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  • April

    Summer PEP Registrations Open

    A few of our teachers will be offering Summer PEP classes daily from 9 am - 12 pm from July 12 - 16 on our St. Matthew's Campus. Check out the offerings: Legos, Tech Club, Quick Recall, and Spanish Cooking, and sign up here.
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  • Congratulations Class of 2021 Scholarships Recipients

    Congratulations to these 8th graders, members of the Lifetime Eagle Class of 2021, for their recent achievements:
    • Assumption High School Class of 2025 School Placement Test Merit-Based Scholarship Recipients: Lilly Bovine, Lauren Elder, & Ava Emberson.
    Has your Class of 2021 graduate been notified of an award/achievement? Share this exciting news with Mrs. Davenport to ensure we feature them in our classrooms, on our HT website, on our social media, and/or in the "Current & Lifetime Eagle Achievements" section of our weekly newsletter.
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  • Guest Speakers Meet with Jr. High Students

    Given this year's precautions in place for COVID, our Jr. High students have mass on 2 separate days each month (as only one grade is able to attend liturgy at a time). As our seventh and eighth graders share teachers and a class schedule rotation, this creates an extra block of time for one grade or the other on a regular basis. Putting this time to use for new opportunities, Mrs. Alfaro, our Spanish teacher for Jr. High, reached out to individuals across the nation who have used their bilingual abilities to excel professionally. These talented Hispanic individuals share with our students their experiences being Hispano or Hispana and how no matter the barriers, one can always be successful in their life!

    The various guest speakers visit the classroom virtually to share their personal and professional experiences, given they're able to speak both Spanish and English proficiently, as well as how it helps them excel. Students then have the opportunity to ask questions regarding their careers, their hometown or current city, their travels, and/or any other questions they may have regarding our guest speakers' stories.

    Guest speakers have included:
    • Minerva Virola, the Assistant Director of the Backside Learning Center in Louisville, KY
    • Fernando De la Peña, who works with NASA as the CEO and Founder of AEXA Aerospace, LLC in Houston, TX
    • Karina Barillas, the Director of the La Casita Center in Louisville, KY
    • Erica De la O, Principal Dancer and Ballerina of Louisville Ballet
    Upcoming speakers will include:
    • Paola Moretta, the Owner and Founder of 100% Spanish Language Center in Louisville, KY
    • Moisés Carreón, a Chemical and Biological Engineer at Colorado School of Mines in Boulder, CO, earned the Presidential Early Career Award.
    We're grateful to Mrs. Alfaro for organizing and coordinating these experiences for our students, as well as to all of the guest speakers that have joined us in the classrooms virtually and shared their experiences and expertise with our students.
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  • Congratulations HTPS Class of 2021 Scholars

    Congratulations to these 8th graders, members of the Lifetime Eagle Class of 2021, for their recent achievements:
    • Sacred Heart St. Angela Merici Merit Scholars: Isabella Hoelscher, Eliza Hensley, Ainsley Green, Abby Wright, Abby Potter, Caroline Scobee, Nally Bergeron, Bridget Egan, & Annie Williams
    • Trinity High School Steinhauser Scholars (Awarded to the top 20 students in the freshman class): Will Hammer, Mateo Rodriguez-Agusti, & Benjamin Schmitt
    Has your Class of 2021 graduate been notified of an award/achievement? Share this exciting news with Mrs. Davenport to ensure we feature them in our classrooms, on our HT website, on our social media, and/or in the "Current & Lifetime Eagle Achievements" section of our weekly newsletter.
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  • Congratulations to KUNA Delegation

    Congratulations to our KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) delegation who represented Holy Trinity and Canada at Kentucky's United Nations Middle School Conference the week prior to Spring Break. This was the first time we've had a delegation in 5 years and 11 students from grades 6 and 8 participated in the online conference! We're proud of our delegation for earning the following awards and honors:
    • Outstanding Ambassador: Kyndall Wintergerst-Weston, 8th grader
    • Outstanding Speaker: Lydia Morgan and Ava Emberson, 8th graders
    • Premiere Delegation - all of our HT Delegation
    • Oustanding Statesmanship - all of our HT Delegation
    If you're interested in your child participating in next year's KUNA conference (and/or the KYA conference for Kentucky bill proposals), be sure to have them sign up for our Y-Club by next Friday, April 16 at 12 noon. 
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  • Spring PEP Offerings

    The later Spring PEP 2021 session will run during the weeks of April 26, May 3, & May 10. Register by Friday, April 23. Check out all of the offerings, including Fairy Gardens for Grades 1-2, Rocket Science for Grades 1-2, Crafts for Grade 2, Derby & Summer Crafts for Grades 3, and Science STEAM Club Fun for Grade 3. Details and sign-ups are online here.
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  • Summer Tutor & Summer Camps List

    Spring Break has us looking forward to Summer Break now, too.
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  • March

    2020 - 2021 Virtual Grandparents Day Celebration

    Dearest Holy Trinity Grandparents, 

    We hope this note finds you healthy and well! We'd like to take a moment to invite you to watch our video and participate in our 20-21 Virtual Grandparents Day.

    As you're likely aware, we have approached many things differently this year to keep our community healthy and safe. While the pandemic may limit the activities that we can safely do together, we certainly weren't going to let it prevent us from celebrating our wonderful Grandparents.  This isn't the traditional way that we choose to celebrate together. However, we are incredibly grateful to live in a time where we are able to virtually celebrate mass together, and also provide you a glimpse of what life has been like for your grandchildren this school year.

    While many things have changed, we want you to know that many things have remained the same. Holy Trinity is a school that is anchored by faith and continues to be a supportive, loving, and safe environment for your grandchildren to learn and grow.  Though their smiles may be hidden by masks, we can assure you that their joy is impossible to disguise. We have been so blessed to be able to continue to safely provide in-person instruction for the 20-21 school year. We have missed having you on our campus and anxiously await the day that we can welcome you back.  

    Your HTPS Family

    * Emailed to all grandparents with emails on my HTPS student profiles; the link and reminder were also shared in weekly school newsletters.
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    We need you!  Please check out our flyer to see how you can help sponsor our 2021 Virtual VIP night.  Questions can be directed to Molly Willer. 
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  • 5th Graders Study Stations of the Cross

    Wow- what beautiful work! 5th graders have been learning about the Stations of the Cross and illustrated them in religion class with Mrs. Stewart. 
    They participated in Reconciliation with their homeroom classes this week. They’ve also been discussing pilgrimages and Eucharistic Adoration as part of their Lenten studies.
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  • Congratulations Class of 2021 Students

    Congratulations to these 8th graders, members of the Lifetime Eagle Class of 2021, for their recent achievements:
    • St. Xavier High School Xavier Scholars, Class of 2025: Reid Cook & William Norris 
    • Manual High School Magnet Program Accepted Students: Abby Gentner, Scarlett Frisbie, & Lydia Morgan
    Has your Class of 2021 graduate been notified of an award/achievement? Share this exciting news with Mrs. Davenport to ensure we feature them in our classrooms, on our HT website, on our social media, and/or in the "Current & Lifetime Eagle Achievements" section of our weekly newsletter. 
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  • Stations of the Cross Prayer Service

    Our students will be participating in the Stations of the Cross on March 25 at 8:15 am. They will be led by our junior high students. We'd love for parents, grandparents, and friends of HT to tune-in to participate with us. Watch for the online link to be shared on our HT website homepage and social media pages that day.

    Looking for a Stations of the Cross resource before then? Check out the Catholic Relief Services Stations online here. Each station is 1 minute and great for family reflection. 
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  • Congratulations to 8th Graders Receiving Sacrament of Confirmation

    Congratulations to all of our 8th graders who have prepared for and now celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation with this past weekend’s liturgies. We’re proud of you! Blessings to you all.
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  • Kindergarteners Build Lenten Prayer Chains

    During Lent, we’re called as Catholics to fast, pray, and give alms. Thus, daily during Lent, students in our Kindergarten classrooms draw names of groups of people to pray for specifically. Some groups they’ve prayed for include doctors, teachers, parents, farmers, neighbors, etc. After praying for each group, they add the links to their prayer chains they’re building in each classroom.
    How have you changed your daily routines during Lent to add prayer to your daily habits? 
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  • Congratulations & Good Luck State Governor's Cup Participant

    Congratulations and good luck to Reid Cook, 8th grader, for advancing to the State competition in Kentucky's Governor's Cup academic competition in the persuasive essay writing division! He'll be competing online on Saturday, March 13 with students from across the commonwealth. 
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  • Help Clean Bottle Caps at Home

    Our Student Council needs your help! A few parishioners dropped off 15 bags of bottle caps for our benches this week. We believe this may be all we need to complete our 2 benches! But first, we have to clean and sort them!

    Would your family be interested in taking a large garbage bag of donated bottle caps home to sort (to be sure they only include approved bottle caps - list provided), clean, and return them to school for us to use for our Recycled Bottle Cap Prayer Benches on the walking path?

    If you're interested, please contact Mrs. Davenport at Thanks in advance for your help and support! 
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  • February

    1st Graders Complete Study Unit on Bears with Fun Science Labs

    Our first graders recently completed their unit on bears, exploring both polar bears and brown bears. Throughout the unit, they completed reading, science, and social studies activities related to bears around the world. The unit concluded with a fun science expansion lab to determine if they could “grow” gummy bears by adding water to them. They could! Other activities throughout the unit included hibernation reading during Flashlight Friday reading time, polar bear blubber activities, and science labs exploring how bears are able to hibernate, as well as why they need to hibernate. 
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  • Students Complete Finger Puppet Movie Trailers in Art-Music Collaboration

    During the 2nd trimester, we saw many collaborations among teachers. One we especially loved was Mrs. Harrington (music/drama) and Ms. Given (art) combining ideas important to the fine arts for a Finger Puppet Movie Trailer project. Within virtual art classes on Wednesday, students created finger puppets. Then, they used those finger puppets to create a movie trailer for their virtual music classes.

    Stories featured included The Five Billy Goats Gruff, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and other traditional stories from years past. We loved seeing the creativity the students used in their own production of puppets, scenery, voice narration, and theatrical elements! Great work, students, and thank you, Mrs. Harrington and Ms. Given for this wonderful collaboration!
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  • Congratulations to Teacher of the Year, Peggy Gray

    Peggy Gray, our Teacher of the Year, began teaching Kindergarten here at Holy Trinity Parish School in 2001, and after 20 years, she still teaches Kindergarteners today! This is her 29th year teaching in the Archdiocese of Louisville, as she previously taught at St. Raphael. She is married to Willie (also for 29 years) and the proud mom of Jacob and Zachary.
    Mrs. Gray’s favorite traditions at HT are the annual field trips in Kindergarten that every student can recall during their time in K classrooms – visiting the pumpkin patch, going bowling for the 100th day of school, and watching horses run and learning about Louisville traditions at the Derby Museum in May. Another favorite of hers is the annual Nativity Kindergarten group photos - we know if you're the parent of a current student or Lifetime Eagle, you're now going back to try to find that photo to say, "Awe, remember back then!". She also especially loves the tradition of Friday Dance Parties in KG! Many of our students and graduates can credit her for the basic building blocks of their continued learning - letters, reading, numbers, counting and skip counting, prayers, school routines, and so much more! Mrs. Gray loves all of our students and is always excited to reconnect with visiting graduates and older siblings on family days/nights at school, such as conferences, Book Fair, graduation, and other special occasions. As so many of us have heard, “Once a KG kid, always a KG kid!”
    She recently shared her favorite aspect of teaching some of our youngest students, “I love teaching the little learners. They are like sponges just eager to learn! Every day is a new day and everyone comes to school with a smile. In Kindergarten, we build lasting relationships with students and parents that long surpass their Kindergarten year.”
    Upon receiving this honor, Mrs. Gray shared, “I very much appreciate being given this honor. We all know it takes more than a teacher in the classroom for our students to be successful. In my time at HT, I have been fortunate to work with wonderful instructional assistants - Jeanie Deskins, Anne Helm, and currently Stacey Campisano. KG could not achieve what we do daily without them. I love the HT community, both the educators and parents – they’re so loving, generous, and kind, really like family to me!”
    Congratulations and thank you again, Mrs. Peggy Gray, for all you do for our Holy Trinity school family. We’re glad you’re part of our Catholic School!
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  • Congratulations to Volunteer of the Year, Lee Greenamyer

    Lee Greenamyer, our 2020 - 2021 Volunteer of the Year, has been a parent, parishioner, and volunteer at Holy Trinity for 11 years now. Over the years, you’ve probably seen him calling numbers in the Summer Picnic Cake Booth and working games in the Booster Fish Fry Children’s Game Room. He’s been a classroom reader and guest speaker/presenter sharing his expertise on playground design and planning for Jr. High students completing a playground proposal project. He’s chaperoned our mission trip to Appalachia and served as a girls Football coach. You’ve seen his work as the graphic designer for our Eyrie Theatre show posters, announcements, and programs, as well as our carpool lane organization signage this year. His biggest involvement and commitment comes as a volunteer daily for the past two years at afternoon carpool. He’s the one motioning you into lanes and ensuring we get cars parked correctly to dismiss students safely and quickly in all forms of weather. We definitely appreciate his assistance and leadership daily!
    Lee is married to Dr. Amy Greenamyer and proud dad to Sydney (a Lifetime Eagle graduate) and current student, Quinn. When asked what he loves most about HT, Lee shared, “I am most thankful that we, as parents, play an active role in our children’s educations here. Holy Trinity has kept us informed and provided numerous opportunities to be involved.” He continued, “The teachers and administration have partnered with us to help our kids when they were having difficulties. We felt we have always had a village helping us guide our children while at HT.”
    In accepting his award, he shared a reminder we can all take to heart, “The reason I volunteer is to show my kids that I am invested in their lives and education. I value the mission and work of Holy Trinity.” Adding, “While my motivations for helping are not for accolades, I am deeply appreciative of this recognition.

    Thank you HT administration, teachers, staff, and PTA for this award, as well as for all you do daily for our children!”
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  • Congratulations to Staff Member of the Year, Ashley Davenport

    Congratulations to Ashley Davenport, our Staff Member of the Year honoree! Mrs. Davenport is in her 13th year at Holy Trinity -  currently serving as Director of Student Activities after previously teaching both 2nd and 3rd grades. Mrs. Davenport and her husband, Russ, have one daughter, Wren.

    If you have a student at Holy Trinity, they have, no doubt, been involved in one or more activities that Mrs. Davenport so tirelessly organizes. Mrs. Davenport is the energy behind many of the extra-curricular programs in our school and has a driving passion for providing experiences of all kinds to our students.  She believes in our students living their Catholic faith and places that at the top of her list in modeling how we are called to serve others. Mrs. Davenport researches, contacts, and collaborates with many programs/organizations within our community to provide in-person service learning with our older students, collections of needed supplies for those in need, and creative activities for our younger students to show their service commitment.  Mrs. Davenport teaches our students how to allow their voices to be heard and how, through the right processes, they can be a part of a change that provides equality and justice for all through our KYA and KUNA programs.  She coordinates and coaches academic team programs: Quick Recall, Book Bee, and Governor’s Cup. She coordinates all Student Council events -  meeting weekly, often daily, with our Student Council leaders to plan and implement programs.  She's always looking for new ways to provide social activities and connections to all students in PreK through 8th grades.  Mrs. Davenport is the voice behind our social media, continually communicating and posting pictures of the amazing work being done here. All of this work is compiled and summarized when she works with our students to create our school yearbook.  
    When asked what she loves most about HT, she shared, “It’s both the community and the opportunities students have in and out of the classroom to succeed. Many families have returned to HT for multiple generations because it’s home to them. ‘You taught my (sibling/cousin/family member)’ is a special connection.” Being involved in so many different activities with multiple grade levels over the years, some would think it may be hard for her to cite just one favorite memory. She’d agree. “What I value most each day is getting to know and respect the uniqueness of each student, their interests and passions, both in and out of the classroom. Seeing them share their ideas, intellect, and even funny stories with their peers, as they smile and join together for a cause, project, or shared team goal – that’s the best part of what I do each day.”
    In acknowledging the award, Mrs. Davenport was quick to add, “I’m grateful that Mr. Richards, along with school and parish administration at Holy Trinity created this DSA position almost 8 years ago. It’s been an absolute joy and privilege to partner with students, educators, parents, and families both in our school and across the Archdiocese, as we all work together to ensure our children have what they need to be successful in their growth as well-rounded individuals.”  
    We are blessed to have Mrs. Davenport as a leader at Holy Trinity Parish and School. We thank her for her love and passion, for her calling of working with children, and being at Holy Trinity. 
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  • Book Fair - Online This Year

    Our Book Fair is once again online. It opened Feb. 1 and will remain available until Feb. 14. Please shop online to support our students in their reading journeys at home, in our classrooms, and in our school library. Thanks in advance for your support.

    Questions can be directed to our library, Mrs. Hill. 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup Regional Participants

    Congratulations to our 8th graders who advanced from District Governor's Cup competitions earlier in January to compete in this past week's Regional Competition:
    • Reid Cook - Persuasive Essay Writing
    • Caroline Scobee - Social Studies
    • Sophia Hooker - Arts & Humanities
    • Lydia Morgan - Language Arts, Arts & Humanities, and Social Studies 
    Join us in celebrating and congratulating Reid, who earned 5th place in our region and now advances to the state competition on March 13-15!
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  • February Reflection from PTA Faith Coordinator, Rachael Egger

    My name is Rachael Egger.  I’m the Faith Coordinator for the PTA….It’s a made-up position with a made-up title, and I’m pretty sure I was asked to do it because I like to listen to WayFM (the Jesus music station).  It’s a new role in the PTA this year, and I’m still trying to figure out what it should look like.  Since I’m making this up as I go along,  I figured that  I’d do something I know how to do…being a Jesus Music DJ!  Now, I realize that not many Catholics are Contemporary Christian Music connoisseurs.  It’s just not what we grew up with. So I feel like I should preface with this song is pretty….Jesusy?  The first time I heard it, I immediately thought, “this is a song I could hear a group of teenagers singing at a retreat or teen mass.”  And then as I continued listening, I realized there was a second group of people who could also sing it together, Moms.  As a parent of Faith, my goal is to raise children who know that I love them, and more importantly, that God loves them…always…as they are…no matter what.  I NEED them to Know AND Believe that they are loved, especially when they are facing the challenges that come with being a teenager and young adult.  I feel that my job is to make sure that they believe that they are enough….always…as they are…imperfect as they are.  I find it challenging to live in a society that doesn’t want moms to model this.   We’re so hard on ourselves…and often have a difficult time simply acknowledging that everything is not always ok. We want our kids to know that they don’t have to be perfect, but for some reason, we forget to tell ourselves that.  So this song is a “Mom Anthem” for me.  Things are rarely perfect.  I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life, and I think the most challenging part of being grateful for blessings is acknowledging that it’s ok when I struggle to manage them.    

    This song is a simple reminder that we’re all human, we all struggle, and we need God’s grace to ground us. We don’t even have to ask for anything, we just have to accept the grace he freely gives.  This song is catchy and I’ve heard all 3 of my kids singing it or humming it on their own.   I pray it’s a song that pops into their heads when I’m not there to tell them that they are perfectly imperfect…they are enough…they are Loved….ALWAYS. The song is "Truth be Told" by Matthew West
    Here’s my disclaimer for those of you who don’t know me.  I have no formal theology training.  I’m just a normal mom who chose to send my kids to a Catholic School because I value the blessings of growing up in a faith community.  I work in a nursing home for medically complex children.  By extension of my work life, I’m not an eternal optimist.  I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a “Glass is half full person”, I’m more of an “I’m so grateful someone gave me this glass” kind of gal.  And I know that some days that glass will be overflowing, other days it will be empty, and somedays I’ll be asking my kids why they keep hiding it from me. 
    Many blessings as we stay the course and get through this roller coaster of a school year.


    ** Rachael grew up in Nashville, TN, where she attended Catholic school K-12.  She and her husband, Mike have 3 children, Cate (3rd grade), Laura (2nd grade), and Matthew (who is 4 and attends St. Joe's Daycare).  Rachael works as a physical therapist with medically complex children who live in the pediatric nursing home at Home of the Innocents.

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  • January

    Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 31 - Feb. 6

    Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated from Jan. 31 - Feb. 6 nationally this year! Here at Holy Trinity, our Student Council CSW Committee has worked hard to plan a week that includes daily spirit days, fun activities, new projects, and favorite traditions. Check out the handouts in today's Tuesday folder for more details. Here are some ideas to note:
    • Every day will be a dress-down day. See the schedule in Tuesday folders for specifics.
    • For our all-school service project, we're hosting a food drive to assist Holy Name in opening a new Community Food Pantry, in partnership with Dare to Care and Catholic Charities. We've asked each grade to contribute a specific type of food, listed on the back of the schedule in our Tuesday folders. 
    • Students' self-illustrated images for the "Where's the Religious Leader?" game were included in last week's Tuesday folder (or their homeroom teacher held onto them to complete during class). They are due to Mrs. Davenport by 1/28.
    • Show your family's school spirit by decorating an HT yard sign! Sign up to receive a white yard sign to decorate as a family and then have displayed on our campuses during Catholic Schools Week. Write “Why We Love HT” at the top in 4-inch letters, then a 1 or 2-word phrase (family, friends, sports, faith, community, teachers, etc.) at the bottom in large letters to share why you love HT. Only 40 yard signs are available…
    • We're beginning a Holy Trinity Parish Time Capsule! What is our legacy? What do we want to remember about this year in our HT history? Each year, we'll add items that capture our most important memories. 
    • We've added a few recommended at-home activities to the schedule. All are optional!
    • We postponed the 8th grade vs. faculty volleyball game and hope to host it safely in the spring.
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  • Congratulations Governor's Cup District Medal Winners

    Congratulations to our 8th graders who earned medals at Governor's Cup competition this past week and advance to the Regional competition next week! Good luck!
    • Reid Cook - 2nd Place Composition 
    • Sophie Hooker - 2nd Place Arts & Humanities
    • Lydia Morgan - 2nd Place Language Arts, 2nd Place Social Studies, and 4th Place Arts & Humanities 
    • Caroline Scobee - 5th Place Language Arts
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  • Don't Stop Believin'... We Wanna Rock! Jr. High Musical Announced

    The Jr. High Musical (grades 6-8) is on!  Eyrie Theatre Company will proudly present Rock of Ages – Middle School Edition on April 16, 17, and 18, 2021!  More information to come about tickets and showtimes/locations.  

    Auditions will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, January 20 from 2:00 to 4:15 and on Thursday, January 21 from 3:10 to 5:00.  If your student would like to join our cast in this rocking musical, please have them prepare a one-minute monologue and one minute song from a musical or from the 80’s then sign up for a Zoom time.  Auditions sign-ups are online on both the students’ Music Google Classroom page or the Music pages on myHTPS.

    Crew sign-ups are also available in the same places. Audition sign-ups will be open until 12:00pm, Wednesday, January 21. Crew Sign-ups will remain open until January 23. 

    We are so excited and grateful that we can offer this experience to our students this year!  We chose this show because not only is it fun and high energy, but also because it is a simple set, not prop-heavy, and can easily be moved outside, if we have to, in order to have a performance!  Plus, it has awesome music!
    Rehearsals will follow the same Covid protocol as athletics with masks and social distancing.  Any questions, please email Mrs. Harrington.   
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  • Used Uniform Sale - Wednesday, 1/27

    Student Council will offer a Used Uniform Sale tomorrow! The sale will be in the Multipurpose Building (MPB) on the back of our campus Wednesday, Jan. 27 from 8 am - 12 pm. Only cash or checks will be accepted as payment. 

    The sale is a Student Council fundraiser that supports various SC projects annually. This sale will only include Student Council items; it won't include items families wish to sell to other families. 

    Thank you in advance for your support! Questions can be directed to Student Council advisor, Mrs. Davenport.
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  • 1st Grade Completes Study of Baptism Sacrament with Visit to Baptismal Font in Church

    First grade has been studying the sacraments, specifically baptism. They studied the different signs of baptism: oil, water, white clothes, and candle. They also learned what happens during our baptism and who is a part of this first sacrament (godparents). They also discussed baptisms they’ve watched at HT masses and noticed their classmate's baptism photo is displayed on our campus celebrating our faith and sacraments, too! Finally, this week, they went to the church to see our baptismal font and discuss all the baptismal symbols and pieces in the church itself.
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  • Classroom Door Greeting Represents Catholic Epiphany Tradition

    During NTI (non-traditional instruction and learning) last week, our 5th graders learned about the Epiphany and what 20+C+M+B+21 meant. They learned about the Catholic Epiphany tradition of writing this message above Catholic church and home doors. When they came back to in-person learning yesterday, the numbers were above their classroom doors! Welcome back, students!

    From the OnePeterFive website: Epiphany, also known as Twelfth Night, Theophany, or Three Kings Day, marks the occasion of a time-honored Christian tradition of “chalking the doors.” The formula for the ritual — adapted for 2020 — is simple: take chalk of any color and write the following above the entrance of your home: 20 + C + M + B + 20.

    The letters have two meanings. First, they represent the initials of the Magi — Caspar, Malchior, and Balthazar — who came to visit Jesus in His first home. They also abbreviate the Latin phrase, Christus mansionem benedicat: “May Christ bless the house.” The “+” signs represent the cross, and the “20” at the beginning and the “20” at the end mark the year. Taken together, this inscription is performed as a request for Christ to bless those homes so marked and that He stay with those who dwell therein throughout the entire year.

    The chalking of the doors is a centuries-old practice throughout the world, though it appears to be somewhat less well-known in the United States. It is, however, an easy tradition to adopt, and a great practice whereby we dedicate our year to God from its very outset, asking His blessing on our homes and on all who live, work, or visit them there.

    The timing for the chalking of the doors varies somewhat in practice. In some places, it is done on New Year’s Day. More commonly, it is performed on the traditional Feast of the Epiphany — the Twelfth Day of Christmas. Most often the chalking takes place after Epiphany Mass and can be done at any church, home, or dwelling.  Traditionally the blessing is done by either a priest or the father of the family. This blessing can be performed simply by just writing the inscription and offering a short prayer, or more elaborately, including songs, prayers, processions, the burning of incense, and the sprinkling of holy water.

    After many Epiphany Masses, satchels of blessed chalk, incense, and containers of Epiphany water (holy water blessed with special blessings for Ephiphany) are distributed. These can then be brought home and used to perform the ritual. Another common practice is to save a few grains of the Epiphany incense until Easter so that it can be burned along with the Easter candle.

    Practicing traditions like the chalking of the doors help us to live our Faith more concretely and serve as an outward sign of our dedication to Our Lord. Our homes are also the place where many of us will make the greatest strides in our spiritual growth, through the observance of daily prayer, spiritual reading, and work offered as an oblation to God.

    The chalking of the doors of a home encourages Christians to dedicate their life at home to God and to others. Seeing the symbols over our doors can help to remind us while passing in and out on our daily routines, that our homes and all those who dwell there belong to Christ. It also serves as a reminder of welcoming the Magi gave to Jesus. We should strive to be as welcoming to all who come to our homes to visit us!
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  • Girl Scout Cookies On Sale Now - Online

    Many of our Girl Scout troops are now selling their traditional Girl Scout cookies! Should you be interested, all troops have an online purchasing form, or you can reach out directly to a scout you know in the program to place your order directly with them. Enjoy!
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