase from, so be sure to bring a few checks or multiple small bills to make change for families.)

    • Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21: Summer Sale in the Cafeteria
      • Donations & Item Drop Off on Friday, July 19 from 9am - 12pm in the Cafeteria
      • Saturday sale will be 9am-4pm (Reconciliation & Mass are 4-6pm) & 6-6:30pm
      • Sunday Sale will be 9:30-11am and 12-12:30pm (after the 8:30 and 11 am Masses)
      • Volunteers needed to set up on Friday from 9am-12pm & clean up Sunday 12:30-1:30pm
      • Items not specific to HT (polos, shorts, pants, etc.) will be donated to Catholic Charities after the July sale, unless the family comes to sort and pick them up on Sunday at 12:30pm. Specific items to HT will be kept for Student Council to sell in future years, unless families help clean up the sale on Sunday, July 21 at 12:30pm.

    Families can be involved in 3 ways:
    1. Mark your calendar and shop the sales! Get the uniform items you need at a fraction of retail cost.
    2. Donate uniform items to Student Council (Mrs. Davenport’s office) to sell at the sale. All items must be clean.  Student Council will sell donated items for 80-90% off of Shaheen’s prices. All money raised supports Student Council’s projects throughout the year. Spirit shirts that are donated are free at the sale and much appreciated by our new families and students!
    3. Sell your family’s clean items at the sale and volunteer to work the sale or help set-up/clean-up.
      1. To sell items, label an index card for EACH item you’d like to sell with the following information & safety pin a card to each clothing item.
        1. Your first and last name
        2. Clothing Gender & Size
        3. Price You’re Asking
      2. Provide one envelope with your full name, phone number, and email address on it, as well as if you’d like your items back. If you don’t note that you want your items back in writing on this envelope, they will be donated after the July sale to Student Council or Catholic Charities. If you want your items back, we’d appreciate you helping sort them on Sunday, July 21.
      3. At drop off, assist in setting out your items at the correct tables on sales days.

    Questions? Contact Mrs. Davenport, Director of Student Activities, at
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  • Student Council Recognized for We Go Green Year End Projects

    This past week, WLKY News, We Schools, and We Schools Kentucky visited our school to celebrate Student Council's work to keep items out of the landfill, while also helping others. This work, part of We Schools' We Go Green initiative, involves a variety of projects. Some of the projects highlighted include:
    • Emptying Classroom Recycling Bins Weekly on Wednesdays before School and 1st Week of Summer Break
    • Encouraging Students to Recycle in the School Cafeteria
    • Providing Earth and Recycling Facts on WHTS School Morning News
    • Collecting Crayons in the Art Room All Year and Recycling them with Crayon Initiative - Melted and made into new crayons for kids in hospitals
    • Collecting Markers in the Art Room All Year and Recycling them with Color Cycle  
    • Collecting Used School Supplies from Locker Clean-Out Days to Donate to Local Organizations/Schools
    • Collecting Used Books to Donate to Reading Organizations and Programs
    • Cleaning and Donating Items Left in Lost & Found
    • Recycling Outdated Textbooks 
    Learn more and watch the WLKY footage at
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  • May

    Meet Marley, HTPS's New Therapy Dog!

    Holy Trinity Parish School is getting a furry, new student. Marley, a two-year-old Aussiedoodle, is coming on board as the school's new therapy dog. Laura Probus, the school's counselor, has been working for two years to find the right fit and is overjoyed to have Marley join the school. He was introduced to students during a surprise assembly last week!
    Holy Trinity believes in giving every student the tools they need to succeed, and Marley will be an important part of their success. Studies show that alternative approaches to teaching (and working with students to foster their social and emotional needs, as well as ways to enhance empathy and compassion) are necessary to meet the diverse needs of today’s students.  
    Therapy dogs provide students with a myriad of benefits. Studies looking at therapy dogs in the classroom show improved class participation, more advanced critical thinking skills, more favorable outlooks towards schoolwork, improvements in reading and comprehension, and higher self-esteem as compared to students in non-therapy-dog programs. Researchers have found that, in schools, therapy dogs lead to less negative comments between students, increased use of praise, decreased distractibility, improved relationships, increased eye contact, more appropriate voice or tone with others, decreased tantrums, and decreased learning helplessness.
    The school adopted Marley from Pawsibilities Unleased, a training organization for therapy dogs/canine counselors and service dogs. The administration chose this organization because of their reputation of successfully training and placing their animals since 1993. Another factor in choosing this organization was that Marley is a rescue, and was trained in a program in which they partner with a certified training program within a prison, Paw and Order, which aligned with the school’s goal of promoting Catholic Social Teaching.
    The administration is excited for Marley to start as their new student next school year and is looking forward to the benefits their students will receive from having a therapy dog with them daily.  This was made possible due to an anonymous donor and we are so very grateful to this angel!

    Learn more about Marley from our announcement ceremony, as shared through local news outlets:
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  • Congratulations 7th Grade Duke TIP Participants!

    Congratulations to 7th graders, Lauren K, Sarah K, and Audrey W who have earned State Recognition for their scores on the ACT as part of their participation in the 7th Grade Duke TIP program. 
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  • April

    Congratulations Art Fair Winners!

    Congratulations to our Art Fair Winners, recognized last week at the Art Fair for their outstanding work! We're proud of all of our students for showing their chosen work at the Art Fair. Awards for Pre-K through 4th grade will be passed out this week in Art Classes. Grades 5-8 will receive their awards at their Awards Days. 

    Printed Alligators
    • 1st – Emory Grace K
    • 2nd – Graham R
    • 3rd – Channing R
    Animal Shape Collage
    • 1st – Charlotte D
    • 2nd – Hudson G
    • 3rd – Hank G
    Torn Paper Owls
    • 1st – Nolan N
    • 2nd – Lillian S
    • 3rd – Eliza Jane S
    Blue Dog
    • 1st – Beau P
    • 2nd – Mila N
    • 3rd – Benjamin H
    Family Portraits
    • 1st – Emma S
    • 2nd – John P
    • 3rd – Campbell B
    Overlapping Pumpkins
    • 1st – Louise S
    • 2nd – Caroline D
    • 3rd – Donovan M
    Pinch Pots
    • 1st – Jack L
    • 2nd – Caroline H
    • 3rd – Beckett G
    Illuminated Names
    • 1st – Lincoln H
    • 2nd – Macy M
    • 3rd – Emerson N
    Torn Snowman Collage
    • 1st – Camdyn B
    • 2nd – Ruby A
    • 3rd – Anna R
    1st Grade
    Clay Penguins
    • 1st – Bear L
    • 2nd – Mary M
    • 3rd – Emilio G
    Clay Lady Bugs
    • 1st – Finn M
    • 2nd – Salvador M
    • 3rd – Gus W
    Warm/Cool Paper Weaving
    • 1st – Ella Grace C
    • 2nd – Aubrey S
    • 3rd – Brady K
    Piet Mondrian Pictures
    • 1st – Baylor W
    • 2nd – Libby M
    • 3rd – Cam K
    Texture Town Collage
    • 1st – Samuel W
    • 2nd – Thomas W
    • 3rd – Katherine K
    2nd Grade
    Clay Owls
    • 1st – Tatum M
    • 2nd – Layla M
    • 3rd – Juliet S
    • 1st – Annie K
    • 2nd – Avery K
    • 3rd – Caroline B
    Impressionist Collage
    • 1st – Van B
    • 2nd – Harper W
    • 3rd – Landon J
    Value Pumpkins
    • 1st – Addie E
    • 2nd – Jane C
    • 3rd – Carter H
    Spatial Landscapes
    • 1st – Molly M
    • 2nd – Campbell M
    • 3rd – Hadley S
    3rd Grade
    Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins
    • 1st – Cora D
    • 2nd – Beckett G
    • 3rd – Ann Marie G
    Kandinsky Circle Paintings
    • 1st – Carter K
    • 2nd – Hadley G
    • 3rd – Molly M
    Radial Design Origami
    • 1st – Andrew C
    • 2nd – Lucy P
    • 3rd – William N
    Collagraph Animal Prints
    • 1st – Maggie H
    • 2nd – Natalie S
    • 3rd – Wade M
    4th Grade
    Symmetrical Name Creature
    • 1st – Layla K
    • 2nd – Hadley B
    • 3rd – Henry A
    Marbled Books
    • 1st – Kathryn B
    • 2nd – Stella C
    • 3rd – Owen C
    Jackson Pollock Paintings
    • 1st – Will S
    • 2nd – Logan G
    • 3rd – Keller M
    Laurel Burch Animals
    • 1st – Tate R
    • 2nd – Ava P
    • 3rd – Hudson M
    Coil Pots
    • 1st – Campbell W
    • 2nd – Jacqueline K
    • 3rd – Natalie H
    5th Grade
    Stained Glass Window
    • 1st – Grayson W
    • 2nd – Nate R
    • 3rd – Rhodes S
    Matisse Paper Cuts
    • 1st – Lexie K
    • 2nd – Edie M
    • 3rd – Charlie D
    Clay Selfie Tiles
    • 1st – Kate M
    • 2nd – MacKenzie M
    • 3rd – Lincoln B
    Zentangle Animals
    • 1st – Elizabeth W
    • 2nd – Samuel J
    • 3rd – Walt D
    6th Grade
    Adinkra Cloth
    • 1st – Elle G
    • 2nd – Morgan F
    • 3rd – Ava E
    Radial Design Color Wheels
    • 1st – Reid C
    • 2nd – Payton W
    • 3rd – Scarlett D
    Wheel Thrown Pottery
    • 1st – Ella D
    • 2nd – Ethan B
    • 3rd – Michael P
    Illuminated Repousse Letters
    • 1st – Abby W
    • 2nd – Addy R
    • 3rd – Landon B
    7th Grade
    Linoleum Block Prints
    • 1st – Trevor M
    • 2nd – Avery V
    • 3rd – Aiden B
    Thrown Pots
    • 1st – Connor K
    Digital Photography
    • 1st – Winn S
    • 2nd – Isabel W
    • 3rd – Sarah K
    Dale Chihuly Sculptures
    • 1st – Braden J
    • 2nd – Ava H
    • 3rd – Aubree H
    Clay Cell Phone Speakers
    • 1st – Lucy S
    • 2nd – Jack W
    • 3rd – Ryan W
    8th Grade
    Paper Food (Ind. or Group)
    • 1st – Amelia W
    • 2nd – Gracie K & Addi V
    • 3rd – Keely M & Izzi S
    Coil Baskets
    • 1st – Ava P
    • 2nd – Julie P
    • 3rd – Caroline H
    Thrown Pots
    • 1st – Sophia RR
    • 2nd – Henry B
    • 3rd – Teddy M
    Black & White Digital Photography
    • 1st – Emily H
    • 2nd – Tyler J
    • 3rd – Maddox M
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  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross

    Annually on Good Friday, all of our students, faculty, staff, and guests gather together in the Church to hear the telling of Jesus's crucifixion. Our 7th graders lead the acting out and portrayal of these stations. With each station, students beautifully present the events of the story we've heard many times, as well as challenge us to consider and reflect upon how we, too, have failed God in our daily choices. We ask for forgiveness as we consider the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. Thank you to our 7th graders and Jr. High religion teacher, Ms. Wolz for their leadership on this annual prayer service! To view the prayer service now, please visit our Facebook page - @HolyTrinityLouisville, to watch the prayer service in its entirety. 
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  • Kindergarteners Enjoy Alphabet Countdown

    Kindergarten continues their alphabet countdown to the last day of school. This week, they enjoyed Game Day Hat Day, Ice Pop Day, and Jump Rope Day! Tomorrow, they’ll Kick off their shoes.
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  • PreK Completes Science Skittles Lab

    Check out our youngest Pre-K scientists! They made a hypothesis about skittles and what would happen when they mixed with water, then performed the experiment and made observations!
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  • Service Learning Mission Work Celebrated at Holy Thursday Service

    Annually on Holy Thursday, our 6th graders lead us in a prayer service. During which, 6th graders lead all students and those gathered in the recalling of the Last Supper. They also recognize each grade level's service learning and mission work efforts during this school year, before washing the feet of each class's representatives. Below are the highlights from each grade level's service learning completed this school year!
    • Pre-K: Pre-K’s mission is Sister Visitor.  The Sister Visitor Center is an emergency assistance program, located on West Market Street, that provides assistance with the most basic of human needs: food, clothes, assistance with rent, utilities, and medicines. Pre-K has had two collections so far this year to help Sister Shellie stock up on items that are in low supply.
    • Kindergarten & 1st Grade: The Kindergarten and 1st grades’ mission is the Schumann Center. They help the homeless people by giving them food and clothes. This year the Kindergarten and 1st grade helped by making Christmas bags filled with toiletries and collecting canned foods.
    • 2nd Grade: Green Hill Therapy is a nonprofit organization which integrates physical and occupational therapy. Therapy with hippotherapy and aquatherapy are two dynamic treatment programs that address sensory-motor learning in special needs children. Our goal is simple: We want to help kids reach their full potential through proven, playful intervention. Throughout the year, our classes collect supplies and money to support the organization.
    • 3rd Grade: Third grade’s mission is St. Joseph’s Children’s Home. St. Joseph’s Children’s Home provides a loving home to orphans or children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, or violence. They currently house 48 children ranging from 6 years to 14 years. We have had collections each month this year in order to donate basic needs for the children at St. Joseph, and we will continue to take up collections each month for the remainder of the year. We will also be donating all the profits from our end-of-the-year Lemonade stand to our mission.
    • 4th Grade: Fourth grade’s mission is the Golden Arrow. It is an outreach ministry of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. It works along with The Schuhmann Center. Our mission helps expectant mothers and families with small children, who are in need. The fourth graders have 2 collections each year of clothing, games, food, and supplies for babies and young children.  Every year Ms. Givens crochets many blankets and gives them to The Golden Arrow. The Golden Arrow wants to follow Mother Teresa’s saying that “One person counts-one need calls out, because each one is Christ."
    • 5th Grade: The 5th grade’s mission is the Nazareth Home Clifton, which is a residential community serving older adults. Twice a year, the 5th grade goes there as part of their religion class. We visit with the residents, walk around singing songs, join them at the end of mass, and send decorations for their rooms. We know that we are there to spread joy just as Jesus would have done.  Going to Nazareth Home Clifton is a very moving experience. All the residents are very sweet and make our classes feel very welcomed. We know they enjoy when we come and we enjoy it too!
    • 6th grade: The sixth grade’s mission is the Migration and Refugee Services through Catholic Charities. This service provides refugees with the support and assistance they need in order to become self-sufficient in their new country. This year we collected such household items as paper towels, kleenex, shampoo, etc. to help them with some basic needs.
    • Student Council: Holy Trinity’s sixth through eighth grade student council also does many mission projects. One mission project student council does is help with the CRS Rice Bowl. Representatives go to learn about CRS Rice Bowl and how we can run Holy Trinity’s Rice Bowl drive. Another mission project for Catholic Relief Services that we do is We Day. We take many representatives to visit We day and learn about how we can change the world. We also work with Water Step. We collect shoes, that don’t have holes and are not very torn up, and give them to people around the world who are not able to afford shoes. Although we do have specific missions we work on, we also have meetings where we suggest different charities we can possibly help so, hopefully, everybody who needs help receives it. The student council helps out with many mission projects throughout Louisville.
    • Seventh Grade: Dare to Care helps people in the Kentuckiana area who are food deprived.  Their mission is to lead our community to feed the hungry and end the cycle of need.  Food is distributed through a network of over 300 independent food pantries, emergency kitchens, and shelters.  Their programs target the most vulnerable in our Community: Backpack Buddy, Kids’ Café, Mobile Pantry, and Patrol Against Hunger. The seventh grade students volunteer to go to Kids’ Café.   Four students and one adult go on Tuesdays to Kids’ Café during the school year. At Kids’ Café, the students help prepare, serve, and clean up the meal. Along with our work with Dare to Care throughout the year, we as 7th grade spent a mission day at similar organizations. We went to Hand in Hand Ministries in Portland, St. Vincent DePaul, and Catholic Charities. At these organizations we worked in soup kitchens, food pantries, and gardens. We were also given the opportunity to eat alongside those we served. Throughout the year, the seventh grade has performed many different types of service as we have begun preparation for Confirmation .  We have fed the hungry through Kids’ Café and the many soup kitchens in the city as well as donating to the Backpack Buddy Food Program.  We have assisted in Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the weekend Masses at Holy Trinity. Some have cared for the youngest in our Parish by helping in the Nursery during Mass.  Many students have participated in Run/Walks to raise awareness for different causes. These are just some of the many ways we have served in our community.
    • Eighth Grade: Harbor House is a program that provides a safe haven for individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.  The mission of Harbor House is to enhance the lives of these individuals through employment, self-determination, education, and community building.  The individuals come to Harbor House Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Harbor House participants also enjoy social and recreational activities, creative workshops, and life skills training. Eighth grade students meet with the Harbor House participants here on our campus.  Students plan activities, games, and snacks centered on conversation and enjoyment. As a group of Catholic students, we aim to live out our faith through service. As we prepared for Confirmation  We have done everything from volunteering at the Kentucky Humane Society to making home improvements in Appalachia.  We have also volunteered at Gilda’s Club by helping people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Many students of the eighth grade have gone to Kids’ Café where we served food to those who are not able to have a home cooked meal on a regular basis.  We also participated in a variety of Walks/Runs to raise awareness and money for Down Syndrome, Eating Disorders, Alzheimer’s and various cancer walks. These acts of service did not just help others but helped all of us grow in the Spirit.
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  • March

    1st Grade Students Complete and Present Animal Reports

    First grade students chose an animal of personal interest to them that they would research, before sharing information with their classmates! Using animal books in their classroom libraries, as well as their classroom ipads, students researched their animal. All students wrote an informative report. They also created a poster full of details to share during their presentations. We're proud of these students' hardwork and achievement. Check out their posters in the 1st grade hallway this week!
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  • February

    Your Map to High School & College: a KHEAA Presentation for 8th Graders

    Ms. Candice Johnson of The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) joined our 8th graders today to offer the KHEAA - YOUR MAP TO HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE WORKSHOP. The workshop reminds and encourages middle school students that what they are doing TODAY does impact TOMORROW.  The workshop can also serve as a good reminder to the students to stay positive and continue to keep expectations and standards high. The workshops discuss the importance of continuing to study hard, getting good grades, and setting their sights on education after high school (and how what they continue to do right now as 8th Graders impacts the next step – a great reminder for them to stay focused on their studies).

    Students will learn the benefits of getting a higher education, explore college choices and things to look for in choosing the right college.  Students will discuss various career choices and talk about the specifics of career exploration.  We also emphasize to the students how important service work is in helping to discern possible college majors, careers choices (as well as being an obvious commitment to our call to be compassionate Catholics).  The presentation is packed full of additional information on how to earn scholarship funds to pay for post-secondary education and how to start building your resume in high school to help secure scholarships funds for college.  They will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  As stated, Ms. Probus has solicited the expertise of Ms. Candice Johnson from KHEAA  to present this valuable workshop.
    For more information about KHEAA and the services offered please visit:
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  • Welcome to Mrs. Blincoe & Midas, our Therapy Dog

    The Holy Trinity School Counseling Office is very excited to announce a new pet therapy/literacy dog in partnership with our reading specialist, Dr. Meka Barry. Mrs. Brenda Blincoe, a certified pet therapy handler, and her dog, Midas, are working with some first, second, and third graders in the READ program once a week. Mrs. Blincoe is a former elementary teacher from Holy Spirit. Midas, is a 6-year-old purebred Golden Retriever. He loves children, and is very mellow, gentle, and smart. Midas is certified and insured with Therapy Dogs International. He is clean and well-groomed, and always on a lead and under the control of his handler. He is also up to date on all vaccines. Midas has also passed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test-- a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs.  We are very blessed and grateful for their service to Holy Trinity!
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  • Dine to Donate: Tomorrow/Wednesday at Salsarita's

    Dine at Salsrita's Fresh Mexican Grill on Wednesday, February 13 from 11am - 9pm and support the 8th Grade Appalachia Mission Trip. Join us at the 285 N. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, KY 40207 location. Dine-in and carryout both count - simply mention you are with Holy Trinity and you want your meal to support our Appalachia trip (Show our post about it on social media). A percentage of these sales support our 8th graders' efforts to fill a food pantry while on their March mission trip. 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Regional Winners

    This weekend, many of our Jr. High students participated in Governor's Cup Regional events at Crosby Middle School. Congratulations to 8th grader, Emily H who advanced to State Competition in Composition writing with her 5th place regional finish. Congratulations, as well, to our Quick Recall team  who earned the Hume Sportsmanship Award at this weekend's competition.
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  • January

    Wednesday is Be A P.A.L. Day!

    We are excited for BE A P.A.L. DAY (PEACEBUILDER AT LUNCH DAY) on Wednesday. This special day takes place during Catholic Schools Week and as a PeaceBuilder School, this is an awesome opportunity for our students. The message is simple – to encourage all to practice compassion daily in all of our interactions, to be kind to everyone, to give each other a chance, that it matters how we treat each other and we are all more alike than different (all of these are contained within the PeaceBuilder Pledge in some capacity, which we commit to live daily at Holy Trinity). During lunch, students will sit by a new person, learn about others through interactive questions, and listen to live music. Be sure to check in with your student and talk to them about this great opportunity!
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Medal Winners!

    This weekend, we hosted KAAC's Governor's Cup competition for District 27. Congratulations to our middle school Governor's Cup award winners who now advance to compete at Regional Competition in 2 Weeks:
    • Quick Recall team earned 2nd overall – Elise Elder, Nicholas Frey, George Simpson, Simon Mayers, Sophia Rogers, & Jacqueline Teague
    • Math 3rd Place – Nicholas Frey
    • Math 4th Place – Elise Elder
    • Science 2nd Place – Lucia Rodriquez-Agusti
    • Science 4th Place – Emily Holland
    • Science 5th Place – Grayson Salter
    • Social Studies 2nd Place – George Simpson
    • Social Studies 3rd Place – Shelby Davis
    • Language Arts – 5th Place – Jacqueline Teague
    • Arts & Humanities – 3rd Place – Shelby Davis
    • Composition Essay Writing – 1st Place – Sophia Rogers 
    • Composition Essay Writing – 3rd Place – Emily Holland 
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  • High School Placement Test Results

    Cognitive Skills
    Basic Skills
    HT 2018
    7 (13%)
    25 (46%)
    22 (41%)
    0 (0%)
    All 2018
    332 (21%)
    904 (56%)
    255 (16%)

    Our Faculty and Staff are extremely proud of our 8th grade students and their performance on the high school placement test.  Close to 60% of our students scored in the high category(76-99) with the other 40% scoring in the average category(24-75).  We had seven of our students score in the highest category(96-99).  Our students scored significantly higher than their peers entering these local Catholic High Schools.  Using the Scale Score Model, our students scored between 63-85 points higher in every category (Reading, Math, Language, Verbal, Quantitative, etc.) than other students taking the entrance exam.  Our local high schools will provide individual results to students and families at the time of their registration.  Congratulations to our students and 8th grade parents!  We know what a bright future awaits you in high school and beyond.  
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  • Welcome Midas, our Literacy Therapy Dog

    The Holy Trinity School Counseling Office is very excited to announce a new pet therapy/literacy dog in partnership with our reading specialist, Dr. Meka Barry. Beginning February 6, Mrs. Brenda Blincoe, a certified pet therapy handler, and her dog, Midas, will work with some first, second, and third graders in the READ program once a week. We are so grateful that Mrs. Blincoe has offered to volunteer her time and talent (and her sweet doggie Midas) to serve here at Holy Trinity!
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  • Project REAL Parent Presentations

    We are very excited to announce the Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation with Mark Parrish, M. Ed., LMFT from The InnerView Counseling and Consultation. It is available to any parent in our Holy Trinity Parish and School Community and is offered free of charge thanks to the support of the Holy Trinity Parish partnership. Project R.E.A.L. is designed to help parents and caregivers support and implement strategies to help their children/students identify and implement safer, healthier choices.  It also has great insight and tips for promoting a culture of accountability and responsibility for children to foster a healthy self-reliance.  The Project R.E.A.L. program also reinforces our Catholic values, and aims to help students identify and implement these values more consistently.  Questions regarding the program should contact our school counselor, Ms. Probus.
    Project R.E.A.L. focuses on:
    • Respectfulness of self, surroundings, authority, and others
    • Effort in all you do
    • Accountability for choices, actions, decisions, and behavior
    • Listening authentically to others to receive important information and attach meaning to what you heard 
    The Project R.E.A.L. Parent Presentation will be offered on two nights in January, with each night focusing on the parents of different age groups (if you cannot make one night, please join us on the other night as the information will be applicable to all children).
    • **PK-4th Grade parent presentation is on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the cafeteria.
    • **5th-8th Grade parent presentation is on Monday, January 28, 2019 from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the cafeteria. 
    • Any parent who attends one of the presentations will earn a spirit dress down day pass for their student(s) as a special incentive (for Friday Feb. 8). 
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  • 5th Graders Create Board Games to Demonstrate Understanding of Realistic Fiction

    As the culminating activity for their unit on Realistic Fiction, our fifth grade students created board games incorporating the characters, settings, and plots of novels they read in Literature Circles. The students worked hard and used creativity to design boards, playing pieces, and instructions with this culminating project.  After presenting to the class, the games were then exchanged with other groups for some fun and excitement! Great work, 5th grade!
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  • Congratulations Geography Bee Winners!

    Congratulations to our classroom Geography Bee winners who competed in the school Geography Bee today! Jake B, an 8th grader, won the school competition and will now tryout to compete in the National Geographic Geography Bee for Kentucky. The classroom winners who competed in the school bee today included:
    • 6th Grade: Charlie C, Reid C, & Abby W
      7th Grade: Charlie S, George S, & Cate C
      8th Grade: Jake B, Evan B, & Keiko O
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