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    Counseling Resources

    Laura Probus
    By: Laura Probus
    Dear Holy Trinity Students and Families,

    I hope your distance learning is going well to this point.  First and foremost I want you each to know that you and your families remain in my thoughts and prayers.  Also, please know that you can contact me via email with any questions and/or for additional resources and support (  
    Below are some videos, resources, and tips that may be useful to you for self-care and social-emotional needs. As I said, feel free to reach out should you need anything.  Please see below a few websites as well as YouTube Videos to serve as resources for you and your family (please know this is by no means an exhaustive list – thankfully there are so many great online resources during this time to offer additional insight, information and support).  Specifically, the  Calmakids website and some of the Youtube videos are great mindfulness videos for calming, relieving stress/anxiety, and it can help give our mind a break from academic tasks.  I have also included other resources as well.  These are simply resources to serve as a support.  Please let me know if I can be of assistance.  
    Helpful resources for students and parents: 

    Helpful resources more geared towards 6th-8th grade students and parents:
    More resources: great resources for mindfulness, yoga, and just dance videos brain break activities
    A few tips:
    • Pray, remember the power of prayer! They can even write prayers in their journal (I often tell kids that prayer is a conversation with God).  We can turn it over to God and allow that to hopefully allow us some peace
    • Get outside: ride your bike, play a sport, go for a walk/run- keep your blood flowing (a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise per day is great for the mind)
    • Work off energy: do mindfulness exercises (slow deep breaths in/out for one-two minutes) or get outside for some fresh air
    • Stay on top of schoolwork: pace yourself, make a checklist, stay focus, and work hard
    • Take time for yourself: do something YOU enjoy!
    • Find three things each day that you enjoyed- have a conversation with your family about three things they enjoyed as well
    • Keep a journal and write in it each day for two-three minutes on the events of the day
    • Share the love with others- spend two minutes sending an email, text, or note to someone to help brighten their day (maybe with parent help and permission stay connected with friends through facetime, etc.)
    If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you. Keep up the good work.

    Laura Probus
    Laura Probus, MSSW, C-SSW
    School Counselor
    423 Cherrywood Rd.
    Louisville, KY 40207
    (502) 897-2785 ext. 150
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  • COVID-19 Closing Information (Previously Sent to Parents Via Email)

    Good Morning,
    As sent yesterday, due to the COVID-19 virus Holy Trinity Parish School will be closed until April 6th. I know this temporary closing is going to provide hardships for many of our families. I thank you in advance for your patience and partnership as we make decisions to protect our students’ safety and our staff’s safety.

    At our faculty meeting on Wednesday, we went over best practices when it comes to digital learning/distance learning with our entire faculty. We discussed the need to keep providing dynamic and meaningful instruction during these days. Please know that all teachers are required to provide quick responses to emails/questions from students and parents from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm during digital learning days.

    For Grades Pre-K-2nd grade - We have sent home at least three packets this week, and we have/will send out five additional packets for our students by dismissal today.

    For 4th and 5th Grade – We have sent out an iPad release to all parents. If you want your child to have access to an iPad during these two weeks, please sign the form and return it to us. We anticipate using many of the apps on the iPad for digital learning the next two weeks.

    For 3rd through 8th grades - Please check myHTPS daily. Teachers are required to have assignments posted on myHTPS by 9:00am of that day. When it is your Resource Day, the Special Area teacher will provide the digital learning lesson for that day.

    Below is the calendar for our digital learning/distance learning
    • Monday, March 16 - We will use one of our two built-in inclement weather days.
    • Tuesday, March 17 – We will use the second of our inclement weather days.
    • Wednesday, March 18 – We will start our digital learning. Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 1. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Thursday, March 19 - Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 2. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Friday, March 20 - Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 3. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Monday, March 23 - Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 4. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Tuesday, March 24 – Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 5. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Wednesday, March 25 - Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 6. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Thursday, March 26 - Grades Pre-K-2nd Grade , please complete packet 7. Grades 3-8, assignments will be posted by 9:00am.
    • Friday, March 27 – Annual Fund Goal Met – No School – No Packets or Digital Learning

    Below are the off-campus learning steps for students in grades 3-8 (included in the email, not posted here as it includes email log-in and password guidelines).

    Please know of my prayers for the health and well-being of each student and family here at Holy Trinity. If anything changes in regard to returning to school on April 6th, we will let you know immediately.

    Jack Richards

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  • Congratulations Assumption Scholars

    Congratulations to our 8th graders, who with their High School Placement Test scores, were named McAuley Scholars for Assumption High School's incoming freshman class: Reagan Gilmore, Lauren Kamer, Sarah Keal, Clare Hudson, and Audrey Wintergerst!

    While we're still awaiting scholarship announcements from a few other Catholic high schools, we're excited for the 10 students from the current class that have earned scholarships at St. X, Trinity, and Assumption!
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  • Teaching Mindfulness - Thank You!

    From the Counseling Office of Ms. Probus: We are pleased to announce and welcome Mrs. Beth Hicks, retired counselor from Assumption High School with her M.A. in Educational Psychology and Counseling and a Mindful Mentor, who has so graciously volunteered once again to teach Mindfulness to some of our students. We are excited that she is sharing her time and talent with us to teach Mindfulness to our first and fourth grades. 

    For the 4th grade group, she is excited to partner with Nellie Springston, the founder of Calma (, with an M.Ed. School Counseling & Psychology, who has spent years working in Psychology research learning about trauma, stress, and the brain before making her way back to a school setting as a behavior interventionist where she used mindfulness techniques with her students, and saw incredible results.

    We also have Mattie DeAngelis, the Holy Trinity Counseling Office Intern (University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work) who is a registered Yoga teacher and she will share her gifts as part of the Mindfulness classes.  Thanks to Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Springston, Ms. DeAngelis for teaching the Mindfulness Classes for four weeks, beginning March 4. 
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  • 3rd Graders Present about International Cathedrals

    After visiting the Archdiocese’s Cathedral of the Assumption, 3rd graders researched cathedrals around the world and presented their findings to their peers. Students researched their cathedral's location, history, important facts, and other interesting features. Great work, 3rd grade!
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  • 5th Graders Explore Drama in Literature and Radio Shows in Music Classes as Part of Learning Collaboration Unit

    As part of the fifth-grade drama unit, the students learned about William Shakespeare and studied a middle school version of Romeo and Juliet. They analyzed the play for story structure, cause and effect, and character traits. They will next read a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and look for similarities and differences between the tragedy and the comedy. In conjunction with this, Mrs. Harrington, our music teacher, introduced radio shows to the fifth graders. In groups, they then wrote original scripts and performed them with sound effects. Great work, 5th graders, and thank you Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Theiss for collaborating on these lessons!
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  • Congratulations 8th Grade Scholars!

    Congratulations to our 8th graders recognized recently for their High School Placement Test scores that earned them Scholar recognition at local high schools:
    • Albert Stall was recognized by Trinity as a Steinhauser Scholar, awarded to the top 20 incoming freshman
    • Connor Klimek, Mason Lanning, Grayson Saltar, and Bryce Heitmann were recognized as St. Xavier’s Freshman Scholars, testing in the top 5% nationally with a testing score of 95-99 on the placement exam
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  • February

    Everybody Counts Week

    We are celebrating Everybody Counts Week March 2-6, 2020. Everybody Counts Week is an interactive and educational awareness program that is designed to allow our students to experience both the feelings and challenges of the diverse groups of people within our community and foster awareness and understanding of people of all abilities. It is our prayer that each student will walk away from this week knowing God has purposefully designed each of us and has blessed us with unique gifts that we can use to glorify Him.

    The focus of Everybody Counts Week this year is Down syndrome. We are so fortunate this year to have actor, David Desanctis, coming to speak to our students. David, cast as Produce in the movie Where Hope Grows, was the first actor with Down syndrome to play a leading role in an English-language feature film. We can’t wait for our students to meet him!

    The following is a breakdown of grades, dates, and times of each speaker. Parents are invited, and encouraged, to attend the presentations!

    Pre-K—K David Desanctis Monday, March 2 9:00am
    1st—3rd David Desanctis Monday, March 2 10:00am
    4th-6th David Desanctis Tuesday, March 3 9:00am
    7th-8th David Desanctis Tuesday, March 3 10:00am
    *All presentations will be in the Multi-Purpose Building

    In addition to presentations, a daily prayer and short video on related topics will be shared on WHTS.

    If you have any questions, please feel to contact me. Thank you!

    Kylee Hoelscher

    “There's no beauty without difference and diversity. Love unconditionally.”
    ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

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  • Genius Hour in Technology Classes

    Today the 5th and 6th graders are sharing their genius! For the past several weeks in Technology, they have been working on a project called Genius Hour.  Each student chose a topic they wanted to become a genius on and spent time researching. Next, they created a website for their Genius Hour. Finally, they spent several classes using various technology tools to create podcasts, iMovies, games, presentations, and more!  Today, they got to experience each other’s genius by exploring their websites!
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  • PreK Learns Important Dental Care Routines

    Last week in Pre-K, we had Dr. Amy Brown (also known to our PreK friends as Austin’s mom) of Hurstbourne Dental Care visit us! Students learned all about brushing and flossing their teeth, and that they should brush twice a day and floss once a day. In PreK, they have 20 teeth. She brought each of them a toothbrush and dental floss as a gift. Thank you Dr. Amy for visiting our classes!
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  • Student Council's Recycling Efforts

    Student Council is working to provide increased education on the power of recycling here at HT as part of their participation in the Louisville Zoo's Conservation Challenge and Pepsi Co's Recycle Rally program. Check out our display in the cafeteria and join us as we work to lessen our school's and parish's waste by increasing our recycling amounts each week. We continue to collect old markers and crayons to recycle in the art room all year.

    New this week, we're adding collection bins in Mrs. Davenport's office and the school cafeteria for plastic bottle caps. See today's Tuesday folder insert on what bottle caps you can also donate from home to help us collect 250 pounds of bottle caps and lids. Once we have 250 lbs, a parent volunteer will be helping us deliver the lids to Evansville and pick up a bench for our walking path on campus. Thanks in advance for your support and involvement!
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  • Congratulations Gov. Cup Students

    Congratulations to 8th graders, Lucia Rodriguez-Agusti and George Simpson, who advanced to State Governor's Cup with their efforts at Regional Governor's Cup competitions this past weekend. Lucia earned 3rd place overall in Language Arts, while George earned 4th place overall in Social Studies. They'll compete again on March 16 - Good luck!
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  • January

    Congratulations Governor's Cup Winners

    Congratulations to all of our students who represented our school in KAAC Governor's Cup District competitions this past week! Our students who earned medals now advance to Regional competition next week. Congratulations and Good Luck!
    • Connor Klimek: 3rd Place in Math
    • Bridget Egan: 4th Place in Math
    • George Simpson: 4th Place in Social Studies
    • Davis Russell: 5th Place in Social Studies
    • Lucia Rodriguez-Agusti: 2nd Place in LA, 5th Place in Arts & Humanities
    • Grayson Saltar: 4th Place in Composition
    • Max Camomot: 5th Place in Composition
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  • 5th Graders Create Board Games and 3-D Playing Pieces

    As the culminating activity following their study of Realistic Fiction, fifth grade students designed and created board games based upon novels read in their Literature Circles. Each game had to include the characters, setting, and plot of the books. Directions were written based upon guidelines learned in class.

    This year the students integrated technology into the project! Guided by Mrs. Thompson, the students each used the 3-D printer in Technology Class to create their own playing pieces.

    After presenting their projects to their classmates, the fun began when groups exchanged and played each other's games!
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  • Driver to Evansville for Bottle Cap Bench

    The Student Council would like to collect bottle caps for a Recycled Bottle Cap Prayer Bench on our  Walking Path. First, though, we need a driver willing to transport 250 lbs of bottle caps to Evansville, IN and return with our 6 or 8 foot bench in March or April! (They'll have it made when you arrive, you'll just exchange our bottle caps for the bench. All will be pre-arranged with Mrs. Davenport, you, and the company.) If you're interested or know someone who could help our Student Council make this a reality, please contact Mrs. Davenport ASAP!
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  • PreK Students Complete Cloud Science Lab

    PreK scientists participated in an exciting cloud experiment! They used water (atmosphere), shaving cream (Cloud), and food coloring (water in cloud) to create the clouds in a cup. They observed the cloud become heavy with moisture. When it was heavy, the food coloring (rain) would seep through the cloud and fall into the atmosphere. They learned that rain is not magic, but instead clouds are tiny droplets of moisture, rather than solid, fluffy cushions. Great work, PreK scientist!
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  • Congratulations 6th Grade Showcase Award Winners

    Congratulations to our 6th graders who earned medals at this weekend's KAAC 6th Grade Showcase Academic Competition:
    • Anna S: 4th Place in Language Arts and 2nd Place in Written Composition (Essay Writing)
    • Lincoln B: 5th Place in Science
    • Griffin B: 6th Place in Arts & Humanities
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  • Congratulations KYA Team Premiere Delegation

    Congratulations to our KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) team that earned the designation of being a Premiere Delegation during their conference in December. This takes the whole team meeting all of the expectations and deadlines while preparing for and attending the conference!

    The Bluegrass team, made up of 6th and 7th grade students experiencing KYA for the first time, presented a bill on legalizing sports gambling in Kentucky. The Commonwealth team, made up of experienced 7th graders and all 8th graders, presented a bill on increasing the amount of funding for childhood cancer research. 

    As part of their preparation, they invited parents, guests, teachers, and elected leaders to join them for their mock presentations and debates. They were honored to welcome both former KY/US Rep. Anne Northup and KY Rep. Bob Heleringer. A HTPS grad herself, Mrs. Northup spent extra time with the students talking to them about her work in Frankfort, as well as Washington, D.C. She talked to them about their work to support their neighbors and continuing to use their God-given voices for positive change in the local, national, and international communities. 

    During the conference, the team had the honor of being invited into Speaker of the House David Osbourne's office at the Capitol. He spoke specifically with them about their bill ideas and where the House of Representatives currently was regarding their bills. The bill on sports gambling was actually in committee conversation that day, as the Representatives had brought in a national lawyer to consult them on the Kentucky Constitution in regards to gambling! He also spoke to them about continuing to be involved - whether that's as a volunteer, good neighbor, elected leader, or professionally in another career (referencing educators and community mentors). 

    A special congratulations to our Commonwealth bill sponsors Abby, Ava, Amelie, and Ben, who had their bill signed into KYA law by their peers. 6th grader, Griffin B, was named an Outstanding Delegate!

    We appreciate Coaches Beck, A. Davenport, R. Davenport, Emberson, Hammer, and Scobee for making these teams possible. A special thank you to HTPS graduate, Jack Siebnaler, who returned as a senior at Ballard High to mentor our teams, too!

    Students interested in a similar experience, but in regards to the work of resolution writing for the United Nations should sign up for our KUNA team. Once the team is formed, students will adopt a country to represent and write a resolution for the UN as elected leaders of that country. For example, if you were the United Nations representative for Rome, what proposal would benefit your country, as well as other countries to increase it being adopted by the UN as policy? Applications are due to Mrs. Davenport Thursday, January 9.
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