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  • June

    Summer Used Uniform Sale

    Our final Student Council Used Uniform Sale will be Saturday, July 23 from 9 am – 12 pm in the Cafeteria. Cash or check payments only – please bring small bills, if possible. 
    All are welcome and invited to shop - solid navy and khaki bottoms, as well as white and dark green polos are available, in addition to HT specific shirts, sweatshirts, resource day wear, and free spirit wear!

    If you have uniform or spirit wear donations for Student Council to sell, please drop them off at the school office from 9 am – 12 pm July 18 - 21, or in the cafeteria on Friday, July 22 from 9 – 11 am only. Thank you for your support!
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  • May

    Summer At-Home Learning Tools

    Parents, are you looking for fun and educational ways to engage your children over the summer? Our Technology Coach, Mrs. Thompson has compiled some of her favorite digital resources for learning over the summer at home! Great resources for all ages. Click here to check it out.
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  • Used Uniform Sales

    Thank you to all who donated to and/or shopped our Student Council Used Uniform Sale yesterday! We appreciate your support, as it was a great sale!

    We will continue to accept donations of uniforms after the school year ends. They can be dropped off at the school office during summer business hours from May 31 until July 21 only. 

    We will have another sale on Saturday, July 23 from 9 am - 12 pm in the cafeteria. Mark your calendars and remember to shop early!
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  • Safe Environment Updates Required by August 15

    A reminder as you prepare for the next school year - - All active employees and volunteers must have attended a Safe Environment training program within the past five years to interact with students, as well as have a current background initiated in the last 5 years. 
    • If you attended a Safe Environment Training workshop prior to 2016, you'll need to participate in a class again to make your record current before next school year (by August 15).  First-time participants must attend in person. Employees and volunteers may participate in their updated training online, if they choose to do so, or attend in person again.
    • In-person classes are listed online. The online option is only for those who have already participated in an-person training previously. The link is
    • All volunteers and employees must continue to have a background check completed within the last 5 years to work with students in any capacity.
    Questions regarding the Archdiocese requirements or your date specifics and need to attend another training can be directed to Scott Fitzgerald at with the Archdiocese, or Bruce Hines at or Mary Scott Herrington at at Holy Trinity. Payment to cover the cost of the background check, once requested via email, should be sent to Mary Scott's attention, as well. 
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  • Congratulations Governor's Scholar Program Nominees

    Congratulations to Lifetime Eagles, Sophia Rogers at Mercy and Shelby Davis at Sacred Heart, who were selected to participate in the 2022 Governor's Scholars Program! They are part of the 51 Archdiocese students recognized by the state program, invited to participate, and celebrated in last week's Record. Good luck!
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  • Used School Item Donations & Collections

    Annually, the Student Council tries to limit our environmental waste of school supplies at the end of the year. While 5th - 8th grade students have the opportunity to donate items in collection bins during their locker clean-out days, families with students in grades PreK - 4th grade are invited to go through their materials and if interested in donating, return them to school bins. 

    Items can be brought to school Monday - Thursday next week until 3:15 pm, until 1:30 on Friday, May 27, or between 8 - 9 am on Monday, May 31. After that, we will NOT be able to accept donations, as our donations will have been delivered to local organizations. 

    Items we can use: 
    • Binders in great condition with no writing on them and no tears (neatly mark out names, if needed)
    • Binder tabs that are in good condition and don't have student names on them
    • Folders in great condition with no writing on them (neatly mark out names, if needed)
    • Notebooks with no writing in them (neatly mark out names on front, if needed)
    • Looseleaf paper and graph paper
    • Crayons - not broken and in good condition (broken ones can be recycled in the art room)
    • Washable Markers, Permanent Markers, Highlighters - usable ones only (dried up ones can be recycled in the art room)
    • Pencils and Pens
    • Scissors, Protractors, Rulers, and Calculators
    • Expandable files with no writing on them and not torn
    Delivery drivers are needed to deliver donations to local organizations at 11 am on Tuesday, May 31. If interested in this opportunity, please contact Mrs. Davenport.
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  • Congratulations Art Fair Winners

    Congratulations to this year's Art Fair ribbon winners:

    Pre-K Printed Alligators          Pre-K Texture Necklaces
    1st:  Ellie E PKH                       1st:  Leighton H PKG
    2nd: Hayden H PKP                2nd:  Wyatt PKG
    3rd:  Benton R PKG                3rd:  Annie L PKG 

    Pre-K Animal Shape Collage           Pre-K Torn Paper Owls
    1st:  Hank B PKG                    1st:  Harper E PKH
    2nd:  Greyson F PKH             2nd:  Charly W PKH
    3rd:  Raylee M PKG                3rd:  Ellie B PKP

    Pre-K Blue Dog
    1st:  Henry S PKP
    2nd:  Bea T PKH
    3rd:  Mae A PKH

    K Overlapping Pumpkins       K Blue Dog
    1st:    Olivia A KG                    1st:  Lucy S KB
    2nd:    Lucy M KG                   2nd:  Mallory S KD
    3rd:    Dylan S KG                   3rd:  Harlowe C KB

    K Pinch Pots                       K  Illuminated Names
    1st:  Leyton R KB                1st:  Eliana M KG
    2nd:    Sawyer A KG           2nd:  Crew C KB
    3rd:    Dallas F KP               3rd:  Corbet S KP

    K Torn Paper Snowmen    Clifton Kindergarten
    1st:  Adi H KG                    1st:  Jackson L
    2nd:  Adam J KG               2nd:  Cash R
    3rd:  Rex J. KG                   3rd:  Violet L

    1st Grade
    Clay Dinosaur Fossils          Warm/Cool Paper Weaving
    1st:  Maddie M 1P                1st:  Tate F 1S
    2nd:  Elise F 1S                    2nd:  Perry R 1K
    3rd:  Hudson E 1S               3rd:  Riley O 1S

    Piet Mondrian Paintings     Clifton First Grade
    1st:  Hazel M 1K                    1st:  Woods
    2nd:  Carter K 1P                   2nd:  Mary Shepherd R
    3rd:  Maggie M 1S                  3rd:  Joseph P

    2nd Grade
    Clay Owls                         Weavings
    1st:  Lillian S 2B                    1st:  Channing R 2Z
    2nd:  Eli Jane G 2T               2nd:  Alex C 2B 
    3rd:  McKinlee M 2Z             3rd:  Harrison T 2T

    Impressionist Collage            Value Pumpkins
    1st:  Vivienne B 2B                1st:  Jake L 2T
    2nd:  Eli M 2Z                        2nd:  Ruby Kate S 2B
    3rd:  Carolina B 2T                3rd:  Jon Bradley M 2B

    Clifton 2nd Grade
    1st:  Mason L
    2nd:  Jensen J
    3rd:  Zoey F

    3rd Grade
    Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins       Kandinsky Circle Paintings
    1st:  Sadie M 3M                    1st:  Harper S 3M
    2nd:  Eleanor B 3V                 2nd:  Cody S 3M
    3rd:  Camdyn B 3A                3rd:  Palmer M 3A

    Matryoshka Dolls                Clifton 3rd Grade
    1st:  Sawyer V 3A                    1st:  Katelyn R
    2nd:  Miles H 3A                    2nd:  Grant S
    3rd:  Dash W 3V                    3rd:  Harper H

    4th Grade
    Symmetrical Name Creature        Laurel Burch Paintings
    1st:  Callen Z 4H                    1st: Andrew B 4H
    2nd:  Caroline V 4D                2nd:  Brynn B 4S
    3rd:  Sophia F 4H                    3rd:  Will S 4S

    Jackson Pollock Paintings        Clifton 4th Grade
    1st:  Eden S 4D                    1st:  Molly P
    2nd:  Aubrey S 4H                    2nd:  Reaves S
    3rd:  Baylor W 4H                    3rd:  Nathan L

    5th Grade
    Stained Glass Window            Clay Selfie Tiles
    1st:  Chloe R 5T                    1st:  Francee R 5T
    2nd:  Molly M 5T                    2nd:  Carter H 5T
    3rd:  Jane C 5S                    3rd:  Sam S 5T

    Henri Matisse Collage            Clifton 5th Grade
    1st: Spohie K 5S                    1st:  Emma B
    2nd:  Elise M 5T                    2nd:  Jane J
    3rd:  Hudson P 5T                    3rd:  Chance B

    Zentangle Animals
    1st:  Cooper S 5T
    2nd:  Harper W 5T
    3rd:  Walter A 5S
    6th Grade

    Jen Stark Color Wheels            Repousse Initials
    1st:  Abby S 6F                    1st:  Isabella W 6F
    2nd:  Hannah M 6F                2nd:  Scarlett K 6L
    3rd:  Sophia B 6C                    3rd:  Millsie W 6C

    Wheel Thrown Pottery                       Pinch Pot Creatures
    1st:  Hadley G 6L                    1st:  Shooter C 6C
    2nd:  Emery W 6L                    2nd:  Kenlea K 6L
    3rd:  Lucy P 6C                    3rd:  Drew D 6C

    Clifton 6th Grade
    1st:  Ashton T
    2nd:  Carleen H
    3rd:  Josie C

    7th Grade
    Radial Design Color Wheels        Wheel Thrown Pots
    1st:  Trevor K 7C                    1st:  Ruby L 7T
    2nd:  Emelia H 7T                    2nd:  Kat M 7C
    3rd:  Anna C 7H                    3rd:  Hank V 7T

    Clay Cell Phone Speakers
    1st:  Emily P 7T
    2nd:  Caroline J 7 C
    3rd:  Tate R 7C

    8th Grade
    Hollow Clay Forms                Wheel Thrown Pots
    1st:  Elizabeth W 8B                1st:  Ethan K 8R
    2nd:  Gretta S 8E                    2nd:  Grayson W 8E
    3rd:  Camden G 8B                

    Paper Food
    1st:  Charlie D 8R
    2nd:  Scout V 8R
    3rd:  Ella S 8E
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  • April

    22-23 Y Club Applications Open

    Holy Trinity Parish School’s Y Club consists of incoming 6th, 7th & 8th grade students who are interested in civic engagement, servant leadership, and character development. Students participate in our school Y Club, as well as the larger state YMCA Youth Association Y Club. This is also the organization that gives students the opportunity to participate in the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) to write and debate bills they believe should be laws in Kentucky, as well as the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) when they represent a country of the United Nations while writing and debating proposals that affect all countries globally. Learn more about the Kentucky YMCA Y-Club program here:

    Students apply annually, including those who are currently active in Y Club. Students interested in serving on the leadership board may apply after participating in the Y Club for a year and will present their speeches at our meeting in May. Meeting dates and times are included in the application details using the link. 

    Applications are online and must be completed using the student's HT Google account by Friday, April 22 at 12 noon. Links to the application can be found on student homeroom pages, as well as parent pages. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Davenport, our Director of Student Activities.  
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  • Safe Environment Training Update Required for All Volunteers Interacting with Students

    From the Archdiocese of Louisville: Remember, all active employees and volunteers must have attended a Safe Environment training program within the past five years to interact with students, as well as have a current background initiated in the last 5 years. 
    • If you attended a Safe Environment Training workshop prior to 2016, you'll need to participate in a class again to make your record current before next school year.  First time participants must attend in-person. Employees and volunteers may participate in their updated training online, if they choose to do so, or attend in person again.
    • In-person classes are listed online. The online option is only for those who have already participated in an-person training previously. The link is
    • All volunteers and employees must continue to have a background check completed within the last 5 years to work with students in any capacity.
    Questions regarding the Archdiocese requirements or your date specifics and need to attend another training can be directed to Scott Fitzgerald at with the Archdiocese, or Bruce Hines at or Mary Scott Herrington at at Holy Trinity.
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  • Spring Mini-PEP Session Offerings

    Today in Tuesday folders, packets are coming home showcasing our final round of after-school PEP classes this school year. This next session is just 3 weeks in April and May, with a 4th week for make-up classes as needed. Applications are due online by 3 pm Friday, April 22. 

    Class offerings can be reviewed online here. Applications are online only. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Davenport or the specific class instructor. 
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  • March

    Rice Bowls to Be Collected - April 13

    Tomorrow at mass, Student Council will collect donations for the Catholic Relief Services' Lenten Rice Bowl program. (Students will be able to drop their donations in collection baskets as they walk into church.)

    75% of the funds donated here at Holy Trinity will be used around the world to assist Catholic Relief Services in the work they do in over 100 different countries on 5 continents. Catholic Relief Services is the international humanitarian relief and development agency for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. They assist people in getting food, clean water, and basic health care needs, as well as provide education and job training. They also assist with emergencies and natural disasters. CRS helps immigrants and refugees, too.

    25% of the funds donated here will stay in Kentucky and Catholic Charities of Louisville will use the money to support food projects for those in need throughout the state. 

    We hope that everyone will consider donating to our all-school Lenten service-learning program and bring in money after Spring Break. If you have coins in your Rice Bowls currently, please work with your parents to count the money and bring in cash or have your parents write a check. Checks should be made out to Holy Trinity with CRS Rice Bowl in the memo line. Families can also donate online on the parish website. All donations should be submitted by Friday, April 15 to help us determine if we reach our $6,000 goal and earn a spirit day on Wednesday, April 27. 

    Thank you for your support of Rice Bowl, an all-school Lenten almsgiving effort and service project!
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  • Congratulations Confirmation Candidates

    Congratulations to all of our students who received the sacrament of Confirmation from Archbishop Kurtz! 
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  • Former WKU College Tennis Player and Parent Guest-Teaches PE

    Evalds Jurans, a parent, came in for tennis lessons in PE! He spoke with the 5th grade about his journey playing tennis and how that brought him to the U.S with a full scholarship to play tennis at WKU. Evalds is from Latvia. The students asked great questions. Evalds also shared tennis nets, racquets, and balls to ensure every student played. Thank you, Mr. Jurans!
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  • Jr. High Students Present Book Comparison Collaboration Projects

    The 7th & 8th graders kicked off their final trimester of the year strongly with a Book Comparison Collaboration Project!
    Over the course of 5 weeks, 7th graders read LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer while our 8th graders read the dead & the gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Each week, both grades would come together to compare the plot, settings, characters, and character reactions to analyze the impact of these story elements on the reader's experience.
    Once both grades finished their novels, 7th & 8th graders worked together to explore one of the story elements and its’ impact on the two stories more in-depth. In small groups of 2-3, students presented their analysis to both the 7th & 8th graders of their color groups in 3-5 minute presentations. They were able to collaborate to grow their skills in slide design, presentation preparation, reading analysis, and public speaking. 
    Way to go Junior High students for a successful start to trimester 3!
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  • Kindergarten Students Celebrate 100th Day of Learning with Bowling

    Annually, our Kindergarten students take a field trip to the local bowling lanes to celebrate 100 days of learning! They work to knock down 100 pins individually as they bowl, filling in circles to count as they play.

    Prior to going to the bowling alley, they also enjoy a variety of centers focused on the number 100 - creating an art piece with the numbers 1-0-0 hidden within it, doing math centers focused on counting to 100, filling gumball jars with 100 gumballs, stacking 100 cups, and sharing 100 of their favorite things!

    We were so glad to return to the bowling alley this year, as well as have parents join us for all of our fun 100 day centers!
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  • The Addams Family Musical is a Success

    The Eyrie Theatre's production of The Addams Family musical was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show, including Fr. Eifler, the namesake of our Clifton Campus Theatre. 

    Special thanks to Doug Dreisbach and The Audience Group for our amazing playbills!
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  • Shoe Donations Requested

    In honor of World Water Day and the continued work by so many around the world to help others get clean water, our Student Council and Y Club are partnering to collect new and gently used shoes for WaterStep. WaterStep, an international organization based here in Louisville, sells shoes to fund clean water initiative projects globally. 

    By March 30, Student Council and Y Club have a goal of collecting 300 pairs of new and gently used shoes. Please have your student drop off any donations your family may have in the collection bins in the Gathering Space on our St. Matthew's campus on their way into classes. 

    After school on March 30, students from Y Club and Student Council will sort all of our shoe donations by style, as well as rubber band them together to assist WaterStep. Questions about this project can be directed to Mrs. Davenport.
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  • 6th Graders Participate in Scavenger Hunt for Learning

    Our 6th grade students are completing a scavenger hunt to learn about important Greeks today. They hunted for QR code clues around the Youth Center. Each clue was a question that linked to a website for students to learn about ancient leaders. They used their research to determine which leader matched each clue on their research worksheet.

    As part of their unit on Ancient Greece, they will then categorize each person based on their contributions to society and create infographics on their chosen leader to share with their peers.
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  • 6th Graders Lead and Complete Science Labs

    Recently in their science classes, 6th grade students researched, developed, and completed science labs with their peers. Explorations were based on a variety of science topics. Thank you, 6th graders, for sharing your ideas and learning with others!
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  • Coding and Robotics in Tech Class

    This year, our students have enjoyed having technology class return to their regular Resource Day schedule! Ms. Barnes, an HT graduate, joined our faculty and staff as our technology teacher and has done a great job offering a variety of learning activities to our students. 

    During the Winter Olympics, our 5th and 6th grade students participated in the Dash Winter Olympics in Technology. Each country (small group) had to code their Dash robots to compete in an Olympic event. They programmed Dash to participate in Speed Skating and Curling. They continued the learning with a new Olympic Event each week and had a medal/award ceremony for the Countries that won the most events at the conclusion of the unit. 
    Earlier this year, all grade levels also participated in Hour of Code, with many lessons coming from the Hour of Code organization and website: 
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  • Student Council Leaders Lead Archdiocese Stations

    Student Council Faith committee leaders, along with 6th graders from our Clifton Campus, were appreciative of the opportunity to lead the Stations of the Cross for the Archdiocese Catholic Cemeteries this week. 
    They enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Mr. Popp, our cemeteries director for the last 39 years to learn more about the history of various individuals from our community, as well as the Archdiocese’s history within the various cemeteries. Thank you for your service, commitment, and time, Mr. Popp!
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  • Congratulations, KUNA Delegation!

    Last week, 13 students in grades 6 - 8 represented Holy Trinity as part of our KUNA delegation. Students adopted the country of Peru and taught fellow Kentuckians about the country during the World Expo event. The next two days, as United Nations delegates of Peru, they reviewed resolutions written to address the needs and issues in a variety of global nations before voting in favor of or against them. Our four resolution sponsors presented a proposal related to fast fashion and the waste it creates globally; it was ranked highly in committee, passed in committee and at the UN level, as well as endorsed by the Secretary General. Overall, the delegation earned the following awards:
    • Outstanding Statesmanship Award (1 school earns this trophy per conference)
    • Premiere Delegation
    • Resolution Named Top Resolution in Committee 
    • Resolution Passed in Voting Committee
    • Resolution Endorsed by the Secretary General
    • Emelia Huff was recognized as an Outstanding Ambassador
    • Hadley Bazant & Eleanor Orrillo were recognized as Outstanding Speakers
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  • February

    Governor's Cup Regional Academic Competition Results

    Congrats to 7th grader, Dagny Morgan, who earned 5th overall in SS and 3rd in LA at Governor's Cup Regional to advance to State competitions!
    The Quick Recall team of Dagny Morgan, Logan Gentner, Grayson Willoughby, Max Harter, Anna Colvin, Emelia Huff, and Hank Vickers earned 4th place overall after a tough 4 rounds. Congrats to them on their efforts!
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  • Grade Level Service Learning Drives: Feb. 14 - 17

    Most of our grade levels will host their grade-level specific service-learning drives from Feb. 14 - 17. Please check your inbox for emails from parent coordinators and myHTPS parent pages regarding specific items needed and/or any variations to a grade level's collection dates. Collection bins will be in each classroom, so students should bring the items to school with them, please. We appreciate your support in donating to our community partners!
    • Pre-K: Kentucky Humane Society
    • Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Schuhmann Center
    • 2nd & 3rd Grades: Sister Visitor Center 
    • 4th Grade: Golden Arrow Family Resource Center
    • 5th Grade: Residents at Assisted Living Facilities (that HT Parish takes the Eucharist to regularly)
    • 6th Grade: Kentucky Refugee Ministries
    • 7th Grade: Dare to Care, specifically the Fr. Jones Food Pantry at Holy Name with Catholic Charities
    • 8th Grade: St. Vincent DePaul of Louisville
    • Clifton: Nazareth Home Assisted Living Facility - Clifton Campus
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  • Summer PEP: July 18 - 22, 2022

    Holy Trinity Parish School faculty and staff, along with one of our PEP community partners, will offer a week of Summer PEP fun opportunities from July 18 - 22. Class options are available for incoming 1st through 8th graders. Some classes are available from 9 am - 12 pm, while others are available 1 - 4 pm - all on our St. Matthews campus. There is a lunch/recess option in between that enables students to participate from 9 am - 4 pm for a full week of all-day fun! All classes are offered the full week, Monday through Friday. Check out the flyer in today's folder for more details. 

    The class offerings are available here. To register, families must do so online here, as well as pay class leaders directly. Registrations are needed by May 20, though we request families register now so teachers can gauge enrollment. 
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  • January

    Congratulations Governor's Cup District Medal Winners

    Congratulations to our students who will advance to Governor’s Cup Regional Competition on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Ramsey Middle School, given their top 5 finishes at District in their subject area tests or a top 2 finish in Quick Recall: 
    • Test-Takers:
      • Dagny Morgan, who earned 2nd place in Language Arts & 5th Place in Social Studies (will advance in both areas)
      • Logan Gentner, who earned 4th place in Math
    • Quick Recall Team who earned 1st Place at District:
      • 7th Graders: Anna Colvin, Logan Gentner, Emelia Huff, Dagny Morgan, & Hank Vickers
      • 8th Graders: Max Harter & Grayson Willoughby
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  • Catholic Conference of Kentucky Message Regarding School Choice Legislation

    From the Catholic Conference of Kentucky (CCKY), as forwarded by the Archdiocese of Louisville's Superintendent's Office:
    Senator Ralph Alvarado and Rep. Josh Calloway have filed educational choice expansion bills during the 2022 Kentucky legislative session. These bills build on the success of the recently passed Education Opportunity Account Act by expanding the program statewide and increasing the size of the program and the number of eligible families.  If you want to see more educational choice in Kentucky, please take a couple of minutes and contact your legislators to ask for their support of SB 50 and HB 305. You can use the link below to contact both your state representative and senator with a customized message. Our action center matches you with your legislator based on your home address. Please hit the following bullet points in your message:
    • The 2021 passage of the Education Opportunity Account Act was a major victory for Kentucky families;
    • It is time for the program to reach its full potential so that families in every Kentucky county can benefit;
    • 71% of likely Kentucky voters support expanding the program statewide; 
    • Don't forget to directly ask for their support of SB 50 and HB 305
    • Share personal stories on why educational choice is important to you and your family.
    Background: Education Opportunity Accounts are privately funded by individuals and businesses, who donate to non-profit Account Granting Organizations (AGOs). The AGOs then use the donations to award needs-based funding to eligible families, and the family can choose how best to spend those education funds. Funding can be tailored to a student’s specific needs and used for tuition and fees for attendance at a non-public school, online learning programs, tutoring services, therapy programs, educational technology, and more.  The Education Opportunity Account Act passed in 2021 only included Kentucky's largest counties when it comes to covering the cost of non-public school tuition.  SB 50 and HB 305 expand the program statewide and these bills will increase the size of the program to meet student demand. 
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  • Catholic Schools Week 2022

    Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated from Jan. 30 - Feb. 5 nationally this year! Here at Holy Trinity, our Student Council CSW Committee has worked hard to plan a week that includes daily spirit days, fun activities, new projects, and favorite traditions. Check out the online handout or paper schedule coming home today in Tuesday folders for more details. Here are some ideas to note:
    • Every day will be a dress-down day. See the schedule for specifics.
    • For our all-school service project, it will include two ways to donate and support others! We had previously planned to host a drive for those affected by the December storms in Kentucky. However, every school/church we've contacted has an abundance of items at this time. Thus, we're going to partner with local organizations to continue to support ongoing learning goals in our community, as well as provide an online financial donation option for those interested in supporting those affected by the storms.  See the CSW handout for specifics. 
    • Students' self-illustrated images for the "Where's the Religious Leader?" game are coming home in your Tuesday folder today (or their homeroom teacher may hold onto them to complete during class). They are due to Mrs. Davenport by January 26.
    • Show your family's school spirit by decorating an HT yard sign! Sign up to receive a white yard sign to decorate as a family and then have displayed on our campuses during Catholic Schools Week. Only 6 yard signs remain … due to Mrs. Davenport or Mrs. Watkins by January 26.
    • We'll add to our Holy Trinity Parish Time Capsule! What is our legacy? What do we want to remember about this year in our HT history? What do you think should be included? Share your suggestions here and be a part of HT history.
    • We encourage students and parents to write thank you notes to our amazing educators to share with them on our final day of the week.
    • We'll celebrate our Faculty, Staff, and Volunteer of the Year at Monday's liturgy. Congratulations again and thank you to Mary Nancy Chatel, Jeanne Abell, and Martha Gray for all they do for HT! We appreciate you!
    • The 8th Grade Volleyball Game is back during CSW this year! Please mark your calendars and plan to attend or tune in online if you're an 8th-grade parent!
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  • Congratulations to our KYA Delegation

    Prior to Christmas Break, our KYA delegation attended their middle school conference to present bill ideas they believe should become law in Kentucky. They had an outstanding conference and successfully presented their 3 bills, as well as had them passed in the House and Senate and signed into law by the KYA youth governor. With this, the bills will now be forwarded to our actual Kentucky elected leaders for review. Great work, Eagles!

    Congratulations to our outstanding speakers and delegates who earned individual awards:
    • Ruby Lilla and Zoe Mayers – Outstanding Speakers
    • Eleanor Orrillo – Outstanding Delegate
    Congratulations to our bill sponsors:
    • Bryn Haley, Daniel Waterfield, Jacob Breit, and Elliott Redella
    • Emelia Huff, Ruby Lilla, Kathryn Bovine, and Hadley Bazant
    • Sophia Redella, Whitney Cooper, and Katherine Rueff
    Congratulations to our supporting officers – Alex Jarboe and Griffin Brunstetter – who were amazing at leading Committee debates, as well as Alex who was nominated to serve as Clerk, too!
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